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“ Heartbreak, Heartbreak, Heartbreak why me always? Why am I having so much heartbreaks? I am 27 years yet I am not in serious relationship, all the men are players, they are all the same, I hate men “ Annabel says weeping. “ But enough is enough now I do not need any man I just want to remain single and have fun no more relationship” Annbel says and she she wipe her tears. Annabel always have a heatbreaks from men and she vow to remain single for the rest for her life, she never thought she could fall in love again until one day she and her friends went for fun to watch a basketball where she met Rotimi a popular basketball player. Rotimi confess his love for Annabel but she never believe because she believes all men are the same.

Chapter 1

“What a beautiful atmosphere “ Annabel said dragging her luggage out of the airport, she stopped a cab and told the cab man to take her to her hotel reservation.

Annabel has been trying to go on Vacation in Chicago for about three years now but she has always been denied visa.

She finally got the Visa and it come at the right time when she needed where to go and cool off her head.

Annabel just want to be in her own world right now because she is done with men.

She has gone through break ups that she doesn’t wish to remember.

She has just broken up with her fiancée when she got the Visa.

As the car approached the hotel Tears dripped down Annabel’s face , she shuts her eyes and said to herself.

“ Annabel, you can do it all you have to do is to just have fun and you won’t remember the men that made you cry” she quickly clean her tears and ma the cab stopped in front of the hotel.

The hotel isn’t a five star hotel because she cannot afford a five star hotel but the one she made reservations for was okay.

She got to the hotel and the receptionist greeted and show them her reservation receipt, she was given the key to her room.

She walked into her room, looked around arrange her few clothes into the wardrobe, she took a nap before deciding to go round the city.

As she was going she saw a place where people keep going in and out, she moves closer and she found out they were selling tickets for a basketball game, she isn’t a fan of basketball but she just want things that will take her mind off her break up.

She bought a ticket for the basketball match which would be played at night.

She return home, ordered herself some food to eat and she took a nap again.

When it was night she dress up in a mini flare off shoulder black gown, she got to the basketball stadium early, the players were still training while she walked in not noticing one of the basketball players staring at her. She sat on the second row and took out her cellphone to take a selfie while she slowly moved forward and she noticed the person from her phone camera staring at her, she quickly looked back and their gaze met.

He says “Hi” and she quickly looks away and didn’t take the selfie again, she goes to sit looking away.

The basketball he didn’t take his eyes off her, he smiles at himself as he sees her looking downward.

One of the players comes to hits the basket aller on his shoulder.

“ Hey, what are you looking at, I have been standing here calling your name and you didn’t hear me? His friend who is also a basketball asks.

“ I just saw a beautiful girl, she’s pretty” he says.“ We’ve got to focus on tonight game first before seeing any pretty babe” he says to him.He follows his co player to the coach.“Rotimi! I don’t want you to leave your position tonight we need this win” he says.

“ yes sir” he says.The game began and he had Annabel on his mind through out the game, he would always steal glances at her, sometimes their eyes will meet and sometimes and sometimes he would smile at her.

The truth is Annabel finds him attractive but she just doesn't want any relationship because she is done letting men break her heart, she is done crying because of men.

He is tall, handsome, six lack, sexy eyes, pink lips and the way he talks is enough to fall for him and the best features of him was that he is one of the best player in his team because you can see everyone wearing jersey that has his name and number, fans chanting his name.

“ Rotimi! Rotimi!!The game finish, Annabelle stood up and strode out of the stadium, Rotimi who was celebrating with his team when he saw her going and rushes after her.

He quickly catches up with her.

“ Hi pretty! He called. Annabelle kept walking until she got out of the stadium, she stood waiting for a cab while Rotimi’s fans rushes towards him for autographs.

He didn't stop to give autograph and he walks quickly to her.

“ Hi pretty, I am Rotimi” he says and she stare at him.“I like you? He says.

“ Nice to meet you” she says and a cab stops in front of her, she enters into the cab.

“ Hey pretty? Your name” he says but she took off.Anabbel flashes back to herself standing in fast food table and tears dripping down her face.

She shut her eyes inside the cab as it keeps moving on the highway.She flashes to her past, she flashes back to.her heart breaks.How many would she even think back to, is it the man that lied to her that he is at work and she finds him kissing another woman or is it the one that lied that he is single and I ended up getting slapped.

Flash back.

Annabel flashbacks to her crashes relationship in the past.Flash back.

“ God!we are stuck in traffic again! God, I am going to be late for business meeting, I have to meet with this client at all cost” she says.

“ Madam, the traffic will clear up soon” the Uber driver replied.

Her cellphone rings and she stared at the screen of her cellphone, she smiles seeing Dennis on the screen of her phone.Dennis is Annabel’s boyfriend that they have been dating for five months now and he has been a good and a loving guy to her.

“ Hello babes” she says over the phone.

