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Blurb: A young vampire moves away with her family to a human populated area, in this world, supernatural creatures are seen as fairytales as they have all become part of human society. As she strives to climb to social ladder at her at her school, she meets all sorts of people, some become lifelong friends and some become lifelong pains in the back. She meets a mysterious boy in her class who comes off as mean to her but with time they realize that they have more than they know in common. He’s plagued by nightmares and they’re linked to his real identity. Together with her friends, they come together to fight their common enemies, both at school and at home as she learns to control her powers and fit in as a normal teen in human society

Chapter 1


"In most schools, students are divided into different groups and factions based on their interests or whatever it is they have in common, at Quinton High it's not so different, at this school everyone belongs to a group, you just have to! And to fit in with the important cliques you need to..." The narrator continued to speak as Blair watched her video explaining high school life at the school she and her siblings was about to move to.

Blair brought out a chip from the bag of chips on her bed and crunched on it as she checked the time on her laptop, ten minutes had passed since she applied her clay mask and it was time for her to wash it off. She headed to the bathroom and washed it off after which she walked over to sit in front of her dresser.

Blair removed the rollers in her hair and brushed it out. Her layered long, thick and dark locks moved smoothly with the brush.

She sang along to a Jhene Aiko song playing from her iPod as she got ready for her first day of school.

She had gotten up as early as 3 am to get ready for school, she was determined to make a good first impression and fit in immediately. She exfoliated, used different facial masks and creams, sprayed four different perfumes and spent the rest of her time picking out something to wear.

A knock came on the door, it was her mother.

"Blair, honey are you awake?" Cake her voice from the other side of the door

"Yes Mom" she responded going to open the door.

"Good morning to you too," her mother said laughing at her daughter's attempt to look good for school, "it's already half-past seven, school starts at 8:30 and your breakfast is ready, your grandfather caught a deer earlier this morning and brought it here, he seems more excited about you and your brothers starting school than you are, so go eat it while it's still fresh okay?"

"Yes Mom" Blair responded slowly closing the door.

Her mom held the door to stop her, "You know you don't have to try so hard, if things aren't convenient for you here, we can just move somewhere else,"

"No Mom, we're not going to run away from anything again, we'll face it together okay?" She smiled at her mother.

Her mother gave her a warm smile and hugged her before leaving her to get back to her preparation for school.

She then turned to the next door which belonged to her eldest, Victor's room. She knocked on it gently.

"Victor, are you awake?"

He opened the door revealing a well-built young man whose height was 6 foot 5 with jet black hair which was in a bun, he was dressed in a grey shirt under a blue and black flannel, nothing too serious.

"Good morning Mom," he said

"Hi son, breakfast's ready, I kept the deer's heart aside for you so go eat before any of your siblings get it first.

He smiled and kissed his mother on her forehead after which he grabbed his school bag and headed downstairs

"Thanks, Mom,"

"You're welcome," she smiled as she turned to the last door, she let out a long sigh as she stared at her youngest son's door which had a poster with the inscription "Do not enter my lair" on it different danger sign tickets on it as well.

"Now to approach the war general," she said under her breath as she approached his door.

She knocked the first time


There was no reply so she knocked again


Still no reply, she placed her ears close to the door and heard the faint sound of Slipknot's 'psychosocial' playing. She cleared her throat before announcing to Danny "If you do not remove those headphones, I will leave now and if I do, you won't know when your siblings are leaving for school and if you don't, you'll miss your first day of school and if you do.."

She took three steps to the back as the door suddenly flung open.

"If I miss the first day of school, there's no way I'll be able to make my future followers respect me!"

"Exactly" his mother nodded "so go and eat breakfast"

"Yes Mother," Danny complied as he dragged his feet downstairs. His mother laughed and went into his room to pick out his bag for him.

Blair on the other hand had finished getting ready and was now staring at herself in the mirror, she was dressed in a red long-sleeved cami top with a pleated black skirt and a white bow in her hair. She adorned her hands with bracelets and picked out a matching black school bag which contained all of her electronics. As she was about to leave the room she touched her neck and realized it was empty, she then went to her dresser to pick up a necklace and for a moment, she stared at the amulet on her table, she scoffed and left it on the dresser making her way downstairs to join her siblings for breakfast.

She sat at the table and looked at Danny who was sitting across her from the table.

"Danny," she said frowning, "can you please change out of that stupid video game shirt?"

"Why?" He asked "And my shirt is Not stupid!"

"Because most of the videos I've watched about schools in the human populations base their ranks on superficial things like looks and money so your video game shirt is not something they would consider cool, go change it!"

"No!" Danny replied sticking a tongue out

"Leave him out of your world domination agenda Blair," Victor said rolling his eyes.

"Blair, why aren't you wearing your amulet?" Her father said as he appeared from behind the fridge

"You scared me Dad," Danny said dropping the piece of meat he was eating.

