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Reborn And Mated To The Lycan King

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In a world of supernatural beings, where werewolves struggle to be the best among werewolves, Amelia, a nine-month-old pregnant Omega, caught her mate cheating on her with her sister. When she shows her anger, she is humiliated and killed by them. At the brink of death, she wishes to go back in time and take revenge for her baby and herself. Her request is granted by the goddess and she is given a second chance which she intends to use in a very different manner to change her fate. On her journey to this quest, she crosses paths with the powerful and dreadful Lycan who acts cold to everyone but her, breaking that bound heart of hers. She gets entangled with secrets, love, betrayal and torn by the harshness of the world. Will she be able to find the peace and love she so desires in this new life? Or will her past continue to haunt her, preventing her from moving on and finding happiness?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My Death

Amelia's POV

Excitedly, I rushed to open the door to my bedroom. The door flew open, exposing a deed that I later hoped I didn't see. I came into contact with the terrible view all happiness and color drained from my face. Theodore and my sister Mila were on the bed on my bed our bed in a sexual act. They were so engrossed with what they were doing that they did not hear me open the door, even with the abrupt movement of the door. They still didn't hear.

Tears rolled down my eyes. I touched my tummy as if sympathizing with my baby for the act he is seeing during the period he is to come to earth. They didn't stop they kept kissing and touching themselves. I couldn't find my voice for a moment it was like I was having a bad dream.

Mila was my sister, whom I have never for once done evil against, despite the bullies and cruel words she has said and done to me. I refuse to do any harm or say anything that might harm her in any way she was the same person that I got badly wounded for. Even if she acted evilly toward me, I still treated her like the only sister that she was, just as our mother wanted it to be and always told me, but yet she was with my mate on the bed having sexual intercourse.

Her moan brought me to reality this was happening; she was actually in bed with him. In that pain, I screamed. They were both separated from each other in shock and turned to seek out who it was. When they saw that it was me, they made a sign of relief.

Relief? Why? Shouldn't they be more scared or apologetic? Why a sign of relief?

“What are you guys doing? Mila? Theodore?” I called their names.

Theodore scoffed and wore his clothes. “What a killjoy,” he said. “W…What!” I screamed.

“Can you just shut up? Why did you have to scream like an idiot?” Mila said this in anger as she dressed up. “idiot? you guys…” I could not believe what I was hearing. Are they not remorseful? “Aren't you going to say something?” I ask Theodore.

“Hey!” He yelled in anger and scoffed, “What do you want me to say after barging into the room like that? Why didn't you go back when you saw that we were busy? Are you very stupid? For your baby's sake, you would have turned around and pretended like you didn't see anything, but yet you have to be so foolish. This is one reason why I hate to be with you. When I need you to be foolish, you try to act differently, but when I don't need you to be foolish, that is the best time you are foolish,” he said.

I didn't understand why he was acting like I was the wrong one. Shouldn't he be apologizing? What is he doing? What is he saying?

“Why would you say this? Why? Tell me why. After everything I did for us, I chose you. I agreed to be your mate, knowing fully well that you were not my fated mate. I did everything I could to make sure that we were together and happy. Is this how you will pay me after everything?” I said with tears streaming down that a bit of remorse was all I needed; if I could see that remorse, then I wouldn't mind pretending that this never happened, but instead, he smiled.

He smiled at my pain. He was smiling at the pain and hurt I was feeling. I was taken aback. “I don't care,” he said to me coldly. My heart broke into pieces, and more tears rolled down my face.

Mila scoffed and walked to me, using her thumb to wipe my tears. “This is one reason I hate you; you are weak and always cry when something goes wrong,” she said, adding, “So pathetic.”

“Hate? So you hate me just because I cry and I am a weak omega?” I ask. She chuckled. “I just hate you for being you because you are Amelia, and for that reason I hate you.”

“But we are from the same mother; mother always says... "Oh, please,” she said, rolling her eyes, cutting me off. “This is why you are stupid; did you think that I and Mother are your family, or do you think that Mother has you in her mind?” She walked around me whispering to my ears, “If you think your mother loves you, why would she never stop me from bullying you? But she will always tell you to forgive me because you are the eldest and you should be subtle and understanding,” she laughed, “and you will foolishly believe her.".

I looked at her shocked, finally realizing it was me being played all this while. “That cannot be true,” I cried. “Why are you saying all these things? Is it because you slept with my mate?”

She stopped walking around me and lifted my chin. “Your mate?” She laughed, then turned to Theodore and asked, “Did you hear her? She called you her mate.” Mila chuckled wickedly. Theodore scoffed. “I can never have the likes of her as a mate; you are my only mate,” he said, walking to her, and they kissed in front of me.

