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The Alpha protects his Pack. But why, pray tell, does he strive to destroy his creation? Lone werewolves are prone to peril and annihilation by their natural enemies. A Pack of Wolves is a symbol of solidarity and power. Werewolves are either born or bitten. Three werewolves; Nate, Betty, and Mason along with their witch best friend, Brianna, find themselves standing together under the moonlight after an unknown force draws them together. One enigma leads to another and they unearth that one of them is the key to exterminating a supernatural organization that has existed for centuries. Will these teenagers endure the threat posed by an extremely powerful Alpha? Or will they give in to their primal craving for blood? The real question is; Does the Alpha's prey survive or do they up their game and become the predators?


CHAPTER 1: BITTEN The twisted uncanny tale is hidden in the shadows of the place that had come to be known as Haling Cove. Tall redwood trees, banyan, and evergreen spruce are scattered across the fertile lands of the town. Mansions, duplexes, story buildings, and factories perched beside one another, exuding a sense of homeliness over the town. It was another late evening, and the moon sprayed its bright sparks of light across the earth aided by streetlights that brightened the dark alleys, the lonely paths, the roads, and the streets. A normal evening, but tonight was different. Something was out there, feral, mysterious… evil. Haling Cove cemetery was covered in fog that rejected the moonlight. The dead preferred the cold and the dark. Nate dropped blood-red roses to replace the faded ones resting on his parents’ grave and dusted the stones. Today made it two years since they had passed. He was here to continue the tradition he had started. He said a brief prayer before getting back on his feet. Wiping off a tear that had trickled down his cheek, he reached for his bag, which lay on the ground. That was when he heard the low guttural growl. Peering into the dark fog, he saw a portentous figure hiding behind the trees. “Hello?” Nate asked, pulling out his phone and turning on its flashlight, exposing his brown hair and blue eyes, which had been hidden by the darkness. Despite taking a few steps forward, he couldn't discover who was out there and decided against any further approach. He made to leave the cemetery as he sighed, turning the grim beast met him. The monsters’ eyes glowed crimson. Its canines were extended into hard, sharp fangs that protruded from its rippling muzzle. The creature stood on its two hind legs with thick black fur coating every part of its body. Nate stepped backward as his heart faltered, and he struggled to breathe. What was this thing? Before he could make another move, the creature lunged, and they tumbled down past headstones and over the gravel path. It buried its fangs into Nate’s shoulder and clawed at his chest, missing his vitals by a few inches. The beast picked him up like a withered leaf and flung him across the graveyard where he landed, slamming into a gravestone a few meters away. Nate groaned as his shirt was soaked with rich red blood, and he panted as he struggled back to his feet. He settled into a sitting position, leaning against the stone. He heard the creatures’ feet trample the grass as it approached him, and he made to scurry away, but his limbs felt heavy. Striving to catch his unstable breath, he closed his eyes uttering a prayer as his last words in response to its incoming fist. The thunderous sound of bodies colliding was heard, and the wolf let out a growl. Nate’s eyes snapped open, and he found another creature; similar to the first monster, who was now facing off against it. The new beast was more slender and humanoid; it had bright golden flecks in its eyes, sharp fangs, and claws, with black fur covering its shorter muzzle. Nate watched as the two wolves battled; it was clear that the wolf with carmine eyes was more powerful. The second wolf growled in Nate’s direction and he realized that he may as well just be a prize for the winner. He struggled to his feet and ran for it, grabbing his backpack and his phone as he escaped through the cemetery gates, leaving the sound of the snarling wolves behind. His feet were heavy. His blood was boiling, and his vision was blurry. He slipped into the darkness. The morning sun poured into Nate’s room and his eyes flew open with his alarm ringing nearly