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Rachel Miller is an average teenager who has been wanting to attend college, after they got relocated, she gets admitted to a college. A college with a dark history. She meets her roommate Alice who is a senior student and a very nice roommate. When Alice tells her not to open the door at 3:15, she wakes up after some hours, and the same thing replays. Was it a dream or her reality? ******* "Racheal! Racheal!" A faint voice slowly whispered as I turned back, I saw Amy staring at me with a large creepy smile that reached her ears. I instantly moved backward hitting the shelf, a book fell on my head. I fell to the ground and began panting when I saw her, Amy was gone I don’t know where she went to but it seems like she disappeared, I was left alone in a corner with the girl staring at me as she moved closer to me, she knelt and gently caressed my cheek with her long nail, I felt a massive burn when she did that. My heart was going a mile a minute as I started to panic, my breath was becoming short and fast, feeling like no matter how much I breathe in I wasn’t getting enough oxygen into my lungs. When she moved extremely closer to me, I instantly closed my eyes and began reciting the random holy verses that came to my mind. "Racheal, are you okay?" A voice said as it softly tap my back. My eyes were still closed as I continued reciting the verse. "Racheal, what happened? Why are your eyes closed?" I slowly opened my eyes when I recognized the voice, I let out a breath of relief and instantly embrace her "What happened? Why did you scream?" Amy asked I have no idea how to tell her what I saw, even if I do, will she believe me? I will look like a fool who has no idea of what she’s talking about.


The day we have been waiting for the third Saturday night of the month. We were in the middle of nowhere, the sounds saturate the forest around us, insect buzz, frogs yelp, birds shriek, mammals scuttle, and bats click. Even the trees seem to pulsate with sound, as the din ricochets off the high canopy and cascades back to earth on a tidal wave of noise. Those sounds were more comforting than the sounds we hear at night, the screams and outcries that have made their way to our book of life can’t be forgotten. The weather was starting to change, we knew we have just a few hours left, it was either now or never, we can’t wait for anything it was time we end this once and for all.

It was extremely dark but the candles I arranged earlier provided light, the firewoods were arranged at the center as I lit them up, they provided more light. I was dressed like a nun and so are my friends. I sprinkled holy water on everything including the key I was holding. I took a ash an made a circle with it

"We must stay in the circle, no matter what happens or what we hear, we have to maintain balance and not cross the circle," I said

They nodded in agreement as I checked the time, just two more minutes and then the ritual will begin.

"Now is the time." I said holding the key in one hand, and the holy water in the other. We clasped each other’s hands tightly as we knelt in the circle with our eyes closed.

My body trembled when the environment darkened, and a strong wind blew the flames off the candles. I could feel its presence and powers

"It’s here," I declared openly

I opened my eyes as I dropped the key into the burning fire, it instantly lighted up as the flame darkened,

"Recite the prayers now!" I exclaimed

My friends started praying, I took the rest of the stuff and dropped it into the fire

I fluttered as I shivered when the fire lighted up and became extremely dark, I closed my eyes and continued praying. A strange wind blew almost making me lose balance and fall out of the circle

"They’re coming" I declared.

I opened my eyes and was about to sprinkle holy water again when it appeared in front of me. I screamed and was about to step out of the circle when my friend knelt next to me and pulled me back.

My eyes remained closed as loud noises and screams encircled me, I kept praying until all was quiet. I didn’t feel its presence "It was gone," I thought

I slowly opened my eyes when someone tapped my shoulders. I widened my eyes when I realized my friends were gone, everywhere was scattered, and the fire had turned out to ash. As I stood up and was about to call out their names, I felt its presence, it stroked my hair before it grabbed it and pulled me out of the circle

Screaming out loud, my body lifted in the air, turning around I noticed the change of weather "We were deceived by the devil"

Chapter 1

The sun was shining bright as it shade its ray through the window directly on my skin. My skin glittered as my eyeballs began to move around adjusting to the brightness of the room.

I slowly opened my eyes and let out a long yawn before I stretched my arms.

"Good morning me" I said in a sleepy voice

I was about to stand up when I heard a buzz on my phone I turned around to stretch my arm to grab the phone which was kept on the side table. I took the phone and saw a message from Amanda as I read the message I began to laugh

"I can’t believe he said that, FYI he is a weirdo" I whispered to myself as I typed back

"Racheal get up, you need to get ready" I heard mom’s voice coming from the hallway

I let out a laugh before I replied

"Just woke up and mom is calling out my name, I have to get ready"

"Racheal I told you to get up, we have to leave the house early," Mom said immediately as she o


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