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"You can't be pregnant, must be joking," he scoffed, jiggling his head as he took a step back away from her. "I can't be pregnant? Was I barren when you met me? Or does it mean your middle leg is infertile?" She snapped. "You better think of a way to tell this to my brother," she added. "Now, that's the problem. How do I break this to your ruthless brother and father?!" He slammed. "None of my business, I wasn't there when you were busy chasing after his wife. Are you planning to reject this pregnancy? You can't reject a billionaire's grandbaby and you know it," she said with a smirk. He heaved a sigh and scratched the back of his head. "If I take responsibility for this, I'll die. If I don't, I'll still die anyway. So why take responsibility for something I'll end up dying for anyway?" He blurted and her eyes bulged. ** A lothario found himself in the chains of a beautiful strange lady whom he rescued from a deadly accident. But what was supposed to be a rescue turned into a one night stand. A one night stand became a fling and then a fling turned into a game which would see him chained to her for the rest of his life. But her personality as a ruthless billionaire's daughter, and sister to the cold hearted billionaire whom he once had a feud with proved to be an obstacle that felt hard to overcome. What would his decisions be? Run away or stay to fight for his baby?. Follow the book for a rollercoaster ride.

Chapter 1 The Saga

Her black stiletto heels could be seen touching the surface of the earth as she stepped out of the car splendidly.

Her arrival was accompanied with extreme excitement and cheers from the small crowd which had gathered in front of the beauty salon.

Looking a bit dismayed, she turned to the robust dark-skinned lady standing beside her, dressed elegantly in a multicolored maxi dress that flowed down her toes.

"Kemi, what's this?" She asked, taking off her sunglasses while turning her attention to the people who were already taking pictures of her.

Kemi scoffed and took off her sunglasses while walking closer to her.

"Tasha, welcome to Nigeria. You're a Billionaire's daughter and so, you are in the spotlight already," she said with a smile as she rolled her big round eyes.

"No, no.. I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I might go crazy again," she cried while shaking her head in disapproval.

Kemi laughed and took hold of her hand.

"Babe, you're the daughter of Mateo Steel, one of Africa's biggest! Chill, babe; and enjoy the spotlight," she teased as she dragged her hand along while they both walked away from the car which was mounted with heavy bodyguards.

She smiled and waved at the few men and women who were busy taking pictures of her while Kemi walked ahead of her, posing for pictures excitedly.

"Hello, madam, can you please step aside so we can take a perfect photograph of Miss Natasha?" A young man asked while pointing at Kemi who was already posing for pictures.

Kemi frowned as her eyes fell on the young man who was staring at her innocently.

"Yes, madam, please step aside for a minute," a few voices came from the crowd and her brows gathered deeply.

", she's.. she's with me. She's my best friend; So if I'm taking pictures, we're doing it together. Right, bestie?" Natasha asked with a charming smile plastered on her red lips as she turned to Kemi who was already cooked up with anger.

She grabbed her hand immediately but Kemi shoved her hand away.

"Oh, come off it! What are we doing, allowing these peasants to take pictures of us? Get the fuck out of my sight, fools!!" She yelled at the crowd and they all moved backwards.

"Kemi..," Natasha called while trying to make her calm.

"Where are the guards?! Don't you know your jobs any longer? Or you want to lose your jobs?!" Kemi asked with a smirk as she turned to the two male bodyguards besides them.

"Kemi, you don't have to be that harsh on them," Natasha said softly as she looked around at the crowd who were being dispersed by the bodyguards.

"Oh, you don't know these people, do you? They want our pictures which they'll use for their own commercial gain..," she stressed.

"Really? But you agreed to it at first," Natasha said, rolling her eyes as they both walked into the salon.

Kemi stopped for a moment and took a deep breath as she watched Natasha who was walking past her.

"Well, enjoy the spotlight while it lasts," she muttered inaudibly.

"What did you say?" Natasha asked, turning to look at her.

"Nothing, come on, we have no time," she said with a smirk and walked past her.

Natasha smiled and followed behind her excitedly.


