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A teenage girl loses her will to live and commits suicide in a bid to live. Her abusers thought it would be the end of her — but they were wrong, dead wrong. When bodies start turning up and deaths can no longer be naturally justified, It becomes an open secret that Victoria Dante's spirit is walking through the halls of the Halide Academy and her thirst for blood is stronger than ever. Can they save themselves from impending doom? Or will Victoria’s wrath birth the dawn of something new? “All I wanted was to be loved.” Victoria said in a breathy tone. “And all you ever gave me was pain.” She spat in her mother’s face. “Now, the roles are reversed. I hope you love being on the receiving end.”

Chapter 1 WHY

The classrooms of Halide academy held many secrets; The white walls, white chairs, white desks, and the depressing atmosphere which was not one to be reckoned with.

Yet the souls of it's inhabitants were dark and full of filth.

Victoria sat quite amused at the irony. She found it amusing, the school was amusing in it's own sickening way.

A tear fell down her cheeks as she recalled her father, the man who had abandoned both her and her mother.

Her mother,

It always took a lot of encouragement to call that monster her mother. The woman who broke her before anyone else could, of course, after her dad.

The woman who made it her priority to remind Victoria of how worthless she would always be, of how she would never be as pretty as the 'other' girls, who continuously taunted her about how much of a waste of space she was, the bipolar psychotic woman had done quite a number on the sixteen year old.

Some days, she was convinced she wasn't her daughter. especially when the abuse skyrocketed. Other days she would be served breakfast in bed, embraced and showered with 'love'. which was fake. Victoria was terrified of the psychotic woman.

Today hadn't been any better, she recalled being shoved in the shower with her clothes on, tied up, and being coerced into enduring the hot water that came pouring down.

She winced at the thought.

The loud bickering that taunted the silence was becoming quite unbearable. It was like the words kept poking on her sores.

The birds weren't humming anymore, as if to acknowledge the pain and emptiness that dwelled within the distraught soul.

Victoria squeezed the paper in her hands as tears fell down her cheeks.

They were at it again.

Playing that devious game, they called 'fun'.

She wanted to block out their voices. Although they were whispers, they seemed louder than a trumpet being blown.

I hate her!

She's disgusting!

No one loves her!

I can't believe she's related to me!


How the hell did she even get a spot at this school!

She looked like she got picked out of trash!

She is trash!

She tightened her fists as she looked back at them and turned back almost immediately, she felt like grabbing the next sharp object and finishing them off.

Maybe that would end the pain that was tearing her apart, her knuckles had turned white as drops of tears fell unto the desk. A flashback invaded her frail mind.

The shuffling of paper and gentle but devious giggles were heard, the scenario seemed familiar to Victoria, very familiar.

The sound of shuffling of papers and slight giggling could be heard, resisting the urge to look back, she began to walk away until she felt something hit her.

She froze mid-walk.

Her eyes darted to the paper on the floor, she frowned as she caught a glimpse of the smirk on her 'cousins' face. Marianna never failed to express her disgust for Victoria, and Victoria was used to it by now.

She ignored the glare and looked downwards for what had been thrown at her, she caught a glance of the piece of paper that had been roughed up.

She quickly unfolded it,and the contents till shook her till date

'die already!'

She trembled thinking of what today's content would be.

She caught sight of a piece of paper, she grimaced, slowly picking it up. she kept her gaze down, she couldn't muster enough courage to look into the eyes of her predators. She wasn't sure she could bear the look of disgust and hate that usually spread across their faces.

Unfolding the paper she read it's content.

List of worthless girls;






V. I. C. T. O. R. I. A

Die already !!

Victoria wiped her tears and sat up straight a thought invaded her troubled mind. she wanted them all to suffer, she wanted them dead, for each time they toyed with her emotions and called her worthless, for each message they sent that ruined her day, she wanted then to suffer silently and slowly like she always did.

But why?

why so much hate towards a group of students?

Or better put what did a group of 'innocent' students do?

Practically nothing, nothing at all.

They only called her awful names, hit her on countless occasions, ruined her projects and sabotaged her things.

They literally brainwashed the whole school into hating her, but that's nothing right? Nothing to be worried about? -that statement came from the excuse of a principal.

But what would you expect from the person in charge of such a devious and cynical school.

Then again, everyone termed it as nothing,those kids were too 'good' to be involved in such things,Victoria must have done something, yes it had to be her

oh she did do something,

She existed.

That was her only sin and mistake.

Then again they did nothing. They were only playing, playing a game that cost her -her life.

"Stop it!"Victoria said on many occasions as her eyes were red from all the tears she had shed.

She thought they would take her seriously, she thought they would stop. But no they didn't,they never did so she had to put a stop to them.

She didn't want to keep on going through the same path, her legs had been covered with too many bruises to continue on a journey like this.

Victoria was alone, in a world full of wolves,abandoned and neglected. Forced to thread on her own.

She couldn't continue like this, constantly feeling like a culprit in court trying to justify herself to a judge with ear pods on, she constantly felt like a bug, being squared with no mercy at all.

She wanted to end it, to end this suffering

So here she was, sitting on her chair, her hands shivering and her heart racing like a gun was pointed to her head. She felt sharp pains in her temples.

Victoria was fed up. she tightened her fists, stood up and walked up to them.

"I said keep quiet!" She yelled as she pointed a pen at a boy in a threatening manner.


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