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The Dead That Won't Die

The Dead That Won't Die

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In a world where ghosts are not bedtime stories but dangerous beings with unique abilities. William, an orphan with the ability to see ghosts seeks shelter in Boston away from his past and the huge fortune he inherits from the first ghost he interacts with, who was the late orphanage owner. In his new environment he strives to live a normal life and not meddle in the world of the dead but all this crashes when a damsel appears in his kitchen seeking his aid. To save her, he must return to his roots, embrace his past and uncover his identity thereby destroying his peaceful life. To sacrifice or not to sacrifice ? Join the journey to uncover the thrilling consequences of his choices in The Dead That Won't Die.

Chapter 1: Waves in new form

William sat in a well ventilated classroom, the teacher Hatosa, a female and barely twenty-five, dark-skined with a brown eyes to match her curly dark hair made him wonder why someone with such curves was not a model, he looked around the class, most of his male classmates sat upright listening to her lecture on mathematics but their eyes were directed, observing miss Hatosa bust. What was a teacher like her doing in a school like this? He thought.William sat in a well ventilated classroom, the teacher Hatosa, a female and barely twenty-five, dark-skined with a brown eyes to match her curly dark hair made him wonder why someone with such curves was not a model, he looked around the class, most of his male classmates sat upright listening to her lecture on mathematics but their eyes were directed, observing miss Hatosa bust. What was a teacher like her doing in a school like this? He thought.

Hatosa kept on talking and explaining the equations they viewed from a projector. Williams glanced at the board. The concluding answer “2x” was obvious to him but he had to watch Hatosa arrive at the answer by the end of her long explanation.

William class was arranged in three rows and he was by the window. Looking outside his window, his school Mountain Memory High located at Newwaves in Boston was private, four levels tall and he was at the 3rd floor, class 1-A to be precise. The teaching standard are as high as the Asians who value knowledge, considering the owner came from that continent. William keeps his eyes dead straight observing the shadow of a bird flying overhead, as his eyes trails it he comes across a moving leg, his breath freezes within him, around the legs there were no shadows. Tension rised through his nerves clearing his brooding and made him sit up straight.

A lady wearing the 1890’s ball gown was strolling through the lawn his school maintains at such low level that you’ll wonder if it ever grew, it was not the fact that no one wore a ball room gown to stroll in this century but the lady strolling across even barefooted made his heart to skipna beat as he noticed the dim sliver light that made up her whole body; her blond hair had the dim light, her entire body excluded a translucent glow even as his eyes trailed her movement, neither fast or slow she moved by quickly but just as she was almost out of view, she turns sharply in his direction locking eyes with William, the look in those eyes were hallow, totally void of emotions. She smiled. A chill goes down his spine as the food in his stomach churns, he knew that she knew he could see her, his breathing stop for a moment, it felt hard to draw in air.

“William!!!” Miss Hatosa said as she slams her heavy textbook on Willam table jolting his attention to her face.

“Want to tell the class what is so important that you won’t listen?” Hatosa said as she smiled.

Nicknamed the devil’s secretary Hatosa was not one to let a bad behavior slide.

Williams stood up, glanced at his image from the window, a matching deep blue trouser, white long-sleeved shirt with a blue tie to match; a typical student in high school.

“it’s an extreme headache. A migraine, I did not mean to exempt myself from the class lesson.” Williams said as he bowed slightly.

Hatosa was speechless. The class went silent.

How was she to punish him now ? He was always out of the world in all her classes, if not that he was a top student in her class; she would... punish him. she thought.

“You should have said something earlier.” Hatosa said.

William thought her voice had warmth in it that made her seem really sweet, he shook his head to signify he did not want to disturb the class, she permitted him to sit after feeling for a temperature on his body.

Hatosa did want him to be spared just like that, he was always quite in class, she glanced at his cute but chubby face. He had added weight.

Why not drag him to the spotlight ? she thought and smiled. If William knew of her thoughts he’ll eat the words he had said earlier.

“This is the last class for the year. Williams would you tell us what you’ll do for the summer break ?” Hatosa said looking at her wristwatch as she made her way back to the front of the class.

Williams could hear whispers as excitement spread through the class.

“I’ll just be at home.” Williams said while supporting his chin with his hand on his desk as he stared into the space in front of him. He had thought it out and for someone who had been alone must of his life, this answer was the best he could think of.

“A peaceful holiday” he adds and looks outside the window.

The class fell silent.

Hatosa felt like kicking herself, she wanted to brighten him up a little and forgot. Forgot that. She looked at William, a straight A student who is an orphan and according to the principal had left the orphanage after his basic education, doing meager jobs on the streets to raise money, this year he got a scholarship after clearing the entrance exams, someone like that would not have anyone.

"Idiot!" She said to herself.

