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Dream Fate

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Seventeen year old Izadel, has only had grief and sorrow in her life. Thinking the grandma that just passed away was her last and only relative, she learns that in fact she has a Great Aunt. Moving in with her aunt changes her life forever. Her nightmares come back, and in doing so she starts to learn she has powers, and her family is a long line of witches and wizards. This also leads to her finding out about a curse on her family and the evil man behind the curse. Will Izadel be strong enough, will her love be the love to end it all?

Chapter 1

                  A crisp salty breeze skims across my face, a soft rocking keeping me lulled. A creaking in the distances matched the rocking, adding to the soothing vibe. If it wasn't for a horrid screeching sound breaking through from somewhere, I could have stayed in blissful slumber.  What is making that sound? My alarm, no it isn't that horrible. A bird, yes it has to be some kind of bird. What bird sounds like that around here? There it is again, groaning out a protest I roll over. The bed is not soft and bouncy, it is stiff, and dare say crunchy. That is not my bed. I feel the skim of the salty breeze on my skin again. Ok, salty air, rocking motion, and this weird ass bed. I am certainly not back in Kansas, ok really jokes aside, I am not in Sulphur.    

I slowly open one eye, the room is dark. Though, I know it is daylight because there is a light glow from somewhere in the room. With my one eye I begin to scan the room to the best of my night vision. It seems like there is a lot of wood around me, walls, furniture and floor, maybe even the ceiling too. Closing my eye, I breathe out a 'What the hell'. This is definitely not my room at my aunts. I breathe out once more, and open both eyes. From what I can see I am the only one in here. Thank goodness. Lifting my head, I try to observe the room better, making sure I am in a foreign room. From what I make out in the dark, the room is indeed all wood. I make out a dresser or some sort on a far wall, in the center is a table and chair, then the bed I am on with a night table next to it. It all gives the feel of being in a room on a boat, not a fancy up to date boat. Then I remember the rocking, and salty air. No way could I be on a boat. No, I must still be dreaming, that explains it all. Dropping my head, I squeeze my eyes shut forcing myself back to sleep.

  "Wake up. Wake up. Wake up." I repeated like a mantra.   

I lay there for what feels like an eternity, but I know it is only a few minutes. Sighing, I sit myself up throwing the itchy wool blankets off me. Not my soft patched up comforter. My legs dangle over the edge of the bed, sitting there I scan the room again. Letting my eyes adjust better to the lack of light. I see the things from my first look. I let out a breath, I didn't know I was holding, confirming I am truly alone in here. Slowly, I slide off the bed touching my feet to the cold wood. Standing for a moment to let my legs get use to the swaying, I slowly start forward, arms outstretched, reaching for the table. Making it to the table, resting my hands  palms down on the top I look around the room. I can notice a little more detail, the table is in more light than the bed. Realizing that, I look for the source. The wall with the dresser has a small window and is covered well. It is not the source of light, nor would I be able to fit through it. I turn my head to the next wall and see a crack of light close to the floor. Jackpot, looking up the wall I see a slim crack of light, definitely a door. I can fit through.  I stand up straight now with a goal in mind. Get to that door, get out and figure out where the hell I am.             

  Taking some breaths, I clear my mind of all my thoughts. Focusing on what I can hear, I make out the distant lapping of the waves, still hear the horrible bird screech, and... people. Sounds like a good bit of people, too, doing work or such. Ok, I make a mental note to make sure they are good people, and not to alert anyone that I am leaving this room. If this is some crazy kidnaping situation, I don't want to be an idiot about things. I lock my sight onto the light from the cracks of the door. Using it as a beacon for myself, I start to take slow steady steps to it. As I am reaching halfway I raise my arm out for it, but I freeze like a statue when my step makes a board creek. Waiting like  someone could come barging into the room to investigate the sound, my breath held; but nothing. I continue my steps, slow and soft this time. Getting to the door I let the air rush out of me as my hand hits the cold metal of a door handle. Relief rushing with that breath. Turning the door handle slowly, I am surprised it is unlocked, a good sign though. The last click of the metal is heard, signaling that the door is open. Before I open it wide, I listen to the sounds of people. They still seem muffled and not close to the room I'm in. Thankful, that means I could check out my surroundings a little and get some kind of baring's to where I am.     

