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The love life of Medusa

The love life of Medusa

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kuddy
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Medusa who had always wanted to serve Athena, her favourite goddess, the female warrior who is known to defend female. Athena had always been her role model so what she has always been longing to do was granted to her when Athena accepted her service. When she started her service to Athena, she served her wholeheartedly but the nature of jealousy imbibed in every female And the lust in every male for beautiful women brought about the betrayal of medusa which eventually led to the curse kept on her by Athena. After Medusa was turned to a beast, she lived aimlessly without having any reason to live.this aimless living stopped when she found Aries, someone who gave her a reason to smile, experience several emotions and live although there were obstacles along the way, it was fended off. After she was time travelled into the world of Aries, she found it difficult to cope and fit in but she tried her possible best to fit in.

Chapter 1 The maiden

Why do you want to serve me?"

A beautiful lady, with long shining hair that makes whoever sees her envious of her hair and any man who sees her mesmerized.

Her hazel pupils darted up and down as she looked at the woman opposite her in fear and respect.

The beautiful lady was dressed in a sky blue garment and not adorned with any jewelries bowed her head low in a subservient manner.

The woman on the other hand was the total opposite.

She is very beautiful in a way that is otherworldly and anyone who sees her will feel reverent toward her.

She is elegant and charismatic although she looks elegant and charismatic anyone who sees her will cower in fear and respect.

She has a deep blue eyes it felt as if all secret were laid bare ,She wore a white garment and war armor.

She looks imposing in her outfits and stern looking face then she looked into the beautiful lady eyes, after telling her to raise up her head.

After a while, the beautiful lady looked away from the woman, her eyes darted around trying to shy away from the woman.

" To protect the people close to me, because I know, your priestess are well respected and security are given to them and their families, so Athena permit me to serve you my goddess."

The beautiful lady hoped her answer was good enough for Athena.

There was no change in Athena expression.

" And what may I call you child?"

The beautiful lady answered excitedly thinking this is moving in a positive way

"Medusa, my goddess."

She inspected Medusa up and down , then interrogated her with a solemn voice.

" I heard you passed the requirement meant for being my priestess that is being a virgin."

She became more excited

" Yes my goddess, my body will be pure for you and you only my goddess."

Athena , the female warrior continued inspecting her then her lips lifted in a small smile, she complimented her.

" you are not too bad,you are well equipped to serve me and remember your vow to keep your body pure and pure for me alone."

Medusa almost embraced Athena due to how happy she was.

She was so ecstatic, she couldn't withhold herself, she beamed brightly her beautiful smile shone across the temple and the people were mesmerized with her beauty,which brought a frown on Athena's face subconsciously.

As the sun rose at the East,where Medusa sleeping mat was located, it reflected on her beautiful face and peach lips then she yawned, stood up , took care of her body, then moved to do the daily routines involved and serving Athena.

She moved to her temple dropped fruits at her altar, she light incense and did couple of things.

Then she sat down inside the temple ,she sang her praise from morning till night.

Then went home to take care of herself at home feeling elated with the fact that she now served Athena the female warrior, the mother of all and the wife of the almighty Zeus. She couldn't be more happier since her beloved mother and lovely sisters are well,Hale and hearty and to top this all,they are well secured.

When she was with her family,men wanted her women were envious of her, she attracted a lot of unwanted attraction.

But now within the temple of Athena, she felt secured and she procured a good life for the people she loved the most in the whole world.

She was satisfied with her life even when she knows she will never be able to fall in love with anyone because of her vow.

She continued her service to Athena every blessed day and Athena found out she was very hard working and was pleased with her.

But people as they will always be could not keep their mouth shut.

The other priestess commented on the beauty of Medusa and her hair Even taking it far to compare her with Athena, which brought about the conclusion that Medusa had a hair that is more beautiful than Athena's own.

They praised Aphrodite for blessing Medusa with good looks.

She served Athena for so many years and throughout the years she spent serving Athena,she received envious glare from other emailed and priestess.

Male lusted after her but she felt rest assured since she was under Athena's protection.

There was an event that happened,Medusa was busy carrying out her duties, then she overheard the temple priestess conversation.

The first temple priestess whispered quietly.

" She is so full of herself, since she is the adoration of all men, she feels she is better than us all."

The second temple priestess said bitterly.

" Since she is being compared to our goddess, what do you expect."

Medusa felt a tinge of pain in her heart,

she felt bitter that is there a place she will actually be accepted by the people there but this was taken out of her mind,then she continued serving Athena dutifully.

The birds were chirping, the little animals were running all about the beautiful garden and everyone carried out their duty at the temple.

It was at this moment Medusa sank into a deep thought,

she was thinking bitterly in her mind that was she given birth to not to experience any happiness throughout the days of her life.

She was deep in her thoughts when one of the priestess came to her and delivered a box to her which every priestess got.

She delivered her message that there will be a banquet involving all the god sat Athena's temple and all the priestess and temple maid will be of service to Athena.

And the box contained the clothes for all priestess and jeweleries for them.

Medusa's face brightens up thinking there will be a change of scene for her, at least she will be able to feast her eyes with new things, she shouted in her mind.

" At last."

And she beamed brightly which makes everyone around her to forget their worries and hatred toward her by looking at her smile.

Unknowingly to her the effect she has on everyone that surrounds her. Till the end of the day, she was feeling alive, she was lively with everyone, regardless of how they critized her, everything was at the back of her head.

She couldn't stop beaming, she was so excited,she couldn't hold herself from expressing her joy of attending a banquet and meet various God's and goddesses.

As sun sets,Medusa soaked herself in a Bubble bath made of different scented leaves, both vanilla, strawberry and floral scent.

She washed her hair with extra care. Then she adorned herself with the clothes sent to them, she adorned her neck, ears and wrist with jeweleries.

She and every priestess arranged themselves in a straight and orderly manner, awaiting the arrival of the high priestess.

Chapter The banquet

The high priestess came forward to exhort them.

" You mustn't talk to gods and goddesses if you are not spoken to, you must enough respect to the gods and goddesses, you must not look at them in their eyes, lest you die." She said with hostility, eyeing all the beautiful priestess, her eyes fixed on Medusa because of her bewitching beauty.

" You must not have any any funny thought regarding the gods, because the adornment on some people is so shocking."

She feigned a shocked expression and a cruel smile flitted passed her lips.

Her eyes directed to Medusa alone , she snorted sharply with annoyance.

This made Medusa feel self conscious of herself, and so embarrassed that she couldn't look up.

The high priestess was looking smug, she felt satisfied at achieving what she wants to achieve.

She let out a self satisfying smile and said in a high pitched voice.

" well, well, well, ladies you can mo


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