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The Bad Boy's Dirty Little Secret (BL)

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Kai Hunter is H University’s biggest player and heartbreaker. Known for his good looks and for being one of the brightest students on campus, he is one of the most eligible bachelors that everyone wants to ‘tame’. However, everything changes when freshman Night Winters becomes his new dorm mate. Kai is instantly attracted to the hot, young freshman who he had caught having a one-night stand at a bar and hasn’t been able to get out of his mind ever since. Night is openly gay, but Kai has been into girls his whole life…or so he thought. Can he let go of his pride and accept Night for who he is? Or will Night forever be forced to be just his dirty little secret, under the sheets, inside the closed doors to their dorm? However, Night is hiding secrets that can break the fragile foundation of their relationship at any time, and if Kai waits any longer…he just might end up losing the only person precious to him.


Maryke Ahrens

Review after the novel completion

Why why did it stop so suddenly, not even a ⚠️ warning. Need to find out what happened. Hope there is a follow up book. This love story it is full of intrigue and I need answers to what happened further. Will they be able to openly love ❤️ and get out from under his dad's bad parenting. Come on they really need strong support. Hope that they can get their friends to help get some strong support to be able to show their love openly.

May 25, 2024

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