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Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf
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Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf

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"Take your clothes off. It's time to bathe." Hearing those words, fear overwhelmed me, and I felt as if I might wet myself. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around my body, unable to fathom removing my clothing. He rose from his seat, approached me with a sinister smile, and placed his hands on my hair. "Would you like me to assist you?" Trembling with fear, I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head, vehemently refusing while inching away from him. "Well, if you don't want to disobey your husband, do as I say." He returned to his chair and sat down, watching me intently, waiting for me to comply and undress. I rose slowly, unable to meet his gaze. Tears welled up in my eyes as I cautiously removed my clothes, feeling the weight of my world crumbling. Avoiding his face, I sensed a hand on my shoulder, freezing me with fear. "You're beautiful, my dear. Age is just a number. I'll show you what it means to be a woman," he whispered. My instinct was to run, but I had nowhere to go. Trapped with this monster, I glimpsed his bare body approaching me. Overwhelmed, I squeezed my eyes shut, unable to face the sight of a naked man for the first time. Suddenly, his warm hands cradled my face, his body drawing closer. "Open your eyes, love. There's no need to be shy. Everything here is meant for you." Curiously, his touch brought a strange sense of calm, and I hesitantly opened my eyes, meeting his bloodshot gaze. "That's it, my love. I'm all yours."

Chapter 1


Sierra's POV:

Fear consumed me, paralyzing my movements. I had to escape before he found me again and subjected me to unspeakable horrors. The mere thought of the atrocities he had committed made tears well up in my eyes.

The darkness enveloped me, accompanied by the chilling cold and the eerie silence broken only by the sound of my footsteps and the howling wind. Why was I the chosen one? The words escaped my trembling lips before I blacked out.


16th Birthday:

I awoke with a pounding headache, burdened by the lingering remnants of a disturbing dream. Gloom filled my heart as I contemplated my sixteenth birthday, devoid of any joyous celebrations.

Since my birth, I had always questioned and lamented why fate brought me to this wretched town. Growing up, I discovered that the place I should have called home was nothing short of a nightmare.

Whenever I closed my eyes, images of lifeless bodies haunted me, a grim reminder of the lives lost each morning. It was rumored that a monstrous beast had been mercilessly slaughtering people for years, fueled by its insatiable desire for a bride—a virgin bride, to be precise.

My mother did everything she could to shield me from the prying eyes of the villagers, but deep inside, I knew that one day they would uncover my secret. I couldn't help but ponder the sacrifices women made, surrendering their bodies just to avoid becoming the beast's bride. I had always dreamt of marrying a handsome man when I grew older and starting a family with beautiful children. But would that ever become a reality amidst the horrors that surrounded me?

Sitting alone in my room, I gazed out of the window, observing the hushed conversations among the people below. Undoubtedly, they were discussing the wolf beast that plagued our town.

One day, everyone would succumb, and perhaps this town would fade into history—an infamous tale of a wolf's ruthless rampage on humanity.

After mustering the courage to leave my room, I made my way to the bathroom, glancing at myself in the mirror. With a deep breath, I composed myself, awaiting a moment of respite before deciding my next move.

My mother adamantly forbade me from venturing outside, making my confinement a living hell.

Once I finished bathing, I emerged from the bathroom and retrieved a black gown from the box where my clothes were kept. Settling on my bed, I clutched my cherished doll, a companion since I was merely six years old. It was my confidante, the sole source of solace in my desolate existence.

As I sat, a knock on the door startled me, and I hurriedly opened it, only to find my mom standing there, holding a plate of pancakes and singing a birthday song for me.

Despite our financial struggles and the absence of a father figure, my mom had been the greatest blessing in my life.

I embraced my mom tightly, whispering a heartfelt "thank you."

She guided me to my bed, holding my hand, and gently caressed my cheek.

"I understand that you want to go out, but you need to know that I'm doing this to protect you."

As I watched my mom utter those words, I sensed the sadness in her voice, and it pained me to see her like that. It wasn't her fault; it was the Beast's fault for relentlessly searching for a human bride. Why couldn't it marry someone of its own kind instead of a human?

I pulled my mom into a warm hug, sharing her sadness.

"It's okay, Mom. It's not your fault. I believe that one day, someone will defeat that wolf, and everyone will be free."

I tried to console her with those words, but deep down, the doubts echoed in my mind. Can we truly be safe?

With a smile, my mom stood up and handed me the plate of pancakes.

"You need to eat, dear. I'll make more in case you get hungry again."

Just as my mom was about to walk away, I held her hand and pulled her back.

"Thank you, Mom," I said, smiling, and she returned the smile before walking away.

I began eating the pancakes, feeling a surge of happiness. My mom was an incredible cook, and she would always remain my idol as long as I lived.

After finishing my meal, I approached the window, opening it wider to observe the people outside. They were engaged in conversations, and I wondered what they were discussing.

As I stared at them, a man suddenly turned his face towards me. Startled, I quickly stepped back, covering my face in fear. Hoping he hadn't noticed me, I whispered while clutching my chest, feeling my heart race.

Glancing in his direction again, I saw him engaged in conversation with a group of people, gesturing towards my window. Filled with trepidation, I hastily closed the window, avoiding any further contact with the outside world.

Sitting on my bed, I wrapped my arms around myself, shivering from the cold and the fear that lingered within me.

Remaining motionless, I didn't want anything to startle me. Maybe he was simply having a conversation, nothing more.

I decided to lie down, seeking a brief respite. However, as I was about to close my eyes, a loud bang from downstairs jolted me awake, intensifying my fear.

I could hear my mother's voice, raised in what seemed like a desperate plea, urging someone to stay back.

Driven by concern for my mother's safety, I quickly stood up, determined to prevent any harm from coming to her. As I opened my bedroom door, I was confronted by a group of men, their gaze fixed upon me.

"Get her," one of them commanded, and without warning, they seized me, forcefully dragging me outside as my mother screamed and fought desperately to save me.

My mother's worst fear had come true. I closed my eyes, paralyzed by the impending events, and allowed them to forcefully pull me away, devoid of any resistance.

Chapter 2

Sierra pov.

As I was unconscious, I tried everything I could to free myself, but they were too strong. My mother's voice made me long to embrace her, but I was powerless against these people.

Fear gripped me as I had no idea where they were taking me. Would I become the beast's bride?

The mere thought sent shivers down my spine, and at that point, I prayed for death.

They threw me into a cage, locking me in. I felt trapped, sitting there with no idea of what to do. My heart raced, and I was on the verge of breaking down, unsure of my next move.

The thought of my mother being alone brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't bear staying here; I needed to go home.

I stood up and walked over to the door, shouting, "Get me out!"

Even though it was daytime, it felt as if darkness had descended upon me. Being here was akin to a never-ending nightmare.

I shouted as loud as I could, but all I received in return was silence.


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