The War Of Lords

The War Of Lords

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kris Tylers
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 4+
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  • 3.0
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The War Of Lords All Began With The Gods that were in control of the very balance of the Universe began to get bored as everything was now at peace. The Evil Gods decided to reign terror on the Galaxy and Multiverse again, destroying millions of lives. Finn was one of the Survivors. The Gods that controlled the Balance tried to fight but could not stop them and ended up losing their lives, Now, The God Of War remains. He has tried his best but it seems like his best was not enough, The Being prophesized to rise in the Inscriptions has come to pass. Will Finn be able to Stop Him? Find out In The War Of The Lords.

The War Begins!

The Human race was currently in the thriving age of 2070, All of the things that the people in the past thought of had come true. It was a new peaceful era, there was hardly any crime because the criminals have seen no reason to continue because the new world was one where someone didn't have to work hard to get food on his table, If you know what I mean.

While the Human race in Sector 227 enjoyed their wonderful and new lives. The Lords and Overlords which oversee the entire multiverse began a fight of their own, disrupting the progress of the multiverse.

Their names and their functions are listed below. These are the Holy gods that hold control over the multiverse :

Geh= God of Life and Death.

Mei= God of Elements.

Aez= God of Humans and other Living things

Krono= God of TIme.

Firax= God of Planets.

Zeu= God of War.

These are the other gods that reign control over the evils and temptations of the Multiverse:

Xire= God of Anger.

Deres= God of Laziness.

Tulinse=God of the Urge of power.

Fedse= God of Pride.

Qeuds= God of Envy

Serise=God of Injustice.

The Interdimensional Rumor has it that when Xire, Deres, Tulinse, and Serise combine, they form a Complete overlord whose power cannot be matched by anyone in the multiverse, At least, that was how the sayings went. We would find that out for ourselves.

The overseers of the Universe were a key part in the survival of the different galaxies of the multiverse, They were the ones that controlled the balance of life itself. Without them, The Galaxy wouldn't have been created and nothing would even exist.

But lately, It seemed like the Galaxy was at peace. No one fighting and it just seemed like their existence seemed pointless. Even Life filled Gods like Aez, Mei and Geh were now lifeless. Zeu, the God of war had been asleep since his purpose was gone.

Imagine what the Evil Gods of temptation were going through. Their situation was worse than the Holy Gods. No one wanted to be a villain anymore, They were losing strength so they planned a final attack on the Planet: Earth. The Gods had their dimension.

The land of the Holy Gods was known as the Rotary planet, Holy Gods needed a divine surroundings. A place resembling Saturn. The land of the Temptation Lords was known as the Rift and it was a Rift between the Human world and the God world. The Rift was right in the center of everything. This was how they could tempt humans and living things without a problem.

In the Rift, The Gods planned a rebellion. They took the form of Humans.

"The point of our existence is pointless now, Humans have shifted to peace. It's like Everything in the Multiverse has become peaceful." Xire said, angrily.

"Why don't we just rest? I love doing nothing." Deres said, stretching his arms.

Xire blasted him with an Energy ball out of pure rage. The energy ball hit Deres and then his Body dissolved only to return to the state before it was hit, Deres was trembling.

"No! How can you say rest? Don't you remember the old days when Humans fought against Each other for survival? I can remember what happened during the several Apocalypses we caused." Xire said. He smiled remembering the terror that they caused.

"We can't give that up, I suggest that we begin another apocalypse!" Tulinse said. Xire's smile turned into a dreadful frown.

"How would we cause an Apocalypse? We don't have enough power...Let's go to Earth and let them Manifest the Temptation Gods." Xire said. The other Gods agreed, They wanted Humans to go back, To peace and no war, There was no point in the Existence of the 6 temptation Gods.

Xire and the others flew out of their planet. The Planet had two openings. The one leading to Earth and the other one leading to the Dimension of the other Gods.

They went to the opening that led to Earth. It was a black hole. One by one, The Deadly Destroyers put their hand on the black hole and went through. Once they got to Earth, The great onslaught began.

In the Rotary Planet., The Gods were sensing their power coming back to them. They could vividly see that the Destroyers of the multiverse were on Planet Earth and they gathered themselves to take to action. But for some reason, Zeu the God of War did not wake up. He was still sleeping and did not even stir when their powers came back to them.

"Our reason has returned to us. It is only until War starts that Zeu can wake up once again and begin fighting." Firax explained.

"I hope he wakes up soon. We'll need his power against the likes of the other deities." Mei said. They teleported to Planet Earth. Just then, Zeu stirred and rolled off his bed.

The Humans who were once peaceful were struggling to get away from these people that were destroying the world. People were sacrificing their lives of people and this filled Serise with so much power that he could wipe out life in the Human world in a blink if he wanted to.

"No! Save the fun for last!" Xire ordered. He was the God of anger after all.


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