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Bestfriends and Butterflies

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"Lisa I. . . . . I am so sorry." I sputter out, jumping to my feet and reaching out my hand to her to keep her from withdrawing from me. "I don't know what came over me but I promise it won't happen ag—" My words are cut off when she closes the distance between us and crashes her lips against mine, her hands circling and gripping around my neck. I don't know what is happening, but with her sizzling lips moving hard and sucking on my own, the sensations start to kick in. Fire begins to surge through my veins, burning up every other thing that doesn't seem to matter in this moment. * * * * * * * Lisa Collins has been in love with her best friend Kayden Jacobs for too long now, and it is getting difficult to be around him. When she meets a guy she thinks will help take her heart and mind off Kayden, she decides to give it a shot. However, she is starting to feel like that will never happen, not with the way Kayden has her heart. . . . . * * * * * Hiding your feelings for your best friend is hard, and Kayden Jacobs knows this better than anyone else. When a new dashing but suspicious guy indicates his interest in dating Lisa, Kayden must confront his feelings for his bestfriend, especially now that he is not yet ready to lose the love of his life to some stranger who has an aura of something dangerous following him around. . . . .

Chapter 1 - LISA

"I am going to whip your *ss Lisa!" Kayden shouts, nudging me with his arm. His fingers are punching hard and fast on the buttons of his PS console, trying to knock me out of the game."I am going to whip your *ss Lisa!" Kayden shouts, nudging me with his arm. His fingers are punching hard and fast on the buttons of his PS console, trying to knock me out of the game."I am going to whip your *ss Lisa!" Kayden shouts, nudging me with his arm. His fingers are punching hard and fast on the buttons of his PS console, trying to knock me out of the game."I am going to whip your *ss Lisa!" Kayden shouts, nudging me with his arm. His fingers are punching hard and fast on the buttons of his PS console, trying to knock me out of the game.

I scoff. "We will see about that."

My fingers move faster on my buttons, playing hard not to be defeated by Kayden. I am never one to back down from a challenge, and Kayden knows this, hence the reason why he is still nudging me with his arm and trying to distract me. His cologne is not helping matters, and I curse myself for even thinking about how s*xy his cologne smells.

"Boom!" Kayden shouts, throwing his console to the rug and jumping up to his feet. It is just a split second, but I feel my heart stop when 'GAME OVER' shows on the screen, broadcasting my defeat.

Oh f*ck me! Not again! Why can't I just get my sh*t together whenever I am around Kayden?!

Kayden sticks out his tongue at me, whining his muscled waist in that s*xy way that just reminds me of a f*ck*ng hot stripper. Gosh! The V-line of his torso is so perfectly curved and thick and so prominent, and with the way it just disappears into his shorts. . . . . . .

"Hey Lisa. You owe me a wish." His voice drags me back to reality. When he sits back down on the sofa, his skin grazes mine. I swallow, my hand trying to rub off the goosebumps now pricking my skin.

I clear my throat a bit. "Yeah. I remember that. You don't have to rub it all over my face. Just spit it out already."

"Well. . . . . ." he slurs, his deep s*xy voice not helping the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

"Kayden! Just say the d*mn wish!"

"Calm down Lisa. I am just trying to make it memorable." He smirks.

Oh Gosh! Even the way his eyebrows arch when he smirks is so f*ck*ng hot. I bite down on my lower lip, trying hard not to rake down my eyes all over his naked torso. I know my name is inked on the right side of his thick muscled stomach. His name is on mine too. We got that as our friendship tattoo the day we graduated college.

He is telling me to calm down, but if he is aware of the wicked things that his voice and his body is doing to mine, then I am so sure he will shut the hell up.

"Here it goes," he clears his throat, trying to sound serious.

He clears his throat again, and I sigh.

I know what is coming.

He spurts out a laugh.

And then another, until it becomes a continuous trail of hefty laughter that echoes off the walls of the entire luscious living room.

I bend my head and cover my face with my palms, wondering how I ended up with this guy. He may be Kayden Jacobs, the wealthiest and sexiest billionaire in this city, but I doubt if anyone will believe their eyes right now if they get to see how he is behaving right this moment.

Kayden is the only person I know who clears his throat twice before he laughs. He is the only wealthy billionaire I know that sticks out his tongue like a three-year old whenever he wins a game, especially if the game is Call of Duty.

"Kayden, if you continue laughing again, I swear to God—"

"Happy birthday Lisa."

He cuts me off, his hand appearing from his back to reveal an open red box. The glittering diamond necklace in the open box stuns my voice. My mouth is open, but I can't say anything. Just when I thought he was kidding around, he strikes again, playing me another card to mess with my head.

"Say something Lisa, or I will start to think that my bestfriend is already a dumb lawyer."

I slap his arm, hearing him fake a wince.

"That is not a cool way to say thank you." He groans.

"I know that, but somehow, cool ways do not seem to work for you Kayden. You like it hot, and thanks to me, you are getting it just as hot as you want." I snort back.

He shakes his head. "So does that mean I should keep back my gift?" He taunts, his fingers playing with the heart pendant of the necklace.

"Is that what you want?" I ask.

"Alright Lisa. Gosh! Can't someone just play around with you for a sec?"

I chuckle. I will be lying if I say that I do not love my bickerings with Kayden. The way his green eyes dim when he acts affected, and the way he pouts his full pink lips just makes the whole feeling all the more satisfying.

"Okay Kayden." I say, rolling my eyes. "The necklace is beautiful, but most importantly, thank you for not forgetting my birthday."

"I never forget your birthday Lisa. You know that."

The way the sincere words roll off his s*xy lips has me gulping in a breath. For a second, I think about how I might feel if I kiss Kayden on those perfect bow-shaped lips of his.

But I can't be stupid. Kayden is my bestfriend.

I push back my insane thoughts.

"Alright Kayden," I say stretching forth my hand to collect the open gift. "I think it now belongs to me."

Kayden recoils back his hand in a instant, eyeing me. "Who said it is yours?"

"Kayden, are you being serious right now?"

"You really have the nerve Lisa. I really wish that on this special day of yours, you finally get to cool down some of those sassiness."

"Oh, so that is your wish, huh?" I fire back.

He nods. I scoff. "Just wow. Alright then, you can keep your gift Kayden."

"Come on Lisa. Stop being dramatic. It is not yours yet. Not when it isn't around your neck yet."

"So you want to wear it around my neck then?" I tease out, folding my arms.

He is silent, but he does not need to say anything. The mischievous smile spreading across his face gives off his answer.

"Alright Kayden. Your gift, your way." I blurt out. I turn around on the sofa so that my back will be faced to him. My hair is already in a messy bun, so my neck is exposed for him to wear the necklace around it.

A minute or more passes, but I still do not feel anything on my neck.


Chapter 2 - KAYDEN

Lisa's back is faced to me. I catch the familiar scent of her brown hair, and for a moment, I forget how to breathe. Her hair always smells like fresh spring water with a mix of vanilla. Right now, it is tied up in a messy bun. My eyes follow the free strands of her hair as they cascade down to her neck. The skin of her neck is so fair and smooth. A black dotted birth mark sits pretty on the right side of her neck, tempting me so bad to kiss her there. And to kiss her on every other part of her body.

I want to kiss her on the lips, and tell her that I love her. But I know Lisa. She will walk out of my house, and she will never speak to me in the same way again.


Her voice trails into my thoughts like a melody. And also like a warning.

'This is the voice of the woman you can't have. So keep your feelings to yourself Kayden.'

I cough, partly to clear the annoying voice in my head, and partly to tell Lisa tha


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