How can they be so cruel? “Hey!” I screamed again, and this time Theodore slapped me. I fell to the ground, hitting my tummy. I groaned, holding my tummy. “Stop yelling; do you want to bring unnecessary attention?” He said it angrily.

Mila rolled her eyes. “She is annoying.” She squatted and looked at me. “You should have known that just the way you have a fated mate in this world somewhere, Theodore also has one, and you are looking at her, so the person who took another person's mate is you, not me, so stop acting like the victim.” 

Mila smirked. "But again, you are the victim. Since we were the ones that planned your being with Theodore, seeing that Alpha Lucas is always favoring you, it was quite likely that he would end up giving you and your mate his pack. Since he doesn't have any heirs, all that was needed was for Theodore to be your mate, and he would be the Alpha and I, the Luna.” Mila sighed and stood up.

“But after everything, even with the useless pregnancy, Alpha Lucas just had to have a pregnant lover,” Theodore said in anger. Mila nodded. “And because of that, there is no use for you anymore; you would not be the one that will be chosen, and so you have no purpose; you are useless to us; you are just a burden who is also carrying an extra burden,” Mila said.

I cried like a baby as I heard them. They planned everything. The love that Theodore showed me was a lie. I look at Theodore and ask, "Do you also think that your baby is a burden?” I asked with my voice shaken with emotions and tears.

“Any baby that isn't from Mila is a burden to me,” he said, shattering my heart. “My baby is not a burden,” I said, shaking my head. “It wouldn't have been if only you were useful, but as it is now, there is no use for you.” She looked at me, disgusted.

“So useless,” Theodore emphasized.

I cried, “What have I done to deserve this? I was always nice to you, to all of you; why did you have to treat me this way even as my unborn  child?" “ You shouldn't have been nice; that was why.

Our choice to be nice—did you think that being nice would make people like you?” she sighed, “It doesn't it will only make them take advantage of you because you are such easy prey,” Mila laughed.

“You were really stupid to think that a beta as good as me would want you, who wasn't even my fated mate, an omega like you, weak and stupid it never crossed your mind that I could be playing with you, you trusted me too well,” Theodore spat. “Playing with you was fun, but there is no need to continue,” Mila said.

I felt used, hurt, and angry. I forced myself to stand. “Do you think you will be okay after hurting and playing with me? I will let everyone know, and you and Theodore will not be able to live peacefully.” I screamed in pain and anger.

Mila scoffs, “Really?” She took a step closer, menacingly. I moved back. “Stupid, why do you think we are telling you all this? What do you do to useless things?” Theodore said, walking closer.

I tensed up, I felt pains in my tummy, I screamed while holding my tummy, and I looked at my legs. I was bleeding; could it be because of the fall?

No, the pain increased; this wasn't just the fall; “the baby...” I gasped. “It is coming,” I said. Before I could blink, I held the door shut. Theodore was standing at the door with a smile. “Today is going to be a very sorrowful day for me,” he said.

I felt a shiver of fear, and I turned to Mila. “Please, my baby,” I begged.

Mila laughed. “Still pathetic,” she pushed me. I felt it hitting my tummy again, and I winced in pain, crying. She used her werewolf strength to step on my tummy. I screamed, and Theodore covered my mouth. I struggled in pain, Mila kept hitting my tummy while laughing, and I slowly became weak as my blood and my babies filled the ground.

Theodore and Mila left me with, “I guess we just have to watch her as she dies.” They hugged and kissed each other. I breathed heavily, my baby; we have suffered at the hands of Theodore and Mila.

In the brick of my death, I stared at the couples one last time. If only I was given a second chance, I would not let them have victory I wouldn't let them use me like they have I would avenge my baby, myself. I felt immense pity and guilt for myself and my baby, my poor baby who wasn't allowed to live. ‘Oh moon goddess, I need a second chance’

That was my last thought as I drifted into the cold hands of death.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Lycan.

Amelia's POV

I woke up suddenly, breathing hard. I was on a bed, touching myself, feeling okay, no injuries. I thought I was supposed to be dead. But I felt fine, like a new person.

Then I realised my tummy was flat and my baby wasn't there. I kept searching my tummy, like it would come out if I kept rubbing it, tears streaming down.

“My baby, where are you?” I cried I looked around me, recognizing the room as my home, where I lived with my family, or what I thought was my family. It felt strange, trying to remember what happened.

Eventually, I regained my composure. I looked at the well-arranged bags. The only time I had arranged these particular bags like this was when I gasped, “The day after Theodore marked me at the wedding!” I only packed the bags this way to go and stay with him as his friend.

I began to recollect my memory. I remember being tired and taking a nap. Was this all a dream? Could it be that everythin


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