“ How was your night? He asks.

“ My night was cool and urs? She asks.

“ the best night ever because I dreamt of you all through” he says laughing over the phone.

“ Uhmm” she exclaimed.

“ Uhmm? What do you mean by uhmm?he asked.“ Because that is not the point, the point is you doing the right thing” she says.

“ Very soon baby” he says.“ Where are you? He asks.“ On duty, I am going out to meet a client but I am stuck in traffic” she says looking out of the car window.“ Oh I see” he replied.“ What about you? She asks.

“ At work working for our future “ he says.“ Okay, I think the car has moved and I am close to where I am going, we will talk later” Annabel say.“ Alright babe, I will call you in an hours time” she says.“ Okay, love you” he says“ Love you too” he replies and hangs the call.Few minutes later the Uber stopped in front of the restaurant and Annabel pays for the fare and she gets down of the car carrying her handbag.

She checks the time on her wristwatch and rushes into towards the restaurant as she entered into the restaurant looking around for the client she has come to meet, she heard a familiar voice who was talking in between kisses and she stood and looks towards the direction and she sees Dennis and she walk closer to the table and she sees both of them holding their hands, tears dropped down her face and the tears fell on the table and Dennis looked up and Dennis gets shocked.

“ A..A..Annabel! are you doing over here?” Dennis ask and Annabel continue weeping and the girl beside Dennis ask.“ Dennis! Who is she ?” she ask.

“ So this is the duty you are busy thinking about our future” Annabel says weeping.

“ Dennis! What us she talking about and who is she?” she ask.

“ Babe calm down, she is my friend “ Dennis says and Annabel yells and the people in the restaurant watch them.

“ Do you just call me your friend?” Annabel says weeping.

“ Babe! I hope you have not been cheating on me with her?” she says and Dennis is short of words.

“ I told you that she is just my friend and nothing else “ he says and Annabel yells at him.

“ How dare you says that I am just your friends, we have been dating for five months and you just call our relationship a friendship you suddenly turned our five month relationships to a friendship in just some minute “ Annabel says weeping.

“ I am sorry Annabel but this my fiance” Dennis says and Annabel open her eyes wild and mouth thinking maybe it was a dream she saw Dennis with another woman and she realise it was reality and her handbag feel of her hand.

“ So you have been cheating on me for the last five month with her Dennis, what is it she has that I do not have” his girlfriend says in anger.

“ Is not what you think babe, you know you only the one I love and I can't never replace you with any other woman “ Dennis heard that and she feel more chartered and she weep more.

“ You know what its over, I can't deal with you anymore “ his girlfriend says and she left in anger and Dennis ran after and Annabel stood shocked weeping and the people in the restaurant watching her and she could not meet the client she came to meet and she walks out of the restaurant weeping and walk to a corner and sit weeping.“ What have done to deserve all this kind of heatbreaks, am I cursed or what, I tried the make this relationship work but still...” she says and she weep and she sees people passing are starting at her and she remembered she is on the streets and she quickly clean her tears and she stood up and stop a cab and she entered.

An hour later the cab man drop her in front of her house in lekki where she lives with her friends (Eniola and Stella)” she paid the cab man and she enters and she knocked and Eniola open the door.

“ Annabel! You are back already? I thought you were going for business meeting” Eniola says and Annabel stood in the doorstep and she started weeping and Eniola in surprise ask.“ What happened? Why are you crying?” Eniola ask and Annabel hug Eniola weeping and Eniola took inside the house and she ask her to sit in the room and palor self the three rent in lekki and sue hit the door.“ Tell me what happened?” Eniola ask and Stella came out from the room and she saw Annabel weeping and she was closer to her.

“ What happen and why are you crying and why this she home so early?” Stella says she checked her time she said.

“ You left the house in less than an hour and you are back, didn't you meet with the client?” Stella ask.

“ I have been asking her but she has not been answering ever since she came back she has just been weeping” Eniola says and Annabel continue weeping remember what Dennis told her and what he told his fiancee that “she is just his friend and nothing else “ Stella signal Eniola to stand up beside her so she can sit beside Annabel.

Chapter 2

Stella hug her tight the calm her down and she ask Eniola to bring water for Annabel and Eniola rushed to the kitchen and she took bottle water from the fridge with a glass and she rushed out to the living room and she our the water in to the glass cup and she give them her drink.

"I do not want to drink water, " Annabel says and

she continued weeping.

" Relax and tell me what happened" Stella says and

she calm she calm her down.

" Dennis!" Annabel says and she continued weeping

" What happened to Dennis?" Stella ask.

" I saw Dennis with another woman in the same restaurant I was supposed to meet my client" Annabel says and she continued weeping and Stell and Eniola gets shocked.

" Oh my goodness, I have always know that guy was a player but you did not listen to me" Eniola says and Stella yells at Eniola to stop.

" This is not time to start saying rubbish this time


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