"How will you learn to be strong if you can't even tell I'm in the same room with you? What if it was an enemy?" Their father shook his head "Your grandfather would be disappointed, here," he brought out Blair's amulet and threw it at her.

She caught it and frowned,

"Dad, I'm not a kid anymore, I don't need my amulet,"

"Yes, you do, even now your fangs are out,"

Judging by what you've been reading, you might have realized that this was no ordinary family neither was Blair an ordinary teenage girl, she was a vampire!

In this world vampires and all other supernatural beings ceased to exist in the minds of humans after the Great War, the result of this war was humanity and the supernaturals such as werewolves, vampires, witches, fairies, sirens and elves coming to an agreement which was that in exchange for sparing the lives of the humans, the supernaturals would be kept away from humans so nobody would disturb them or try to harm them as well. Now, supernaturals are seen as myths and fairytales because their history has been erased from human records and protected by a chosen council of humans.

Supernaturals have different diets depending on what gives them energy, for vampires, raw meat is sufficient although they can also eat human food, it provides them zero energy.

Blair wore the amulet which was meant to help her conceal her identity, she groaned and turned to her younger brother who laughed at her while pointing at his amulet.

"Why doesn't Victor wear an amulet?" Blair asked

"Because he's the only one who has full control of his powers," her grandfather said opening the front door.

"I just went around the neighbourhood and I saw a werewolf taking his kids to school, I thought they had all moved to Russia," her grandfather said chuckling

"Good morning Russel," her dad said

"Good morning Martin" her grandfather responded

"Good morning children"

"Good morning Grandpa" they all chorused.

Their mother came down the stairs and greeted her father good morning before moving to her husband, she adjusted his tie and kissed him on the lips

"You look amazing dear, you're gonna kill your first day at work"

"Thank you dear," Blair's father said smiling at his wife.

Suddenly Victor stood up from his seat and using his super speed he quickly moved to the sink to clean up and came back to the dining table to get his bag.

"I think we should get going, it's almost 8:30"

"Yeah! I'm leaving," Danny said cringing at his parents,

"Count me in," Blair agreed as she stood up and kissed her grandfather on the cheek before leaving.

Their father drove them to school and dropped them in front of the school gate, beige driving off he wished them all good luck.

Before coming out of the car, Blair's father beckoned to her,

"Blair, please keep your amulet on, I know you don't like it but it's not just for your safety, it's for the safety of our family,"

"Yes Dad" she replied with a faint smile

"Don't worry, you'll Rock your first day at school, okay?"

"Okay Dad" she hugged her father and left the car.

The student representative came to meet the siblings and directed them to the counsellor's office to receive their schedules and class groupings.

Blair sat down on one of the chairs in the hallway in front of the counsellor's office, sitting next to her was a South Asian girl with dyed red hair, her nails were painted black and she was reading a manga. She had her headphones plugged in but Blair could hear the faint sound of the song she was listening to.

Suddenly the girl turned to Blair causing her to look straight at her phone out of fear. She had quite an intimidating aura.

The girl turned back to her manga until the counsellor opened his door for the student inside to leave and called out her name.


"That's me," she stood up removing her headphones as she walked into his office and closed the door behind her.

Blair looked at her reflection in her phone,

"Do I have something in my teeth? Maybe it's all in my head" she said to herself wondering if the girl was being hostile to her.

After the girl left the counsellor's office, she went in and was handed her schedule after being given a brief orientation.

She went into her new class and sat in the seat assigned to her by her teacher after introducing herself to the class.

She looked over at the seat the teacher asked her to sit in and she sighed as she walked over because it was right next to hers.

She sat on the seat and placed her bag on the table, she looked at the girl who also looked at her and she waved. The girl smiled briefly and turned back to the teacher.

Blair sighed a sigh of relief after realizing she was the one who probably imagined things and turned to the teacher as well.

"Psst!" A sound came from her left, Blair turned and saw it was Priya, she handed her a note and when Blair opened it, she widened her eyes in fear.

Inside the note was written "You're a vampire aren't you?"

Chapter 2


Blair slowly turned to Priya who was smiling, just then the bell rang for their first break between classes.

Priya stood up immediately and walked out of the class before Blair could say anything and just as she was about to chase after her, some girls approached her.

The one in the middle who seemed to be their leader spoke first.

"Hi! Welcome to our school," she said smiling

"Thanks," Blair replied nervously hoping they wouldn't notice anything either.

"We just wanted to say that we think you're really pretty!" The second one in the group said out of excitement.

"And we love your style!" The second girl added

"Thank you," Blair replied nervously still managing to smile because she had succeeded in impressing her new classmates.

"Hey, are you okay? you look pretty nervous," the first girl asked

"Oh, me? Yes! I'm fine" Blair waved


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