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The Forbidden World

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An Alp from another world that is seperated by a thin membrane breaks through and falls in the Kentucky mountains. Levi and his friends attempt to track down the creature before it goes in a killing spree. while the queen of the other world sends three warriors to bring back the heart of the Alp. The Alp finds a local human and mates with her, hides her in the mountains while the three warriors attempt to locate the Alp, Levi and his friends are finding partially eaten body parts scattered around the area.

1. Forbidden World

Six totally different worlds each separated by thin invisible membranes. Each world not knowing the other existed, except the Alps Queen and the ancients in the forbidden world. Stories were passed on from the ancients to the younger Alps about the human world. The younger Alps considered them fictitious, told to entertain only.

The forbidden world is occupied with creatures called Alps, so dark, so full of hate that they would kill each other for no other reason other than pure simple hate. Their only purpose is to fight, kill and mate.

They’re over six feet tall with the strength of three strong men. The skins on these creatures are thick brown leather with pointed razer sharp talons. They walk upright with a slightly curved back. In their own grotesque way, they’re similar to slightly deformed humans. Every inch of their body is covered with extreme muscles that would tighten under the slightest movement. Just looking at one of the Alp creatures would captivate a human to stare, rendering the human immobile.

The human world is full of water, colorful flora, with beautiful mountains, with a variety of animals, inhabited by delicious humans with gold glowing souls. The forbidden world held none of this, no water just dry dirt everywhere. Brown barren mountains with an orange streaked sky that constantly thundered.

One area of the membrane became weak from hundreds of years of fighting. Alp creatures fought, throwing boulders into the invisible membrane. Over time it eventually weakened, penetrable…a few more objects slamming into it then the membrane will break.

An Alp picked up another Alp, threw him across the sky thousands of feet, he hit the invisible membrane, pounded against something that he couldn’t see. It bellowed like an invisible rubber band, snapped back, threw the creature back towards the other. He fell to the ground with a thunderous bang. The enduring body slammed to the dusty ground. When he hit the ground his body formed a dusty black mist that scattered on the ground like smoke. Suddenly, the mist reformed back into the Alp.

He rose back up with more hatred…his lips pulled back exposing his long pointed teeth. Like a calculating creature of an unknown dark and barren world, he ran with accelerated speed. Picked up once again by the other Alp and threw him back towards the sky in the same direction. He flew through the orange flaming sky, over the mountains, just to hit the exact same spot on the membrane. When it bellowed like a rubber band the membrane broke. The creature fell through it. The membrane retracted…an invisible break that should of never have happened-happened.

The Alp disappeared through the membrane. The black creature flew out through the break and flew through blue skies, broke through green trees and When the Alp hit the ground his body turned to a black mist, reassembled back to a solid form. Stood up in the thickness of trees and foliage on the side of a mountain.

He cautiously looked around. Confused as to what just happened, not knowing where he was, he jerked around while his instinct told him to be on guard. He felt safe for the moment, taking a few steps forward.

The smell was nothing he had ever experienced before. Slowly turning around he looked up to the sky trying to see where he fell from. It was just blue, he could not see any break or understand how this happened.

The creature breathed in the cool air, feeling good in his throat. He could see the forest with beautiful colors in the trees. Sensing the wild animals that roamed the forest his mouth watered. The Alp’s black eyes were blinded from the brightness of the colors for a second. This would be a place I could kill, mate and not be controlled. The creature thought to himself. This new place was different, everything was green, the air was cool.

His body temperature ran very hot so the cool morning breeze made his hot leathery skin ripple. Cocking his head lightly his sensitive hearing picked up different types of sounds…animals, the wind blowing past the trees.

This must be the human world, I remember stories told by our ancient ones, I never believed this place actually existed he thought to himself. The corner of his mouth curled slightly showing a fanged grin.

The stories told the human souls were bright, glowing, when captured it would increase the Alps strength; I could enjoy hunting humans, capturing the souls, killing, if I’m lucky….mating with a human. Grinning, the Alp narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself.

The carcass of the human would make a fulfilling meal. I remember the ancients saying the meat was very sweet. Putting his leather hand on his stomach he realized that it will be time for him to eat soon. Turning, he took off running straight up the side of the mountain feeling the damp air flow across his face, the plants in the forest brushed against his bare upper torso,

excitement, he never felt anything like this before. He ran so fast it appeared he was flying over the ground instead of touching it.

2. Levi

Dew glistening on the grass outside of Levi’s small four room home. Levi was sitting in his favorite rocking chair on his back porch drinking his morning coffee. Levi grew up in eastern Kentucky and his cabin was in a holler. surrounded by forrest.

Looking around he noticed Rachel, his friend with benefits was walking up the path to his back porch. She was smiling and waving to him.

She had a pair of faded blue jean shirt skirt that barely covered her ass and a T-shirt on.

Rachel was hoping she could persuade him in some play time. She hadn’t had any in a month. She’s been in love with Levi for a couple of years.

Levi had short blond messy hair, with dark green eyes, around six feet two inches of lean rippling muscle. He always wore old faded jeans that hugged his thick muscled thighs. Sitting in his chair with no shirt or shoes on, his light chest hair slowly tapered down past his hard six pack abs, hips narrowing beneath his jeans.

Rachel walked up on


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