  I brace myself for the light I know is going to blind me. Eyes already squinted I open the door wide. Even though I knew it was coming, the brightness of the sun is even more than I guessed. I blink rapidly, trying to get my eyes use to the light quickly, not sure how much time I have to look around. Eyes adjusted; I try to take in as much as possible. I can't make out much just wood things, I take a step into the doorway. Now I can lean out a little and try to see more. To the left I catch movement and snap my head that way. Men are hurrying past, some carry ropes, others wood chests and even a few rolling barrels. I narrow my eyes at them trying to make out more details about them. They seem to wear clothes that make you think of pirates. I shake  my head, that can't be right. Turning to the left next, I see what could be a railing. I look back to the men bustling by, they seem too occupied with their work to have noticed me. I take the chance to go to the railing, maybe I can make out more there. I take each step slow, slow enough I am sure a snail is passing me up somewhere. The room I was in seems to stand alone, as I walk to the railing I keep my back against the outside wall of the room. I have a hand to the wall in front of me almost guiding me along. My hand feels the wall end, I am closer to the railing now. Only a few steps and I would be at it. I look back at the men, they are still busy with their duties.  

 I try to swallow, but the attempt is futile. My mouth at some point, has gone bone dry. I decide to look around the wall of the room, to make sure there is no one there to surprise me. Nope, all clear. I make a dash for the railing, closing the few steps quickly. My hand grabs onto the ornately carved wood. As my chest falls onto the railing, I am taking in the sight before me. There is nothing but blue skies that stretches and stretches. Just to meet a massive span of deep blue-green water. I look down to where I am holding onto, and I see the water splashing and foaming against wood; it sends a light mist of water into my face. Indeed, I am on a boat in the middle of nowhere. I am standing there, trying to get my brain to process this and hopefully come up with a plan. 

When I feel something firm snake around my waist, tugging me back. I go to let out a scream, but it becomes more of a gasp as my back hits something solid and warm. Soon I realize it is an arm around my waist and a chest my back is against. I twist my head to try to look at who the hell is grabbing me this way. When I am met with the most startling blue eyes, like they were piercing into my soul. Then I realized those beautiful blue eyes seem rather annoyed. Before I could grasp what was going on, I was being pulled along by blue eyes. Oh, hell no, this is not ok. I start to fight him, trying to pull myself from his grip. He begins to tighten his hold, I really start to fight him then, I go to scream. Just as I open my mouth to let it out, his other hand crashes onto my mouth stopping me. Blue eyes pulls me back into his chest, still keeping my mouth covered. I can feel his chest rumble against my back as his husky voice sounds next to my ear.

  "Do not scream. Damn it, your door was suppose to be locked! The last thing I need is for you to be spotted on my ship."  

 I wiggle, trying to get out of his grasp, as I do I am mumbling all kinds of things against his hand. I won't be taken so easily. I thought about biting him, but I don't want to risk being infected with anything he may have. You never know, and I am not going to survive just to be taken down by a disease. Instead I try to kick him. He just laughs, he is really laughing. 

 "Look, you are going to stop, you are going to behave and not make a damn sound. Or instead of putting you back into the cabin I will throw you somewhere darker, wetter and you are visited by rats. Hopefully, just rats."  

  I go still and quiet. I know things have been nice so far, I don't want to make it bad. Blue eyes half drags half carries me back to the room I left. The door had swung itself almost shut; he kicks it wide open. Taking a couple more steps, he puts himself at the table. Before I can register what is happening, I feel myself in the air. I land on the bed, finally letting out the scream from earlier. As I hit, I bounce towards the wall the bed is against. Putting out my arms in an instinct to block my land. Once it is deemed that I am ok, I quickly roll back to the bed's edge. Just as I make it to the edge the door is slammed shut and the darkness takes over. I keep rolling right off the bed, I scream again, as I come to a land.  

