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The Fae's Werewolf Mate (BL)

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I woke up with no memories except my name. There's a handsome man beside me, calling himself my boyfriend. He meticulously takes care of me, feeds me medicine on time and has a very gentle attitude. But…….. Why do I feel like his gaze holds extreme deception? ********* Elixir, a centuries-old Fae, lived a peaceful life in his own lonely world. Until one day, his destined mate, a rare White Werewolf named Jacob, fell from the sky literally and metaphorically! Those two may destined to be each other's eternal lovers. However, they were not destined to stay together for long….. A planned civil war by an evil cult did not only separate them but also in some mysterious circumstances, shattered Jacob's soul into pieces! The eternal lovers might face eternal separation…… But, Elixir was not going to sit and let destiny take his mate away from him, even if he had to bring his mate back from another world! 'A world full of blood-sucking vampires!' Yet, it's not easy to do so with his enemies still hiding in the shadows…… Entering the Vampire world and cause its Hero to become a Villain of his own world! So, how will he bring back his mate and how will they protect their world from the clutches of a dark cult, striving to take over the world when he doesn't even know their real name? According to his mentor, they are someone closely related to him. Who could that be? A foe, a relative or……. an enemy in a friend's disguise……?l Let's accompany him on an adventurous journey to find out!

Chapter 1


That's all he could feel. Despite being nothing and just being the absence of light, this darkness felt suffocating. It was enveloping him, covering his mind like the fog covers the vast land.

Slowly and silently.

He didn't know what was happening, but he sure didn't like this feeling.

It made his heart race faster and his breathing became ragged. His mind was restless, but somehow his body felt constricted.

He couldn't feel anything but suffocation. It was increasing with every passing second, and he couldn't bear it anymore!

I can't breathe!

This was his first thought.

The darkness was swirling around him like a tornado, ready to tarnish his habitation!

It was creeping closer! The young man's breathing was not natural!

What's happening?

Someone stop it!

Stop this feeling!


He screamed in his mind and thrashed wildly.


The sound of his deep breath was audible in his ears. His eyes were now wide open as he frantically looked around.

Fortunately, the darkness was not around anymore, and the room he was in was properly lit.

He tried to take a few deep breaths, and finally, the rabid beating of his heart seemed to slow down.

He again looked at his surroundings, but somehow he could not get a clear view. He seemed in someone's room, judging by its decoration.

"What am I doing here? Whose room is this?"

Somehow, he could not remember this.

Looking to his right side, he found a man wearing a black silk shirt and a pair of khaki trousers sprawled on the small sofa with his head resting on the headrest and a velvet cushion in his lap. From his angle, he could not get a clear picture of him.

The other man seemed to be sleeping.

The young man wanted to call him, but somehow his body seemed to be restrained. Even moving his neck was almost impossible.

"Am I kidnapped by someone?" Another strange thought jumped into his mind.

But he quickly discarded this idea. Why would a kidnapper restrict him to a comfortable bed?

Moreover, even though he could not move his body, he could still feel that his hands were not tied.

Looking for answers to his questions, he tried to move a little.

But just this little movement made his entire body convulse with such extreme pain he could not help but groan.

His groan must have been loud, causing the other occupant of the room to wake up. He got up in an alert manner, and it took a few minutes for him to decipher the situation and his condition.

He looked at the bed, and it was the first time both of them were looking at each other directly.

He was a tall guy with an athletic build. There was a large tattoo on his neck, and a black earring hung on his right ear. He gave a little devilish vibe to the young man.

Currently, his face was a shadow of discomfort and tiredness. As if his mind had been restless for a while.

He quickly walked over to the young man's side and helped him into a sitting position. It still hurt a lot, but his actions were careful as if he had done this before.

He said in a relieved tone, "Thank God you woke up! Now there won't be any problems! Everything will be good! Everything will be fine."

"Water." The other party cut him off mid-sentence. The young man's throat was sore and felt itchy due to thirst, and he couldn't help but interfere.

The black-shirted man seemed momentarily surprised by the patient's reaction but dutifully handed him a glass of lukewarm water, which soothed his throat as he slowly drank it.

Once done, he resumed the conversation: "I am so happy that you woke up! Now we can resume our journey with no problems!"

As he spoke, the patient looked at his face and tried to remember what he was talking about. But nothing came to his mind. He had never seen this man before.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" The wounded man asked him in a small voice.

This time, the surprise was completely clear on the other party's face.

He looked lost for words. "You don't know me?"

The young man shook his head carefully as he tried to remember his face again.

"I am Tyler! Tyler Ashford, your doctor, Elixir!"