as fast as his heart. It was just a dream; he shut off the alarm and sat up in bed. On the floor, he spotted his shirt ripped by the beast’s claws and speckled with blood, much like his trousers. He dived to the floor and gathered up the shirt, stuffing it in a plastic bag as he tried to control his breathing. Rushing into the bathroom, he checked himself in the mirror, and there was not even so much as a scratch on his chest. The marks and injuries were gone. What was happening? As he observed himself in the mirror, bright golden eyes bearing a familiar animalistic tendency flashed across his field of vision. Nate blinked, and it was gone. He was only imagining things. He stripped and had his bath. Exiting the bathroom minutes later; he got dressed and brushed back his hair, grabbing his backpack along with the plastic bag and his trousers before heading out. He shoved his trousers down the laundry chute on his way downstairs. Arriving in the living room, he dropped the bags on the couch, heading for the kitchen where he met his uncle, who was preparing them some breakfast. “Morning, Uncle Felix.” He smiled slightly, leaning against the counter.“How was your night?” Felix beamed as he slid him a plate of pancakes and a glass of milk before leaving to attend the door, where someone had begun ringing.“It was good.” He lied. An extra blast of early morning sunlight poured into the house as Felix opened the door to a tall, messy-haired, raven young man with brown eyes, a perfect jawline, and a handsome smile that made him look like some football star. “Has Nate left for school already?” The lad boomed in his flexibly deep voice.“No, he was just about to. Are you a friend?” Felix quizzed.“Well, yes, you could say that. I agreed to pick him up.” The newcomer answered, which left Felix pleasantly amused considering that Nate had not made a friend ever since his parents passed.“Right, Nathaniel, um…” “Mason.”“… Mason is here to pick you up!” He called out, and Nate tried not to choke on a pancake as he came out to answer.“Who?” Nate quizzed, coming to a stop and examining Mason.“You asked him to pick you up, didn’t you?” Felix arched an eyebrow.Nate glanced at his uncle in confusion, then back at Mason, who was pleading with his eyes. “Er… yes, I’ll be back.” He dashed back into the kitchen, downing his glass of milk before coming out to grab his bags and head out the door.“You both should be careful, OK?” Felix called out.“You too, Mr. Williams.” Mason replied as they headed toward the waiting black sedan. Nate tossed the plastic bag into a bin before turning on Mason. “You’re a senior. What are you doing at my house?” Nate hissed, and Mason just walked around to the driver's side before replying.“I saw you at the cemetery yesterday.” Mason stated rather blankly, getting into the car, causing Nate to pale as he remembered. Could it be? He got in shakily.“Anything weird happening?” Mason pried. He didn’t know, good.“Not unless you count dropping roses for the deceased as weird.” Nate said, shutting him off, and Mason sighed.“Right, let’s get you to school.” He ignited the engine, and they drove off. About ten minutes later, they arrived at school. After parking, they both got out and Mason hurried after Nate, trying to make him spill against his will. The persistence only made Nate grow furious. He did not want to talk about it, but Mason was determined and confident that he needed to know. “Look at me, Nate. I’m trying to help; I know things haven’t been easy on you but I need to-.” Mason was saying, but Nate interrupted.“What’s your problem, man?! I only agreed to come with you so that my uncle wouldn’t get the wrong impression.”“Wrong impression? Man, I’m trying to help.”“Well, thanks for trying but I don’t need your help.” Nate concluded storming off.“You can’t survive what’s coming alone.” Mason sighed to himself. The school environment was alive with buzzing chatter, laughter, and shouts down in the fields, the busy corridors, and the echoing halls. Nate wasn’t feeling it though, he was distraught in thought. What was Mason? How much did he know? Nate settled down on an empty table in the cafeteria later that day, disregarding the buzzing voices all around, lost in his thoughts. He had just moved to Haling Cove with his family two years ago when his parents then passed. Nate hadn’t tried to make friends since then; he didn’t have the stomach for it. “Hello.” Mason greeted, sliding in opposite Nate, who cursed under his breath. “Are you stalking me?”