  My knees hit first with a painful thud; my hands follow through with the land. I let out a groan in protest to the landing. Next thing, my vision is going spotted and crazy. I start to blink against a searing light. I start to breathe heavily, my heart is about to pound out of my chest. I am dieing, that is what this is. I am still on all four, when my vision clears, and I realize I am alright. Going to be sore from the land but I am alright. I look at my hands expecting to see wood under them, but it is soft and some kind of fabric. I blink some more just to make sure I am actually seeing it. I bring my head up to look around me.  

 I see my green walls, decorated with various pictures of mine. I follow the wall to my door, where a woman stands. Her thick hair is clearly rumpled and crazy from sleep. I focus on her more, it is my great Aunt Winifred. She stands in a ready pose, looking all around for any potential threat. Her sleepy eyes filled with worry. I let out a sigh, as she realizes there is no threat here. Aunt Winifred visibly relaxes as her eyes fall on me. I start to get myself off the floor, I rest my hands on my bed, still looking around my room. My room, not that wooden one. What did he say, a cabin. I sink back onto my legs, now kneeling in front of my bed instead of all four. Knees still throbbing from the fall earlier, I know they are going to be sore for the day.  

 I let out a sigh, resting my head in my hands and my elbows on the bed. Relief floods me knowing it was just a dream. Another freaky real feeling dream, but still just a dream. No harm can come from a dream. Said all before they were killed in their dream by Freddy Krueger. Aunt Winifred finally notices me on the floor. 

  "Oh, child. What brings you to the floor?" 

   I look up to my aunt, folding my hands and resting my chin on them. I give her the biggest and best smile a can from being woke so crudely. 

"Well, I figure life is too short to sleep normally." I try my best at a light chuckle.  

     My aunt lifts a brow, like she can read my mind or better yet see through my bullshit.  "So, dreams again?" She asks. I just nod in reply.   

 "Well since we are certainly wide awake and blood is pumping, might as well start our day now." 

 I roll my eyes, as I turn my head to look at the clock. Damn, 5:30 A.M. Today is a Saturday, I would have preferred to sleep longer but I guess that is not to be. Groaning as I lift myself up from the floor, I use my bed to steady myself. My aunt has already wisped off to somewhere to start her day. Most likely to get the water boiling for tea. I take the few short steps to my desk, sitting down in front of it I take out a purple and silver star notebook. Flipping it open and through some pages I find an open spot. I write the date at the top of the page, and then I begin to recall my dream. I try to get in all the details, not leaving anything out. Especially those blue eyes. Even though they seemed a little harsh and held annoyance for me, I could never forget how stunningly beautiful they were.    

 Since living with Winifred, I have started a dream journal. It was her that suggested it, after many weeks of us being woken by my dreams. She also started having me do more of her beliefs. Like with herbs, crystals and such. To my surprise, cause yes, I was skeptical; still am a little, it actually helped calm my sleep and help with the dreams. Unlike when I was medicated for my sleep troubles in the past. Those pills made me like a zombie, even though I never dreamed with them, I am also just a shell with them. I was thankful when Aunt Winifred finally had enough, but she didn't suggest doctors and pills. She offered natural home remedies instead. Winifred also said something about it being a good way to see your past life, and how your future life may go. I don't know, she sometimes loses me when she gets on one of her spiritual rides. 

Chapter 2

  Getting up from the desk, I stretch and head for my dresser across the room from the desk. I have a flower shaped mirror hung on the wall above it, the top of the dresser has some various grooming and beauty products. I grab up my brush and set to work on my hair, once it is detangled it becomes a frizz of a mess. So, I throw it into a messy bun with a scrunchy from my wrist. I am not too worried about the frizz, the humidity here will curl it again for me. My hair falls just past my shoulders when I have it down, when it curls, I am sure if I straighten my hair it would be longer. The color also, isn't sure if it wants to be brown or red. Hair fixed, I look at my face. My dark lashes frame my blue eyes. But my eyes seem dim with the light circles under them. Though the ring of green that goes around my pupil is still very vivid.        

 The circles make me look like my night was unrestful. Which it was. I let out a sigh and shrug my shoulders. Not much I can do about them,


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