His eyes never left the tv screen as he watched the news on celebrity gist that afternoon.

"Wow, she's already in the spotlight," he muttered as he took a bite of burger which he chewed gently with a wistful smile on his face while watching her on screen.

She's probably the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen and he couldn't get his eyes off the screen for a second as he watched her walk into the salon that afternoon.

Dressed in black skimpy mini skirt tucked into a red turtleneck long sleeve dress, he watched her walk excitedly into the salon and the amusement on her beautiful long face was what he couldn't help but blush over.

With one hand cupped around his chin, he heaved a sigh and relaxed with his back on the plastic chair while he listened to his colleagues who were busy expressing their lust over this damsel who was beginning to get the tongues of men wagging.

"Look at pure skin. I mean, pure fair skin like butter," one of the men gushed while referring to the girl on TV.

"Mateo's daughter is damn beautiful. God, this is just how I like my women. Tall, slender, curvy, and a facial beauty to compliment," the second man added and they all laughed.

"Wait, you guys are here expressing your lust and we're all forgetting one man," one of the men said.

His heart cringed as he heard those words and a slow grin appeared on his lips as he turned to the direction of the men in suits who were all turning to his direction.

"Amos!! Aka, Africa's number one Casanova!!" They hailed and he burst into laughter.

"Guy is in Dreamland already," one of the men teased and they burst into laughter.

He smiled and bit his lower lips while the men stared at him silently.

"You know, guys, all I want right now is to see her stripping on my command, and her body sliding into my bed while I do all sorts of nasty and unimaginable things to that body over there. And by the time I'm done with her, you won't even recognize her," he said with a hoarse voice filled with pleasure and they all laughed out loud.

"Jeez!! Hope you're not planning to make her your prey?!" One of the men asked, looking alarmed.

"Oh, come on, I'm know, I've met her once at Adrian's baby ceremony. I met her at a distance and she was looking all glowy that night. I had plans to chase her once, but then, I found out she's Adrian's sister, and Mateo's daughter," he related with a smile.

"Ouch! That hurts! We know you're not heading there anymore, considering how you've once chased after Adrian's wife," one of the men said and he frowned.

"Glad you survived it back then. You could have been history by now," the second man added.

"Adrian can't do shit," he said proudly as he looked at the men who had their eyes fixed on him.

"Really? Why don't you dare go near his sister, then? Come on, it would be fun watching your drama with the Steel's family again," one of the men said and they all burst into laughter again while he sighed in frustration.

"I'm not afraid of Adrian, I just don't want to be involved with the Steel's family anymore," he defended while they all sneered at him.

"Really? I thought you've settled your dispute with them and you now have a good relationship with the family?" One of the men asked.

"Please enough of the interrogation..," he said, feigning anger with his brows gathered deeply.

"What are the big boys still doing in the canteen when leisure hour is supposed to be over?" A sedulous female voice sounded behind them and they all turned to see the tall, robust, curvy brown skin lady walking towards them.

Dressed sexily in a short light brown satin dress, she walked stylishly towards them with a file in one hand.

She stopped at Amos' table and the men stood up immediately and adjusted their suits.

"Lunch hour is over, run back to the office," she said to the men who were staring at her.

They looked at Amos who was still seated comfortably on his seat and he winked at them. They smiled and nodded before walking away.

He turned his attention to the sexy brown skin woman in front of him and he smacked his lips seductively as his brown small eyes settled on her cleavages which were looking right at his face.

She smiled in satisfaction as she saw the flirtatious look on his face and she helped herself on the table with her legs parted in front of him, revealing her thick thighs.

He could feel the increase in his heartbeat as his eyes ran speedily from her cleavages to her thighs and he couldn't help but adjust his tie in discomfort as he watched the appealing sight before him.

"It's Friday. We could have another long night, you know," she said seductively as she curled her black bounced hair around her finger.

"Baby, give me the time and location immediately," he urged as he felt perspiration gather around his brows.

She laughed and licked her wet brown lips as she gazed at his handsome oblong face which was now covered with perspiration.