He seemed to have heard this name. Someone had lovingly told him in the past that his name was Elixir. And when he asked, "Elixir of what?"

"Elixir of Life" was the reply.

But for some reason, he couldn't recall any other details related to this event.

"Elixir," he spoke again, "is that—is that my name?"

This time, the man, Dr. Tyler, seemed more shocked. His mouth was agape, and his body language suddenly changed.

Tyler asked in a careful voice, "Do you not remember your name?"

Elixir's throat still felt uncomfortable, so he replied in a low voice, "I don't know. But I seem to recall people calling me by that name."

Tyler again asked, "Which people? Do you remember them?"

Elixir tried to recall his memories again, but nothing came to mind. Whenever he tried to think, it felt like he was hitting an invisible wall. So he shook his head.

"What about other things about you? Do you remember your age and your place of residence?" Tyler asked

Elixir again gave a refusal as an answer.

"What about your lover? Have you also forgotten about that?"

There was a slight sourness in his tone.

Elixir tried to think about this.

His mind seemed to go somewhere, but at the very last moment, that invisible wall would come and stop everything.

And suddenly he was met with a splitting headache as if his head would explode, but still, his heart was pounding as if grieving that he didn't even remember his lover.

Elixir grabbed his head and shook it. "I don't know! I remember nothing!"

Tyler got up and grabbed his hands. He slowly started massaging his aching head and tried to calm him down, saying, "Shush, darling, it's alright. Don't worry about not remembering. It happens sometimes."

His headache was subsiding. He looked at him with tear-filled eyes and asked, "What happened to me?"

Tyler kept looking at his face for long minutes, saying nothing. His gaze held a strange allure and possessiveness.

Finally, he spoke, "You met with an unfortunate car accident a few days ago. That's why you got injured so badly. Fortunately, most injuries have healed. But in that accident, you hit your head pretty badly."

He touched the gauze on the back of his head.

"I am not a mental health specialist, but I can guess that because of that, you have lost your memories. It sometimes happens with accident patients."

Elixir was quite worried after hearing this. Tyler looked at Elixir's worried face and replied, "Don't worry, it might only be for a short term, and you may recover your memory soon!"

"Really?" Elixir asked in excitement. After all, he felt quite uncomfortable about his memories.

Tyler nodded his head in assent, and Elixir happily gave him a wide smile.

There was a glint in Tyler's eyes after seeing Elixir's smile, and his smile widened.

Finally, Elixir couldn't stifle his yawn. His gaze turned gentle. He rubbed Elixir's hair lightly and said dearly, "You still have a long way to recover."

He sat beside Elixir and picked a few tablets and capsules from the nearby container. After that, he poured him another glass of water and handed Elixir the medicine.

Elixir did not have any of his memories, but it feels like they had done this before.

Tyler hands Elixir medicine, and Elixir consumes it. It didn't feel strange.

But somehow there was a third person as well in his foggy shreds of memories.

Yet that person was still hiding behind that fog.

Elixir took the medicine and settled back into his lying position. A wave of sleepiness washed over him as he yawned again.

Tyler had everything set up and was ready to go.

Elixir couldn't control himself and finally asked him, "Tyler, you asked if I remembered my lover, but sadly, I don't. Even though I don't have any memories of him, I still feel bad due to it."

"Do you think he might also be feeling sad that I have forgotten everything about him?"

Tyler returned to his side. He looked in deep thought and then sighed.

"He might have felt bad, but he won't hold it against you, knowing that it's not your fault."

Suddenly, he grinned and said, "In fact, he has already forgiven you! Because I am your lover, Elixir! I am your boyfriend!"

"And I forgive you," he chuckled, placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Sleep tight and rest well darling," he said as he left the room.

But Elixir still could not sleep.

This person said that he was his boyfriend, and his attitude reflected this.

But for some strange reason, his own heart doubted that statement.

Or was it just because of memory loss?

Chapter 2

A week had passed since Elixir had woken up.

Another new day arrived, but his morning was far from good.

Today, again, he woke up with a headache. Just like the previous nights, his night was again spent restlessly. Many times, nightmares would wake him up.

However, despite the occasional screams and cries, he couldn't remember anything about those bad dreams. Yet every time he woke up, his heart would be filled with dread and sorrow.

He looked around and found the adjustable couch in the room empty.

Tyler, his boyfriend, also slept in the same room as him.

In the beginning, they had tried to sleep in the same bed, but Elixir's constant nightmares had created a problem in that settlement.

Elixir sometimes thrashed around after a bad nightmare, and he had even accidentally kicked Tyler a few times.

So Tyler brought here this new sofa, which could be turned into a bed. So he could take care of Elixir whenever he needed


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