Looking at William and sizing him up, aside the extra weight he had added since the last class a week ago, she could not help but be worried. The whisper in class rose, spreading among the students, a few students looked in his direction.

William had no idea the commotion he caused with his words. His eyes were searching every corner for a trace of the lady he saw early, he called them the ghostly dead. Ever since he was young he could see them, interact with them and touch them but those around him could not. Overtime he had come to categories them into different kinds.

The Lost: this are ghost with pure intentions who are stuck on Earth due to an unfinished business. This were the ones that came to him mostly to aid complete their businesses. When this kind crossover they leave behind a creamy pearl which he collects whenever he can.

The Stained: this are ghost that have lost all form of reasoning and survive by feeding off the energy that holds them bound to Earth from the living. They mostly plagued the hospital or hook themselves to a living host as a parasite. It is the worst prison one could ever wish for someone. To survive on the very emotion that caused your death. The best action was to destroy them, that way they can crossover.

The Bound: This are ghosts stuck in a particular environment unable to leave the house or site. They could be stained or lost.

The Ancient: This are ghost that have survived so long on Earth by finding a way to increase their energy.

“That’s enough! “ Hatosa said, picking up her book and going to front of the class.

Williams takes another glance outside, the lady was nowhere in sight. He closed his eyes as Hatosa slams her book on the table drawing everyone’s attention to her. The schools bell rings to signify the end of class but no one stands up as she looks across the room making eye contacts with the students.

Satisfied. Hatosa straightens and in wla tender voice. “ Have a nice summer break, I would really appreciate to see pictures and my holiday assignment promptly on resumption” she smiled

“Yes ma.” The students ushered In return.

“Williams stay back.” Hatosa said. Williams nods when she makes eye contact with him.

That’s right. Williams thought, Summer break begins.

Williams watched the last set of students leave the classroom. Hatosa made her way to him and took the seat in front, facing him on the opposing end.

“Are you doing alright ?” Hatosa said.

The question surprised him as his eyebrows rose, curiosity was fine but he had never gotten concern and Hatosa eyes were filled with it. He traced her gaze to his body. “You have added quite a lot of weight.” She added.

William understood her thought process at that moment, over the past three months all he had done was eat, sleep and watch TV eventually adding a lot to his usual ripped body after years of workout. How all that could vanish under three month can be surprising and with the way she observed him, he could tell she thought it was a symptom of depression and he was taking it out on food; not that she was far from the mark but the truth would be a fairytale if he told her. She wouldn't believe him and he won't blame her. No one would.

The concern made him smile. “I am perfectly alright, I just eat a lot more nowadays.” William could not tell her the last experience that broke him, three months ago he had rescued a boy sort after by seven ancients. And in the world of the ghosts each of them had unique abilities different from the general ones. It was not the Ancients that shook his perception that day but the arrival of beasts they called Soul Eater, this were monsters that consumed soul energy, the older the better. And the gathering of seven ancient rang the dinner banquet. The thought made him look out the window at the lawn where the lady once walked. Hatosa followed his gaze.

The look in Hatosa eyes told him that she was not buying his explanation and over the next two hours they conversed and she kept probing him to get a bottom line truth but seeing he was not giving in she sighs. “Right now you’re fat!”

A light smile spread across her face making his eyebrow twitch, she was clearly upset.

“ I want to see improvements after the break.” She stood up not giving him a chance to reply and left him staring at her retreating back.

William could only shrug his hand, any argument with a lady was totally pointless, he stood up, packed his bag and headed out.

William and Hatosa leave the class together, she drops a gift box in his hand outside the classroom “Consider it a gift for your excellent result this term.”

“Thank you.” William said.

On her left arm hung a gold and black bag, one he had never seen till today. It made her more of a lady than his fierce teacher.

“what are you thinking about?” Hatosa said as she flicks his head with her finger.

“ You look really pretty.” William said.

Hatosa blinks at his remark and ushers him out of school with a smile on her face. Outside they parted ways, he takes the left part in the direction of his house after watching Hatosa cover a good distance to the right. Williams thought about the lady he saw at school, she was clearly one of them; THE DEAD

Chapter 2: The past is a memory

The dead were ghosts that had yet to cross over for various reasons and he had always been able to see them for as long as he could remember. William recalled one of his first encounter that still stood clearly in his mind. It was his supervisor. Patrick, who was the owner of the orphanage he lived in earlier in his life called Precious Angels.

Patrick had died in his sleep, he was a kind soul. Every night after his death, William would see him walk the halls tossing keys into the air and whistling an old tune like he used to do while he was alive.

Patrick appeared much younger, like he was around his twenties unlike the wrinkled seventy he died at.

William was ten and scared out of his pants. Patrick could tell he could see him and after many occurrences during the first two months he stopped screaming his lungs dry anytime Patrick came around him, his screams had spooked the nannies so bad they hardly came to check on him when he screamed at night.

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