“Hell no, that’s just weird.”“Good.” Nate said, making to get up.“I know what happened last night, what you saw.” Mason revealed, causing Nate to pause for a second and sit back down.“What were you doing there?”“You’re not the only one who’s lost someone,” he said with a grin, and Nate was silent. “We can talk about it later,” he said as the bell went off. “I have detention with Mrs. Waldorf, so tomorrow?”“I stay back after school to use the library. I’ll wait till your detention is over.” Nate suggested, and Mason smiled.“Fine by me.” As Mason left, Nate turned it over in his head. Maybe he could be trusted. Mason watched the clock of the biology class with the attention of a waiting predator and as the hand struck twelve, he clapped, startling Mrs Waldorf. “Detention is over.” He called.“Good,” she huffed. “Make sure you leave before the school is locked. I have a date waiting at the cafe.” She announced, making Mason roll his eyes as she grabbed her things and left. Mason heaved a long sigh and headed for the library. Still on his way, he paused, turning slowly in the corridor. Mason glimpsed the shadow slinking off, and he knew who it was. He raced after it; a growl growing in his throat as his teeth lengthened a little. He came to a stop when the shadow vanished and the steps went silent, his teeth retracted.“We need to get out of here,” he hissed. He turned to head back to the library but was met by the beast. Its black fur rippled as it snarled, its claws were extended, its crimson eyes glowed, and its muzzle displayed its lengthy fangs as it drooled onto the floor. Even on all fours, the creature was nearly his height. “The Beta hasn’t turned yet.” Mason informed it, growling as they closed the distance between each other calmly. His eyes slowly gained their golden glow. Even though he couldn't take on the Alpha alone, he had to try. They lunged, and the Alpha swatted him, sending him flying across the hallway, but he stumbled, rolling to a crouch and skidding to a stop, still growling as he charged once more. Nate sat at an available desk on the right side of the library. The only other people in the room were two other girls who sat opposite him. Brown shelves stood vertically in the library with an open space between the shelves and the desks. The open space led to a stair which was opposite a transparent window. At the right was a wooden stair that led to the second floor, which had books arranged neatly on their shelves. They looked at one another when a loud bang and growl reached their ears.“Mind checking that out, Nate?” One teased.“No, thank you. It’s probably just bullies breaking into lockers.” Nate shrugged, getting up to return a textbook. Mason should be done by now, he thought.“Well, duh,” Betty said, rolling her sparkling hazel eyes. “What did you expect?” She concluded, pushing back her long brown hair.“Well, I’ll get going.” Nate said.“Won’t you stay a bit? Not even for us.” Betty pouted jokingly, and Nate regarded her quizzically. They were his reading mates, and they always stayed back to study together, but they were not his friends.“Are you living in a fantasy? Why would he stay back for us?” Brianna said, leaning back, causing her straight black hair to fly into the wind for a few seconds as she regarded Betty. She had caramel skin and deep brown irises. “No one’s that close to him.” “Why though?” Betty said, directing her question at Nate.“He’s Nathaniel Williams. That’s just how he is.” Brianna declared.“Are you trying to intimidate me? ‘cause it’s not working.” Nate stated.“See what I mean?” Brianna said.“I’m not intimidating you. I just want to know how you can live like that.” Betty huffed.“Honestly, it’s not that hard.” Nate answered.“We need to get out of here!” Mason shouted as he barged in, bloody and ragged.“What happened to you?!” Nate asked as he and Betty rushed to hold him up.“Don’t worry about me. It’ll heal,” Mason groaned, turning to Nate. “The Alpha is here.” The image of the burning blood-red eyes flashed in his mind and he paled. “Get your bags. We need to leave now!” Nate panicked.“Who’s the Alpha?!” Brianna asked, grabbing her bag nonetheless. They left the library hurriedly and had almost made it to the entrance when the beast emerged. They backed away slowly, and Mason turned to Nate, his eyes now golden.“Take them and go.” He growled.“I’m not leaving you with that.” Nate countered.“You don’t have a choice.” Was Mason’s response.