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The Vampire’s kiss

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Waking up to love bites on her neck, was Alexandra's biggest fear. She had made sure all her windows and doors were locked, but still... he always found his way into her house leaving nothing but love bites as a souvenir. Gradually she would noticed someone was stalking her, she lived in fear not knowing who the person was. Alexandra wondered who this man could be, her lover from the past or a stranger she knew nothing of. She had guessed it right, but only.. he wasn't just a lover from her past but a stranger she knew nothing of... A vampire to be exact.



Review after the novel completion

It was a very good read. Appreciate the fact that there was not a lot of explicit details about them having sex. It was very much implied, but that was enough. Wish it would have gone into a little more detail of the powers that Lily has. You’re left wondering where Xander found Alexandra and Jennifer. Was there another challenge to get to them. What happened to Avril. Did she die or live. There was nothing about the final battle, just talking about the aftermath. Still a good read.

May 10, 2024

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