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Lustful Desire: Battle For Alpha

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“Never! Never, Alex. I'll never allow you to be the Alpha again. Not over this Pack.” I swore as a drop of tears wet my cheek. “We can rule over them, over all the Packs in the States and beyond, don't you want that?” “Of course, I want that. I want to rule people, but not against their will.” “It's fine then. Just give her to me and stay out of this.” He threatened, boring his teeth and ready to attack. “You would never have her, Alex. Neither would you have the power you demand.”I paused, staring into his eyes that were lustfully carved for powers. “I'll become your worse nightmare,” I whispered. ~~~~~~~~~ Years before, Sarah had moved away from the human world to seek a place among her kind but found out she was the Alpha. She took responsibility for the Pack along with Alex, who was once the Alpha of the Pack, but unknowingly to her, she was been used by him. Tempted to join forces with Alex and rule the world, she opted for the other option; to be his worst nightmare.

Chapter 1

Sarah's POV.

The bus pulled to a halt and its door opened and the passengers stepped out of the bus. My eyes scanned the new environment I found myself in quickly as I stepped out of the bus.

The place is a small town with people minding their business and doing their jobs diligently.

"This is what I need." I thought.

I held on tight to the bag on my left hand and began to walk further into the town. Tried to talk to some people but they treated me like I was a ghost.

"What is going on?" I paused to try to understand the situation.

"Lost or need something?" I heard a voice ask, teasingly.

At first, I didn't think he was talking to me until he patted my shoulder softly.

"Excuse me, young lady. Are you looking for something?"

His deep voice bellowed, cutting through my thoughts.

"Yes. I'm new here and everyone seem to be treating me like I don't exist."

"I'm sorry you have to go through that." He chuckled and this infuriated me.

He noticed it.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make a joke out of this. I was only trying to say this is how it's done here. You have to meet the leader, not us."

"So, who's the leader?" I asked and crossed my arm against my chest.

"She goes by the name Elise."

"Could you take me to her?"

"I'll only do that of you ask politely." He scoffed lightly.

I glared at him and rolled my eyes.

"Fine." I raised my hands in surrender. "Could you please take me to Mrs. Elise?" I sassed.

"Sure! With all pleasure." He responded with a smile.

He took the lead while I walked closer behind him, I watched him on admiration with each steps he took.

"He must be a kind person." I whispered to myself.

After some minutes of walking, we arrived at a almost ragged - looking apartment.

I thought I would be able to cope better when I get inside but the inside was worse. The stench coming from the house makes me feel very sickening and I could barely stand it.

"When will she be here?" I whispered to the man after we sat down for all five minutes.

"I'm sure she would be here soon." He said and I nodded.

Keeping my hopes high that Mrs. Elise would be a young woman, probably in her late forties. But my hopes were scattered when Mrs. Elise emerged from her room. She is a freaking old woman, probably a great grandmother.

She took a seat opposite us and stared at me in disbelief.

"She is the one." She mumbled.

I looked at the man beside me in confusion and shrugged, "What is going on? What is she saying?"

"Why have you come here?" She asked before the man could give me a reply.

"I'm new in this town I was actually hoping to settle down in a place better than where I was coming from. But this place certainly isn't for me. I'll like to take my leave now."

I grabbed my bag and made to leave but her next words hooked me.

"A werewolf disguised as human, aren't you tired of living like that?"

I was surprised how she knew I was a werewolf, I never told anyone about it. I tilted my headn a thought to reply her but I chose to ignore on a rethink and made to leave.

"You have been chosen to lead these people, are you just going to ignore them? For your own selfish interests?"

"I'm not selfish!" I snapped as I turned to her.

"You don't know what I've gone through, you have no idea what I had to sail through to be where I am right now. You have no right to judge me." I said, half yelling in an emotionally damaged tone.

She stood up and walked to me, her hand rest gently on my shoulder and gave it a soft reassuring squeeze as she stared deep into my eyes.

"I know it had not been easy but you want every single soul to go through that because you went through it? What would that make you? How would that make you feel? A champ?" She tried to talk me into leading the Pack but I wasn't going to buy that, even if it was for a penny.

"No, Mrs. Elise." I shoved her hand off my shoulder. "I came here to have peace, probably feel among with the rest of my kind. Not to lead a pack I know nothing about." I continued and made to leave.

I was close to grabbing the knob when Alex sprinted after me and held my had.

"Not to intrude in your personal life but this people have been expecting you for a long time. Are you going to let them down? Just like that?"

"I'm sorry........" It was at that point I realized that I didn't even know his name.

"Alexander. You can call me Alex." He helped me out.

"Sure." I nodded slightly but confidently. "I'm sorry, Alex but I'm not the kind of person you all think I am. I'm not up to the task and I'm sure I had been mistaken for someone else. Very soon, I know the real one who is to lead you would come and you all will have a happy ending." I paused to take a breath.

"If there's nothing more you two have to say, I would ask you excuse myself."

With this, I made my way out of the house. With angry thuds on the ground as I walked.

"What nonsense? Has a female ever become an Alpha?" I thought.

"Yes, you can be an Alpha as a female. You have been chosen by the Moon Goddess and there's nothing anyone can do to change that." Alex said as though he heard the question in my head.

I looked back at him and rolled my eyes as I began to walk faster.

"Hey!" He called after me.

With a sharp turn, I looked back at him.

"It's Sarah." I snapped, furiously.

"Fine, Sarah." I gripped my wrist and pulled me closer to him.

"I'm not here to talk you into becoming the Alpha. You're obviously stranded and need a place to sleep. Mind if I help you?"

"No, thanks." I sassed and wriggled my wrist out of his grip. "I would rather sleep on the street than sleep with a strange stranger like you." I sassed further and he burst into a loud laugh.

"What's funny?" My brow curved in confusion.

"I'm not going to ask you to sleep with me. Who wants to sleep with a proud and sassy girl like you?" He pouted his lips; it was the worst one I've ever seen.

"Really?" I scoffed in disbelief as I glared at him from head to toe.

However, he ignored me and continued.

"There's this woman I know who would be more than glad to take you in."

"Where is she?" A pinch of proud contorted in my quest.

"I could only take you there if you ask politely." He cornered me and this made me more furious.

But I'm the one who's in need, I have to calm down with him until I get what I want.

"Okay. May you please take me to her, Alex?" I asked politely but the expression didn't last as it was followed by a grin.

"It's getting dark. We'll get to her place soon if we leave now." He said with his head high up and he led the way.

I demonstrated to kick his gut but he looked back at me almost immediately; I was lucky not to get caught. And I forced a smile, followed him.

As we walked through the dark part of the woods, the clouds kept getting darker.

"Don't you think we need to walk faster? This is kind of creepy." I said with trembling lips.

He was about to give me a reply when we heard a loud roar. It seemed there was someone lurking in the woods but it didn't sound more like a werewolf.

"What is that?"

Chapter 2

Sarah's POV

I almost froze at the loud sound of the growl, but I was not ready to die this way; especially not when I'm on my way to freedom.

The growl grew louder and closer to us, Alex took a defensive stance and gently shoved me behind his back to protect me.

“I can protect myself.” I snapped, stood by his side and also took a defensive stance.

“This is someone dangerous, someone you should have never met. Not especially on your first day in this pack.” He said in a whisper while his eyes scanned the areas frantically.

“Who is it?” I asked, but before he could give me a reply, the werewolf jumped behind me.

Instantly, he shifted to his human form and grabbed me by the neck.

“Let me go.” I yelled at him and struggled to free myself, but he was way stronger than me.


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