“You’re a werewolf.” Brianna gasped, almost sounding unsurprised.“We can talk about that later.” He growled and charged the beast as they tumbled down the hallway.“We can’t leave him behind.” Nate cried out, taking off his backpack and charging the Alpha, who had pinned Mason.“Nate!” Betty called, running after him. The Alpha flung Mason into the lockers and turned to face Nate, who stopped in his tracks suddenly. The beast swatted him in the jaw and he flew into a wall. Nate and Mason had been downed and struggled to get up. The Alpha lunged at Betty, biting down on her neck and raking its claws against her belly before sending her against the lockers as well. Nate lunged, catching her before she made contact, but she was bleeding horribly. “Betty!” He shouted and all she could do to reply was shriek at the sight adorning her stomach. Ignoring the other three, the Alpha made to take out the last teenager. It prowled toward Brianna, who was trying to force open the door to a class, but it had been locked and her sweaty palms were not helping. “Stay back,” she sputtered as the beast lunged and she shrieked, giving off a blast of golden light that sent the creature back and forced him to revert to his human form. Noticing the change, the beast raced away to avoid being discovered. In his wake, Brianna had tears rolling down her face as she ran toward Betty, who was gasping for air. “You’re going to be alright. It’s going to be fine.” Brianna reassured her.“She’ll be fine, but we have to hurry.” Mason said, getting up and helping lift her as they hastened out to his car. After a few minutes, they arrived at a duplex in the woods where Mason stayed. Inside, he bandaged Betty up to stop the bleeding and asked the others to let her be. “Are you sure we don’t need a hospital?” Brianna asked.“No, she’ll heal.” He reassured them.“It bit me,” Betty uttered in realization. “It bit me. I don’t want to be a werewolf, please.”“There’s nothing we can do about it now. It’s too late.” Mason said sadly.“But I don’t want to.” Betty cried.“Neither did I, neither did Nate, but it happened, anyway.”“Wait, I’m a werewolf?!” Nate exclaimed.“Yes, but you won’t change until the next full moon, which is tomorrow night.” Mason informed him.“That means... that means it was you. You were the other wolf at the cemetery.” Nate confirmed.“Yes. The Alpha seems to be hunting down the Betas instead of protecting them. I don’t know why.”“What do we do now?” Brianna quizzed.“We’re supernaturals. After the full moon, our lives are going to change, but either way, the best thing we can do for now is to stick together.” Mason advised.“What about me?” Brianna asked. “You saw what happened at school. What am I?”“I’m not sure. You’re going to have to find out. It may be a family secret,” Mason stated. “It’s getting dark. I’d best get you all home.” A few minutes later, they were driving away into the evening and back to their homes. Water dripped from the top of the old witch house in James’ mansion. It was covered in thick dusty webs which meandered across the ceiling, coming down to fasten on the rails of the window. The room was ominously quiet, with the only light source being a dimly lit candle. This was enough, however, to expose the other unlit candlesticks fixed along the edges of the wall. Broken pieces of furniture adorned the brown concrete floors, and black dahlia vines snaked across and between crevices in the weathered walls and sitting in the middle of the room… a book?


CHAPTER 2: THE PREDATORY URGE Turning off the lamp on the nightstand, Nate jumped into his bed, wrapping himself with the sheets. He took in a deep breath as his mind returned to the foreboding events of the cemetery and school. Betty, the Alpha werewolf. He looked out the window, noticing the moon which hung across the skies and poured its rays on him. Nate could feel something in him awaken, something cold, something dark, something evil, savage, a beast. He closed his eyes to drift to sleep but found himself under the gaze of the familiar werewolf now hunting the vulnerable woods of his mind. His eyes flew open, revealing him to be in the middle of the Banyan Forest of Haling Cove. “How?” He questioned himself as he gripped the earth rising to his feet. Betty turned off the lights in the hallway as she headed to her room. Peering forward, she saw a quadruped figure crouching at the end of the hallway. It released a low growl, s


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