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Suddenly blinded by the desperation of getting a job, she signed a contract without even going through the terms of the contract. And she ended up facing a situation that could cost her life. Luxury lost everything she ever had which includes her mom, brother, stepmom and her stepbrother all because of her dad. Then she suddenly found out that her boss might be her long lost step brother who wanted revenge for his mom. Why do you think this step brother wanted revenge for his mother? . . . . . . . . . . He wanted his revenge on this man's only daughter but he found himself falling for her. Which was against his rules... Will this revenge turn out as planned or will it take a new turn??

Chapter 1

"Dad! Daddy!" Little Luxury shouted as loud as she could, trying to get her dad's attention but he seemed very engrossed in the football match he was watching.

"Mom… mother is dying!" She cried loudly when she failed to get his attention. It worked.

"What do you mean mom is dying? That only happens in movies. That's why I always stop you from watching dramas" he simply replied, focusing on the television again.

"But mom… " she trailed off.

He wouldn't help. Her dad won't ever take her seriously. He never did, when it comes to anything related to his wife.

Little Luxury ran back to the bathroom where her mom kept her face buried inside the tub, obviously trying not to let Luxury see her pathetic face at this moment.

"Don't cry honey. I told you I'm fine, didn't I?" Her mom muttered silently as she hugged her.

"You won't die like those in dramas right?" Little Luxury asked in tears. "I won't! I really won't" her mom replied with a wide smile.

Luxury's eyes flew open. She kept blinking back her tears, trying to catch her breath.

"You lied! You lied mom" Luxury mumbled quietly as her tears fell freely.

This nightmare always haunted her every night, all her life! And she had always endured it all alone, perfectly hiding her haunted self from the world…

"Luxury! Hey! Wake up" Nora kept screaming but she wouldn't even budge and even when she did she'd mutter meaningless words.

"Gosh do I have to bring cold water before you get your ass out of that bed???" Nora said and Luxury immediately jumped out of bed. The sound of cold water made her cringe because of her low resistance to anything cold.

"Is it morning yet???" Luxury asked dreamily and Nora dragged her by the hair into the bathroom.

"No honey, we are still at midnight" Nora replied in the same dreamy way as she pushed Luxury in and shut the door in the loudest way ever.

"I wonder who would give you a job at this stage, you'll end up being jobless for life if you're going to keep up with this sleeping attitude of yours," Nora said with a smirk and Luxury rolled her eyes.

"Gosh I don't know why you're so against being a celebrity, I mean you could find help with this body," Nora said and Luxury scoffed.

"Find help, my foot. All those guys are after what's between my legs and nothing else. Besides, which money would I use to start an agency?" Luxury said thoughtfully and Nora sighed.

"So you want to work at that company?" Nora asked and she nodded. Nora sighed again, hugging her tight.

"I'll try my best to look for somewhere vacant and I'll update you, but you still have to come with me tomorrow," Nora said with a smile. Luxury came out of the bathroom and hugged Nora very tight, showering kisses on her face.

"You're a darling" Luxury muttered happily before letting her go.

"Take care of yourself, and don't go around looking for trouble" Nora warned and left the house.

She turned immediately and went to her room. That last statement wasn't for her. Looking for trouble is always the real deal.


"Why is the Company particularly noisy today?" Nora wondered as she got into the company. She decided to focus on whatever she was asked to do rather than finding out useless things that were probably a rumor.

Little did she know that they were getting prepared to welcome the CEO and the owner of RICARDO WEALTH GAMELOFT, the man she had always wanted to see.

"Hey, you're telling me about your arrival just 24 hours before your arrival. Why do I feel like you wanna drive me to an early grave?" Pascal almost yelled over the phone.

"Calm down dude, just wanted to surprise you and besides, you should be happy that I told you about it at all" Ricardo replied and Pascal sighed in frustration.

"Just wait until I welcome you with a best friend's punch," Pascal said and Ricardo laughed.

"You won't want to do that in front of the ladies, I trust you've grown sexy ladies in that company right??" Ricardo asked and Pascal almost smashed his phone.

"Oh gawd Ricardo, when are you going to leave this crazy fucking around attitude???" Pascal asked in frustration as he rubbed his temple slowly.

