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The Incubus's Secretary (Dark Council Series Book2)

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When Sanaya Johnson joined ReefWood Inc. as the CEO, Lancelin Eustein’s Personal Secretary, little did she know that her life was about to change forever. As a Scribt, a human with knowledge of the immortal world, she had to constantly balance her two worlds while keeping the immortal world a secret from her near and dear ones. But trouble arises when Lancelin himself takes an interest in Sanaya, a liking that threatens to shatter her hold on reality. Lancelin has lived for centuries amongst humans but no one has ever tempted him as his little Secretary does without even trying. He is determined to win her over at any cost, just to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. But Sanaya has had her heart broken once and she finds it near impossible to trust another man, especially an Incubus who is to be the future Incubus King. But just when the two of them start to fall for each other, the past comes to haunt them in the most unexpected of ways. And with Lancelin’s coronation on the way, will he be able to keep Sanaya by his side when the entire world wants to tear them apart?



Review after half of the novel

It's the sacrifices form both Sanaya and Lance that get me, wonderful traits from both really. It's amazing how tragedy can bring you the best possible people to complete you when you look past the hurt. Keith is a spineless piece of human being, no matter what Asmara did to him, he's just not worth it. Asmara might be a demon but heck she's the she-devils reincarnation, who sleeps with both father and son? Just for power?! The world's just twisted for some people🚮

June 2, 2024

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