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Arabella Dwayne

Arabella Dwayne

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Arabella Dwayne, had an unsettled score against her own flesh and blood—her powerful and ruthless uncle, who was driven by the quest for fame and wealth, wiped out her immediate family. Amidst the dangerous journey she was set to embark on, a complicated love triangle emerges, entangling her in a web of passion and betrayal. On one side stands Tyson Kings, the cousin of her best friend while on the other side is Ace Sky, her loyal and fearless best friend. Arabella finds herself torn between her loyalty to Ace and her feelings for Tyson. Will she choose love or duty? In this tale, prepare to be carried away in Arabella's world that is full of danger and desire as she embraces her destiny and discovers that love was a dangerous weapon also.

Chapter 1

Behind the huge mahogany desk was Lucifer Russo, the leader of the Italian Mafia.

His blue eyes were fixed on his laptop as he typed away.

Only a handful of people had come across him, but at the mention of his name, everyone cowered in fear.

The tales which they had heard about him were enough to cause goose bumps to appear on their skin.

He was still in this position when a knock was heard.

He cast the door a look before returning his gaze to his laptop.

The knock was heard again and he grunted to usher the person in.

Slowly, the door creaked open and Nevin, his PA, walked in with a box in his hand.

"What is it?" Lucifer asked, not bothering to cast him a glance.

"A few hours ago, someone had dropped this box in front of your cartel with a note" Nevin replied, still standing upright and stretching the box forward

"What's the content?"

"It's not mine, so I didn't check"

After what seemed like forever, Lucifer pushed his laptop aside then sat up.

He gestured to Nevin to come closer, and he did so before placing the box on the table.

When he had done that, Lucifer pulled the box closer to himself as he ran his fingers on the smooth cartoon.

He wondered what it contained until his saw the note hanging loosely from an edge of the box.


The note read.

Without wasting more time, he threw the lid off the box, only to be greeted with a gory sight.

Right inside the box was the head of his wife and their three month old fetus lying side by side.

"Who sent this?" He yelled at Nevin

"I have no idea, but the boys are working on it" he replied nervously as he wondered what was the content of the box.

"Fuck!" He yelled with all his might.

The veins on his neck were now visible and were threatening to burst through his skin if he applied more force.

Frustrated, he banged his fist on the table, making the box to tumble over and spilling its content.

"Fuck!" Nevin yelled as he moved backwards.

This was the worst sight he had seen in a while.

Whoever was behind this just touched a ticking bomb.

"Bring the box with me" Lucifer ordered a few minutes later as he stormed towards the elevator.

When his men who were littered around the building saw him, they knew all was not well, so they began to trail after him as they wondered what the issue was.

The moment Nevin got into the car, Lucifer ordered him to drive to his cartel.

Without a further ado, he pushed the key into the keyhole and soon they were flying the highway towards his cartel in the outskirt of the city.

All through the journey, Nevin always looked at the rear mirror to observe his facial expression.

He feared the worst as he replayed the scene that took place back at the office.

As he was about to swerve right after leaving the highway, his phone began to ring.

"Fill me in" he said as he threw his phone on the dashboard.

"We checked the building…" the caller was still speaking when he cut in

"What did you find?"


Nevin was about to speak when Lucifer raised his finger.

He got the message, then swallowed his words before disconnecting the lines.

When they got to the cartel, the environment was as quiet as a graveyard.

No houses nor humans were in sight save for a dozen of his men who guarded the area 24/7.

He stepped out and Nevin followed suite, placing the box under his arm.

"Invite the men guarding my wife over" he commanded before heading into the building

Exactly an hour later, the invitees were all seated in the common room as they awaited Lucifer, who had locked himself in his office since he arrived.

His delay did nothing but to heighten the tension in the room.

When Lucifer finally joined them, he was wielding the head of his wife on his right hand while the fetus on the left.

Everyone, except Nevin who had seen the sight before, gasped in horror.

Lucifer didn't give them the chance to recover.

"I need an explanation" he yelled as the whole room reverberated

No one could say a word.

They all stared blankly at him as they tried to process what they were staring back at.

The room remained silent for more than twenty minutes.

Lucifer had left his pregnant wife in the care of thirty well-trained guards, only for the enemy to break into his home without their knowledge and send her head and fetus to him.

"I need thirty heads" he spat in anger before he stormed out of the room.

Nevin tried to speak, but his tongue was tied.

This was the most difficult errand Lucifer had sent him on.

He wished he could disobey, but his hands were tied.

Slowly, he turned towards the men he regarded as his brothers as tears rolled down his face.

They were all pleading for mercy, but the order had been passed and there was reversal.

Meanwhile, Lucifer had returned to his office.

He placed her head and that of the fetus back into the box, then sealed it.

With his bloody hands, he picked up the warning letter.

Considering the large numbers of foes he had compiled all through the years, he had no idea who was behind it.

And of recent, his foes had doubled their previous numbers, and there was absolutely no way he could single out the culprit.

No one apart from Nevin, his cousins nd the bodyguards who were facing execution presently knew about the existence of his wife.

"Who then could be the culprit?" He asked himself.

"Nevin?" He shook his head vigorously to clear the thought off his head.

"He won't dare"

Just then, Nevin pushed his door open, then stepped in.

"Done" he sniffed

Lucifer raised his head only to bury it after seeing his clothes that were soaked with blood.

"Dispose their bodies"

Nevin nodded, then walked out of his office to carry out his order.

Chapter 2

Left alone in the cartel, Lucifer buried his head on his table, then began to mourn for his deceased wife and fetus.

If told that when he retired home at the end of the day that he wasn't going to see her pretty face and bulging stomach, he wouldn't have hesitated to separate the speaker's head from his body.

"Damn that idiot!" He gritted his teeth as he tightened his already balled fists.

"I'm going to crush the bones of whoever did this. I will never spare his family; they are all going to go down" he spat in anger as he threw a mug against the wall.

The chattering sound was followed by the screams of some people and running feet.

Lucifer rose at once as he retrieved his gun from his holster that was attached to his ankle.

With a well-calculated step, he walked towards the door, then pulled it open.

The hallway was empty, with no sight of humans.

With the speed at


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