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City Of Love

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This is s story of two young people who found love with each other when they least expected it. They go through many setbacks together but stay strong. Their love story is a chick lit and fun story to tell. He's the richest kid in campus. He's handsome, rich, arrogant and every girl wants him. She's beautiful, humble, generous. She's not rich but you would love her carriage. She's not tolerant and she's strong. They seem to have a chemistry together the few times they are together. What do you think will become of them? Will they forever be enemies or will something happen between them? This story is filled with packed pleasure and romance and also secrets to be exposed

Chapter 1 One

SAN FRANCISCO. " GOOD EVENING SUNFLOWERS." Esmeralda exclaimed as she walked in the children's room with her husband, Alex behind her. " Mum, dad. Please tell us a story before we go to bed. Just a tiny weenie one." Elsa pouted. " What kind of story?" She asked as she sat on the bed and scooped them closer. " A love story." Alfred squealed. " How about we tell you a story about mum and dad?" Alex said as he winked at his wife. " Yay!" " Okay. Once upon a time.



" Alexander open the d*mn door! " A tiny voice could be heard outside the room but he paid no attention to it. He scoffed and continued checking himself out. He always does that every morning before going to college. It was his usual morning routine and he wasn't going to let his sister ruin it because of a stupid headband.

"Alexander!!! I'm gonna kill you if I come in there." She continued yelling as she banged the door.

" What's going on her? Xandria?" Ava, their mother asked coming out of her room. Her husband had gone on a business trip and she was home alone with her troublesome twins.

" He messed up my headband and doesn't want to give it back. " She cried.

" You can always get a new one." Ava sighed.

" No... I love that headband. " She cried.

" He'll come around. Go have breakfast. It's almost time for school. " Ava said and she hugged her.

" Thanks mum. You're the best. " She said with a wide smile.

When he was sure that they were gone, he opened the door and peeped out slowly but he received a knock on his head.

" Ouch! What was that for? " He cried when he saw his mum staring down at him.

" That's for making my baby sad. What did you do to her?" Ava asked with a serious face.

" She deserves it. She can't share my best friend with me. " He scoffed.

" Your best friend gave her out of his own free will. She's not sharing him with you. " Ava scoffed. " Don't ever make her sad again. Know where arrogance stops. Don't take it close to my baby. " She said and walked away.

Alexander sighed as he watched his mother's retreating back. The only person he could be humble to was his mother and now she wants him to do that to his twin sister. He loves her no doubt but he couldn't show her respect.




Esmeralda kept staring at the time anxiously as she ate her food. Her brother, Rowan watched her as she ate and noticed that she had barely touched her food.

" You can't concentrate on your food if you want the strength to deal with those rich kids. " Rowan said .

" Oh I'm sorry. I didn't even notice. I'm just anxious that's all. Going to a college, not just any college but the wealthiest of wealthiest go there. " She said with gleaming eyes.

" Yeah right. Not like you weren't in college. " Rowan scoffed.

" I was but this is a huge opportunity for me. Getting transferred to the best University in the state has always been my dream. It's not at a cost but on scholarship. Tell me who wouldn't be happy?" Esmeralda smiled.

" I'm so happy for you. " Rowan said.

" It's almost time. I better get going. Don't forget you have summer camp. " She said as she stood up.

" Summer camp? I ain't going. " He said.

" Why? "

" I don't have the money. It's too expensive. Maybe the next one. " He said and she sighed.

" I promise you when I graduate, I'll make sure you never miss any summer camp. " She said and he hugged her.

" You'll be late. Now go. I'll miss you. " He said and pecked her forehead.

" Take care of yourself." She said and left.

Rowan brought out his phone and stared at the time. It was almost time for him to go. His reason for not going to the summer camp was not because of money. It was a free camp actually bit he had other important things to do. He dialed a number in his phone and the person picked after the second ring.

📞 " What do you want Rowan? " A female voice could be heard in the other end.

📞 " Let's meet. I'll be at saucers in five minutes." Rowan said.

📞 " No can do. I can't do that. You literally want to see me because of her. I don't want anything to do with you guys anymore. So stop calling me if you know what's best for you. " The lady said rashly.

📞 Please just for ten minutes. We have to talk about something. "

📞 Don't waste my time. Five minutes. " She said and hung up.



Esmeralda stared in awe at the beauty of the school when she came down from the cab. She had heard a lot about it's beauty but never for once had she seen it with her own eyes. She just loves the way the school was. She had never seen anything like this in her whole life. Even the company her dad worked at before her died wasn't as beautiful as this was.

“ Watch where you're going tramp! " She heard someone yell and she looked up to see a girl with a frown on her face.

" I'm so sorry. " Esmeralda said in embarrassment. She had been so busy staring at the environment that she didn't notice she had hit someone.

" I don't know why the Chancellor admits pigs into this school. Commoners like you don't belong here. This school is out of your leagues so I'd advise that you stay off and get another pair of eyes if this one isn't working." The girl said rudely and pushed her.

" If you think I'm not supposed to be here, then why are you here? Last I checked you're a human like I am. So what's the problem, tramp. " Esmeralda muttered as she walked away. I'm new here so I shouldn't cause any trouble on my first day.

She was about entering the Vice Chancellor's office when she heard loud screams from outside the hallway. Must be a celebrity. She continued walking to the office when someone pulled her back.

" Where do you think you're going to? " A male voice asked her.

" The vice Chancellor's office. " She replied.

" That can wait. Everyone has to be outside if you don't want to get in trouble on your first day. " The guy said and she scoffed.

" What sort of...... " She couldn't complete her sentence before he pulled her out of the building.

" Stay here. Don't get noticed. " The guy said and walked away. She stared at everyone in awe as they screamed someone's name and made comments about the person.

" You can all go back to your business now. " A firm voice said and they all scattered including her. She went back to the vice Chancellor's office and was lucky to meet him there since he was a very busy person.

" Ms Montez. " The vice Chancellor, Mr Davis said.

" Good morning Mr Davis. " She said and bowed her head respectfully.

" Here's your department schedule and everything you'll need. Also the key to your lockers. Any other thing you'll need has already been placed in your locker. " He said with a smile. " You're a bright student. I hope that you'll keep it up and not fall apart because of the kind of people you'll meet you. "

" Trust me Mr Davis. I'm very strong. I can handle anyone who comes across me. " She said and he chuckled.

" Just don't get into trouble. You have your first class in five minutes. " He said and she nodded before leaving his office. She was keeping her key in her bag and didn't notice someone was ahead of her. She bumped into the person and she gasped. Why do I keep bumping into people?

" You again! " An angry voice yelled. " You're so clumsy. " The girl said and poured the remnants of her juice on her hair. Everyone who was around giggled at the display.

" Pathetic! " Esmeralda muttered as she walked away. It was her first day so she wasn't going to fight back. She wasn't going to do anything that would jeopardize her scholarship.

Chapter 2

Esmeralda barged into the house in a hasty mood. She had the most nasty day in school and it hurt that she couldn't stand for herself. For once, she wished she was rich then those idiots wouldn't look down on her.

“ I know. You had a bad day. " Rowan said walking into her room.

" I did. Those kids are something else. " She scoffed. “ I just wish dad was still alive. Mum just had to leave when we needed her most. "

“ I know. We'll pull through this together as a family. I got us some money for today. “ He said and hugged her.

" Where did you get money from? “ She asked suspiciously.

" I earned it. It's no trouble." He smirked.

“ There was this kid at school. They worshipped him like a god. I wonder how some people live with that. “ She scoffed as she took off her jacket.

" I know. But you'll love it if you are rich." He chuckled as he headed out of the room. " I&


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