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Victoria a seventeen-year-old that lives with her parents, being born into a family that loved her and cared for her, never had she felt the sorrow of being alone. But after the death of her father, her mom remarried to a wealthy high-class man whose reputation and wealth is all that he cares about. As she goes on vacation with her friends they decide to rent a perfect house to stay in when met Melody who is the owner of the house and their tourist. A house that is buried with secrets, a house that brings them closer to their grave.

Chapter 1

Everywhere was dark and silent, I don’t remember how I got here or what happened to me.

I couldn’t see anything as it was extremely dark, I decided to try and look for the switch as I walked I stepped on something huge which made me fall, my leg hurt badly as I screamed in pain. I tried to stand up but couldn’t

“Help! anyone, please help me” I cried out but unfortunately, no one came to my aid. I held my leg tightly as I realized it was bleeding

“Please help me” I shouted again.

No one came to my aid but I could hear someone laughing bizarrely, I was frightened and helpless as I couldn't stand up or do anything, the laughter was coming closer and closer, I was terrified when the laughter became louder I tried to run but I couldn't, I felt someone’s hands behind rubbing my head in a weird way when a strange tone began playing my head began to hurt as if it was burning. The music was loud when abruptly the lights went on, the laughter stopped and the music ceased as I turned around but there was no one behind me and my head was no longer hurting.

I tried harder to stand up even though my leg was bleeding. I was limping when the lights went off and I fell on something liquid which smells terrible, I realized it is blood when I sniffed it.

When the light suddenly went on and I saw a dead body holding a creepy box right before me, the face looked a bit damaged but familiar.

I couldn’t help but look closer when I looked close I recognized who it was.

“No! no" I cried

Chapter 2

I woke up by the ring of my alarm rang

“I hate waking up early” my inner voice said

I used the back of my hand to rub my eyes before letting a short yawn.

My room is covered with a grayish wallpaper, the floor is tiled with black which has a tinge of white on it. At the center of the room is a light brown gothic double bed with red striped duvet, by the side of the bed is a brown gothic nightstand. The center of the room is covered with a hairy brown and white rug, across the room is a flat screen TV, by the window side are two white gothic couch with an incredible gothic styled coffee table.

My name is Victoria and yes I don't really get along with my parents especially my dad,or should I say my step dad,my mom and I usually to get along but that was after she got married my step dad and she is always busy and all she cares about is her fame and reputation,she doesn't have time for me and maybe sometimes forget she has a daughter.

The only


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