Betrothed To The Don

Betrothed To The Don

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: ANA
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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On her 18th birthday, Aria Costa was sold to the Mafia Don, Ajax Vinci Achilles, the man who ruled over Italy. Desperate to run away from his cage, Aria used every way to leave the man but he kept setting her boundaries, claiming her as his every single. In this game of hatred, Aria never knew that the ruthless Mafia Don was her new beginning and destruction too. What will happen to their marriage when secrets from the past begin to haunt their marriage? Will Aria ever try to get out of her trapped marriage or she will be trapped herself on her own?

Chapter 1


" Don... more month...I promise that I will pay you back everything..."

Matthew Costa begged for the third time, whining at my feet. He looked distressed and half-dead. It wasn't new in my eyes. People trembled and begged whenever I was around.

Dragging another puff into my mouth, I replied with a chuckle, enjoying his sight on the ground,

" Right!! So that you can fly to Russia without my knowledge?"

His mouth fell open in disbelief. He thought that he could hide from me, from the Don of the whole of Italy, Ajax Vinci Achilles. People in my family used to tell me that I was born to rule the empire. My grandfather made the right choice. Among all of my cousins, and siblings, he picked me for the throne. I didn't disappoint him though.

Only In five years, I took over all the lands which were controlled by some foreign gangs. Now, the entire of Italy had one and only Don_____ Ajax Vinci Achilles.

Matthew Costa borrowed 100 million dollars from us with the condition that he would pay us double-fold. However, he failed to do that and at the same time, he tried to trick my men. Even now, he was bribing for another month only because he wanted to fly abroad.

Seriously.. did he think that he could deceive me?

Enzo, my right-handed man pulled the gun next to me, aiming straight at his head. He was one step away from killing Matthew Costa. In our business, we had only one rule, kill & kill. Matthew was already fortunate enough to live a few more days.

I rose on my feet, tugging my Armani suit, and lifted one hand to signal Enzo to finish Matthew. But the man was too sly, immediately crawled to my feet to see his crocodile tears,

" Forgive me, Don! Please don't kill me! What can I do?? I have lost everything. I have nothing to give you except my life. Please give me more time."

I sneered at him angrily, kicking his hands off,

" We have sent you a warning three times already, Matthew Costa. Do you think that I have so much time spared to hear your bullshit? Either pay or die in my hands today."

Matthew fell on the floor, still whining. As if something dark had crossed his mind, he tried to get up hastily, saying in a serious voice,

" I...I do have something to give you... only if you accept..."

I gave him a perplexed look. So far what I heard, he had nothing left to bait except his clothes. What could he offer me?

Still, I tried to listen, shooting him a long, questioning glare,

" Say it!"

Matthew gulped hard, his eyes gleaming in hopes,

" My daughter! Your grandfather..he wanted you to marry her when she was little. You should remember her. Aria?? You remember her?"

My mind sank into deep thoughts, some distant images flashed across my eyes. I remembered that red-haired girl back in my childhood. Turning around, I uttered her name, carefully low,

" Aria!"


" Don! Are you sure that you want to take her? I mean, she is young and clueless! Look at her spoiled attitude!"

Enzo said through his clenched teeth, looking in the distance. Matthew's words were verified and turned out to be true. My grandfather indeed wanted this girl to marry me. In other words, she was betrothed to me since our childhood. Even though I knew that Matthew was using these words to bribe me, that didn't interchange the truth.

My grandfather was the most important person in my life. Whatever he asked for, I had always obliged without any argument.

I set my eyes on the red-haired girl, her luscious lips and big smile. She was cheering for her graduation right after her father sold her to me. She looked like a fire in that red short dress, so young and pure. But in my eyes, she was a fire for me but I was aching to burn for her.

I never believed in love at first sight but this girl surely stole all my attention. She looked like a pure jade that I wanted to keep for myself. I asked Enzo who was dissatisfied with my decision,

" What's her name? Has she gotten a boyfriend?"

Enzo sighed softly, and replied in a robotic tone,

" Aria...Aria Costa...I must say...She is a troublemaker. She got a boyfriend already and..I...I heard that they have booked a room tonight."

My brows pulled up together hardly. Booking a room had a lot of meaning. Even though she wasn't officially mine, I felt the urge to destroy the boy who was coming between.

Lightening up the cigarette, I replied with a smirk, resting my hand on the car's window to peer at her in distance,

" Really? Then I have to take my bait tonight at any cost, Enzo! Show me the pretty boy who dared to touch my flower."



" I can't wait to meet you, babe!"

A smile appeared on my lips as soon as I saw my boyfriend texting. Today was the best day of my life. I secured third place in the university, ready to start a new chapter of my life. I expected my father to be here but he was nowhere to be seen. He seemed too distracted these days. I heard that his work was pressuring him. Like a good girl, I gave him all the space that he needed to focus fully.

Ethan was the first boy who I had fallen in love with. He was sweet and understanding, just like the type that I loved. Even though it was his graduation day as well, he didn't forget to text me. Tonight, I thought of giving myself to him. We had dated each other for three years but Ethan never crossed the line. He said that it was okay to wait as long as I was comfortable with him. I decided to give myself to him finally. I had no plan of marrying someone else except Ethan. He was my perfect match and I loved him too deeply.

Sending Ethan's reply, I looked around, waiting for a taxi to come. The party was going to continue for the whole night but I had no plan for that. I had to celebrate the night with Ethan. It was the main reason that I put on this sexy dress. Everyone was talking about this dress but fuck..I didn't care. Ethan was my priority here, not them.

Not long after that, a white car pulled in front of me. A bald man peeked his head outside, speaking to me politely,

" Want a ride, Miss?"

I looked into the car and it was empty. The clock was hitting 11 pm already. I had no intention to wait any longer and nodded before getting into it,

" Yes! Drive to RR Street, Motel Rora."

I was so busy texting Ethan that I didn't notice the roads anymore. Around fifteen minutes later, I finally looked outside and an unfamiliar scenery made me tense. I blurted out, furrowing not before eying at the local places,

" This...this isn't the way to Motel Rora! Where are you taking me, driver?"

The driver's voice suddenly turned deep and cold as he replied, turning on the music,

" Somewhere that you belong, Miss!"

Chapter 2


" What on earth...."

My head started to feel heavy as soon as I regained consciousness. As soon as I got into the car, smoke was fired on my face. It took my thoughts away and I fell into a deep, slumber sleep.

" Need a drink?"

An unknown voice startled me. As I lifted my head finally, the environment left me speechless. More than ten armed men were surrounded, all wrapped in black. They looked nothing less than gangsters from the movie.

My eyes traveled to fall on the man in the middle. He looked around thirty but was devilishly handsome. His hairs were black and curled, grey eyes blazing in the darkness. His sleeves were folded. So, I could see the tattoos on his hands. The whole air gave off a killing vibe.

No..No..I had to stay calm...

Moistening my lower lips, I found my voice to ask the man, his eyes pinning on me,

" Why..why am I here? I was supposed to go to the motel.."


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