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Crazy Adventures (Erotica)

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"I shook the thought from my mind and continued to plow my wife. My orgasm caught me by surprise, and I erupted, spurting my load into her welcoming p*ssy. Anna gently whined as I came inside of her. I could quite often bring her to an orgasm during s*x, but unfortunately, I didn't have it in me on this night. After our shower we laid in bed together prepping for slumber. The memory from the afternoon popped into my mind again and in a restless moment I blurted, "Did you notice Bob checking you out today?" Anna sighed, "You always think people are checking me out." ********************* This book contains thigh tingling erotic and steamy stories you have ever read in one book. It's a compilation of mouth watering and intense spicy stories for your pleasure. If you are not into adult and mature romance, then please don't open this book. Here you will get to read amazing short stories and new series every day, week and month. These stories will surely make your heartthrob and curl your toes in pleasure and excitement. Let's dive in into these amazing adventures.... Please like comment and share.



Review after half of the novel

There are so many unique storues on here. Like I never expected there to be so many descriptive chapters about what the couples or friends are doing. And the fact that you don't just hop straight into the sex scenes just proves your talent. I'm really impressed by the creativity in this story. Also, the fact that you don't discriminate in your chapters between couples and friends just proves how much of a respectable person you are. I can't wait to read more

June 12, 2024

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