"My house," she smacked her lips and his small eyes bulged as they settled on her smooth thick lap.

"I will be there for another long ride. I'll bring wine to grace the night," he said seductively while licking his lips.

"And I'll decorate my bed with flowers and perfume to make it more spicy," she said with a sexy smile as she lowered her head closer to him.

"And what's going on here?" A voice startled them from behind.

They both pulled away from each other and she stood up from the table immediately and adjusted her dress while trying to maintain a calm composure.

"And what are you both doing at this hour? Lunch hour is supposed to be over, right?" A middle- aged man spoke as he walked closer to them.

Their eyes fixed on the man who was dressed in black suit with a pair of black derby shoes to match.

"Um, sir..I..I..was lecturing her on the.. the rules of management," Amos bluffed as he turned to the lady beside him who had gone mute.

"Management? Lucy, really?" The man asked, turning his attention to the girl whose gaze was now settled on the floor.

"Yes..yes, father. Not..not what you're thinking," she stammered as she managed to face him.

"Now, go to your office immediately, before I do something stupid!" He yelled and she grabbed her file on the table and fled immediately.

"Now you," he said, turning to Amos who was now wiping sweat off his brows.

"You think I don't know how you've been frolicking around my daughter? I've got eyes, and I've got ears," he said slowly as he walked closer to him.

"Watch that thing between your legs or risk losing your job," he whispered into his ears and turned to walk away.

As he watched the man walk away, a grin appeared on the side of his lips and he rubbed the back of his head slowly.

"Still won't stop me from smashing your daughter tonight," he muttered inaudibly.

"Yes, I need to start preparing for the action tonight. Enough manpower that would make her scream her daddy's name," he said to himself as he let out a slow sinister laughter.

He stopped as his eyes fell on the man who was watching him from a distance. Their eyes met and he swallowed hard as he saw the disgusting look on the man's face.

He adjusted his bowtie immediately and left the canteen.


"Wow, I'm loving my hairdo," she awed as she looked at her reflection in the big mirror firmly fixed on the wall in front of her.

Everything in the salon screams luxury and she couldn't help but awe at the beautiful hairstyle she was receiving from the stylist.

"Thanks, ma'am, I'm happy you're loving it. You're such a beautiful woman, you know," the female stylist complimented and the other girls nodded in agreement.

"Really, Kemi?" She asked, turning to her friend who was getting her nails done beside her.

"Hmm," Kemi muttered and looked away Immediately.

She made a sigh of disgust as she saw Natasha and the girls laughing together.

"Um, when is Kelvin arriving?" She asked, turning to face Natasha.

"He's still with his father and I guess by 8pm, he'll be home," Natasha said with excitement as she flashed a charming smile on her lips.

"Oh, that's great. I know how excited you are to see him," Kemi said with a smile.

"Oh, yes, babe. You know he's the real reason I'm here in Nigeria. I guess I'm going to live in his home for some period of time, considering all the dramas going on in the Steel's family. I need a place to clear my head and there is no other place than Kelvin's," she said with excitement and Kemi nodded with a smile.

"I can't wait to see you both get married," she remarked.

"Oh, staying in his house would prompt us to make the wedding preparations real quickly," Natasha said.

"That's right. I'm happy for you, Tasha. You're blessed with everything," Kemi remarked.

"You too, Kemi. It's a blessing to be your friend," Natasha said with a smile as she looked at Kemi and they both smiled.


He stood in front of the door, chewing his gum with pride as he pressed on the door bell. Dressed in a white satin long sleeve shirt, tucked into black pair of pants, he was looking so stunning that night as he stood in front of the door, ardently waiting for it to be opened.

He looked at his wristwatch and it was 7:30pm on the dot. He smiled as he knew he would have enough time for all the actions tonight.

The door opened and the strong smell of her cologne welcomed his nostrils. A hand pulled him into the house even before he could say a word.

"Hey, I've got wine," he said, trying to regain his balance as he was dragged into the house.