"Not in this life dude" Ricardo replied and Pascal could swear he heard a lady's moan.

"Hey, don't tell me you're with a...."

"Yeah I have to complete what I started, Bye" he replied and hung up immediately.

"Damn it, at this rate he'd be gifted as the best fucker in California" Pascal concluded and continued what he was doing initially.


Luxury was still walking around the street obviously waiting for someone to get her angry but none came, she could not bring herself to pick up a fight so she went home dejectedly.

No matter how stubborn she might be, she always couldn't be the one to start a fight no matter how small but she loves butting into businesses that are not her problem.

Luxury got home and switched on the lights only to find Nora sitting on the Sofa like a possessed witch.

She screamed, her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

" scared me" she stuttered and Nora craned her neck like a vampire ready to charge at its prey.

"Where the hell were you? I mean why are you coming in at this time?" Nora said all at once.

"I went for a stroll, I mean I need fresh air to clear my head you know?" Luxury gave an excuse and Nora scoffed.

"Fresh air, my ass you little... Why won't you listen to me for once huh???" Nora yelled and Luxury pouted like a baby.

"You. You're scaring me" Luxury said as she sniffed back fake tears.

"You're going to apply for a job tomorrow, so get prepared and I really won't wake you up tomorrow morning," Nora said and walked to her room instantly.


"Oh jeez, is the company always so rowdy, I mean I didn't imagine it to be like this" Luxury muttered silently to Nora as they walked into the company.

"I also don't understand why it is like this but I'm certain that something huge is about to happen" Nora replied as they continued the walk to the elevator.

Just before they went into the elevator, the large projector at the main hall came on revealing the announcements about their Chairman Ricardo coming back to California.

Nora's eyes widened, and the same with Luxury but then the wide eyes dissipated into a smile as a weird thought came into her mind.

"Gosh, Nora I've never been so lucky in my life. I mean, I wanted to get an interview on a happy day like this, and I'm confident that he'd surely pity someone young enough to be his daughter" Luxury said dreamily as she walked into the elevator.

They both parted ways, with Nora going to her post and Luxury finding her way to the CEO's office for her interview.

She finally found the office and she bowed to greet the person in front of the office.

"How may I help you, miss?" The guy asked.

"I'm here for an interview," Luxury said nervously. She just started developing cold feet about the whole thing, she had never been so scared in her life.

"oh come with me" the guy replied and headed inside the office, she followed him and he led her to sit on the sofa.

"Oh my... Fuck, how can a office be as magnificent as this??" Luxury thought in disbelief.

"What's your name miss?"

"Luxury Collins" she replied almost immediately.

"Well, you can call me Pascal," he said and she nodded twice.

"I'll ask you a few questions and you have to answer honestly and then submit your credentials, because you already passed the physical test" he said and I smiled but the smile faded when I remembered that I didn't have complete certificates.

Just as Pascal was about to get on with the interview, Ricardo came in looking as striking and handsome as ever.

Pascal stood up immediately and she had to turn around to see who came in, but what she saw surely made her breathe seize.

The baby cute face accompanied by a bad boy smirk, those beautiful eyes that can pierce the deepest souls, the pink lips also added to the numerous qualifications, and gosh, the broad chest and the dimple that came out the moment he smiled.....

"It's been a long time Pascal" he said gently and Luxury could swear that her heart flew to Uganda...

Chapter 2


"It's been a long time, Pascal," Ricardo said and Pascal smiled.

"Are you going to keep smiling and not give your best friend a hug?" Ricardo said and Pascal shook his head.

"How could I hug the Chairman in front of an applicant?" Pascal said and Luxury's face bolted up instantly.

"He's the Chairman? What? It can't be... No never, Mr. Pascal is probably mistaken" Luxury kept screaming in her head.

Luxury bit her lip hard and bowed her head deeper making her hair fall over all her face.

"Who is she?" Ricardo asked.

"She came for an interview to fill the Secretary position" Pascal said and he smirked.

The hair was a sign, her hair was the longest he had ever seen and it was the same with the girl he had waited for almost all his life. That little girl.

"Raise your head!" Ricardo ordered and she raised her head


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