The lights were dim and he could see her sexy figure mounted before him. She was wearing a black short net nightie and he began to drool as he saw her black bra and panties which were things he loves.

She curled her hair around her finger as she walked closer to him and took the wrapped bottle of wine from his right hand.

"Lucy, you're making me nuts," he chuckled lustfully as she grabbed the collar of his dress and dragged him along like a bull ready for slaughter.

"Oh, damn it, I'm ready to die tonight!" He echoed after her as she led him up the stairs.

Stepping into her spacious bedroom, she pushed him to the bed which was covered with red roses.

He landed on the bed like a bag of potatoes and his ecstasy increased as he saw her walking to the bed slowly.

He quickly took off his black pants,leaving only his white underwear pants.

"Baby, come over," he whispered in ecstasy as he sat up on the bed which smelled of good fragrance.

She sat on his legs with her arms wrapped around his shoulder and began unbuttoning his dress slowly. He looked up at her face which was beautified by light makeup and he could see her smacking her lips sexily.

"How do you want it? Police style?" He asked as he raised both his hands to her face.

"I've got no handcuffs," she whispered to his face and he bit his lower lips.

She took off his shirt, exposing his bare thick chest and abs which she ran her hands over.

She placed both arms on his broad shoulders and he settled his arms on her bum with his eyes shut in pleasure.

"Give it to me," he whispered hoarsely as she gave him a push which landed his back on the bed.

Just then, her phone rang and his countenance changed as he saw her turning to the phone which was ringing on the other side of the bed.

"Leave it baby, and come to me," he urged.

She stood up from his body and grabbed the phone on the bed immediately.

He sighed in frustration and his brows gathered deeply as he saw her going through her phone.

He sat up right and he tried to grab the phone away from her but she pushed him away and stood up immediately.

"What?!" He barked as he saw the anxiously look on her face with her eyes still on the phone.

"My fiance is at the door," she whispered in a slow anxious tone.

He scoffed and shook his head in disbelief as he saw her pointing at the door.

"You never told me he was coming!" He said angrily as he saw her pacing around the room.

"I..I wasn't expecting him! Oh, God, I'm doomed!" She cried, running her hand into her hair.

"I can't believe you have a fiance and we've been smashing all these while," he said angrily with his brows gathered deeply.

"Amos, you have to leave!" She cried as she looked at her phone again.

"Why? I came here first. If there is anyone who should leave, it's him," he said, moving into the bed again.

"What!" She yelled, turning to face him.

He didn't reply and he grabbed his phone which he scrolled through without looking at her face.

"You better come into the bed and let's finish what we started. You can see, my arrows are well sharpened. I didn't waste all that money getting manpower mixtures all for nothing," he said without looking at her face.

"Amos, you're gonna get us in trouble!" She yelled as she proceeded to the bed angrily.

"How?" He scoffed, raising his face to look at her.

"He is a soldier! And he's right there in front of my door!!" She yelled and his eyes popped out of its sockets.

"Soldier?!" He asked, standing up immediately.

"Yes, he is a soldier and he just returned from a mission abroad!" She said to him,

He swallowed hard immediately and perspiration could be seen forming all over his face as he looked at the anxious Lucy who was panicking around the room.

"Lucy, you've finally killed me," he said before running to the bed to grab his clothes.

Chapter 2 Betrayed

She cruised into the building with a black sparkling BMW XM. It was dark and artificial lights lit up the brown single- storey bungalow which was right in front of her.

She stepped out of the car, elegantly dressed in a black bodycon dress that stopped above her knees. Her beautiful face which was beautified with makeup was glowing in the dark as she proceeded to the door with excitement.

Standing before the door, she tried to catch her breath as the excitement of seeing him again overwhelmed her. He was her everything and she was so glad he was back from his trip.

She had specially brought his favorite meal and wine which they would be using to grace the night. Kelvin was worth everything, she thought with her red thin lips breaking into a smile.

"Oh, I need to go in," she said while adjusting her dress which suited her slender curvy body perfectly. She moved her hand towards the door bell on the wall but a thought struc


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