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Tales of Passions and Desires in City of Lovecraft County

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An anthology of tales from the town of Lovecraft County, lives of pleasure, love, between arguments, conspiracies, relationships, existence, life and mind, tales of vampires, gods, their clans of werewolves, between the coven of witches, the lives of the supernatural beings. Always showing emotions, high society intrigues, power struggles between clans of the supernatural world, plots between relationships between these creatures, the countless lives of vampires, gods and werewolves, always showing several lives, relationships, in which it shows the influences of both the company Delphos, Tsuki among his various relationships, high society life, among various organizations, both his relationships with rich people, mafia lords who rule, various people who live in that city, in addition to the growing power of vampire and werewolf clans, among secret societies, in which various alliances, companies. Who lives in the middle of companies, businesses, parties and the city as far as the power of the supernatural growing in the town of Lovecraft County at that time, we have the wolf lords and the vampire lords of the time. All this takes place between mysteries, relationships, life stories and everyday life, between those who show their lives, their plots, between conspiracies, dreams and desires. Amidst the business of each entrepreneur, people who get involved with werewolves, that's when each of them got a precise answer on how to deal with their lovers, soul mates and the countless problems that arose with the city she had to manage. Following between stories of the city and the companies that exist in Lovecraft, we have the businesswoman and socialite Shoko Delphos, she is rich, she is spectacular, she is very smart. Between competitors, desires, competitors, each one showing their lives, their yearnings, their sins of those who feel desires for a man, only those who desire the most beautiful woman. Those who live among their desires, their anxieties, those who desire the most beautiful company, the overwhelming sensation, in which life and its tasks are shown, in which the seductive, sensual life is shown. Those who desire her body and mind captivate the men around her, she has the power to control and fascinate any man who passes in front of her, especially the four men in her life, who seek her attention. Where each of them looks for business, they try to be close to her, they are always kneeling at her feet, she is just fantastic with an air of seduction. Even so between trying to get more and more involved in the world of pleasure, lust and love, she was giving so much to everyone around her, she had werewolves, life among vampires rewarding her with their bodies the demons that exist in the city.

Chapter 1

Going down the tortuous paths of pleasure and desire, he was being invited to a great high society party, at which the immortal and beautiful eternal youth, Prince of Lovecraft County.

Tsuki now immortal was at the age of 36, still at a business party, bringing new associates, new ventures, a wave of donations, investing and using government funds for works, maintenance, and construction, in addition to investing in education and work center investments.

Being praised in the middle of a business wheel. - Well, how smart and hardworking he is. – A rich lady said, when she was convinced to invest in the city to make donations, and some of them were around to invest and finance construction of orphanages and schools throughout the city.

Some wealthy benefactors were there to chat, gossip, badmouth and finance studies with scholarships, beyond welfare, when everyone was partying around, beside them, in which the same investors, mages, vampires, among mystical auctions, in addition to clans of werewolves and vampires, involved in managing, rebuilding, and expanding businesses, with the city as a base of operations.

Now, a grown man was telling the story of his adolescence, when he was sitting at a table with several people about the tales of his life.

Several things happened, he was at an intimate party, after he returned from another fundraising party, albeit tired, between them, at a table in the entrance of the stone sack, which was the entrance to the garden of his mansion in Gothic style.

Tsuki Miki Delphos was next to his boyfriends, to which he revealed some secrets when he finished training in a training room in a cave, under his mansion, in which he remembers an adventure he had when he was little more than 14 years old, it felt like a fetish or love, he didn't know, in his teenage mind, it was something he had in common, a typical teenager.

Today at the age of 36, he was well understood with himself, which was not said of his teenage phase, since it was difficult, he knew what teenagers were like, that's why when he took care of his pupils, being a philanthropist, hero and rich, though no one died at his hands that way, except fighting crime.

He was at the lunch table, whereupon he wanted to have priority telling me to the King of All Vampires and Emperor of Werewolves, in which he revealed what he did when he was 14.

Nimurta the god in the form of a werewolf, during a war with Apsu, both cast spells, in the creation of the first werewolves, when and of the bat monsters, in which each of them created their own armies being the first vampires of Nimurta and the first werewolves of Apsu,

They became his teachers in the occult arts and masters when he began to train with them when he was 15 years old, a year after his mission with Professor Viktoria, then, as he grew up with them, he discovered that he liked them. two, even though he liked women too...

Then, when both created their own warriors and armies, in the midst of wars, between the gods, between the Akkadians, during the great floods, they finally entered into a truce, after more than two thousand years of wars.

When he sat down at the table, with her husband, that new stone god from another galaxy, who seemed to find out about his passions and what he was up to.

- You have a piece in your hand, it gets ready very easily. – His wolf godmother Veronika said, handing him over to the two millenary gods, in which now, he thought of his future marriage, in which this brought a baggage of stories.

His godmother reportedly told the vampire that he dared him to seduce his teacher.

- How it is...? – Nimurta questioned.

While in turn, Apsu laughingly said.

- He was always naughty. – The other god said.

- It wasn't just any teacher. - He said. – It was my history teacher. - He said.

- What's that for? - Darkness questioned him.

- She wasn't just any teacher, in reality, she was a spy, being related to a business rival of my godmother Veronika who infiltrated the academy of Chambers Hitomi, it was a city on a small island far from the mainland, which belonged to the territory Japanese.

He had returned from classes, the problem was that godmother Veronika, due to her work as a terrorist and mafia, thanks to the death of her parents, had taken him under her wings, this was not the first, nor the second school in less than six months, something happened, between the battles, besides the war for the domination of the Japanese mafia, Chinese, all the Asian power, together with the Italian mafia and the Russian mafia.

What Tsuki discovered was that Russian mobsters loved a dog, fought, and killed over it.

There was several years ago, an underworld dominion war over Japanese territory.

Veronika the demon wolf of the Swiss Alps, dominated part of the European continent, more precisely in France, she had a base in the Swiss Alps.

Tsuki Miki Delphos was hiding between the pillars, listening to a conversation in the lair and in the middle of the torture hall of Veronika's enemies.

He looked towards the woman, while wearing a fox mask, to walk down the stairs towards the conversation.

- She's probing me. – Tsuki said, entering the cell phone with the photo.

- You can't do better. - The woman said. – I didn't think she would act so fast. - The woman said.

- Well, thanks to you, I'm mature and I understand her move, but she's not the least bit explicit and she's not even an elephant in the room. - He said.

A blond, slutty Russian mobster with big t*ts, infiltrated a Japanese school, teaching history and French.

- I want to see you do better. - The woman said. – Be the elephant in the room. Veronica said.

- I bet I can seduce her in less than a week. - He said.

- I doubt it. - She said.

- Who would refuse fresh meat? - He asked.

He spoke towards the woman. – I had a party with you and your daughters last month, nobody turned it down. - He said.

- Oh, sure. – She said, continuing to torture the Japanese mobster upside down.

He had needles and daggers in every part of his back, Veronika was sharpening it, as well as heating its points, before every negative interrogation.

- Where are the jade emperor's jewels. - She questioned him, apparently for the hundredth time.

- Do you want to join, baby? - The woman questioned.

- I can? – He questioned.

- I will teach you how to prolong life and torture for more than 12 hours. - She said.

- All right, can I stab? – He questioned.

Chapter 2

- Avoid the vital points, I want to leave him a sieve, but not dead. - She said.

- Tube well, in the belly, can you? – He questioned.

- Avoid opening the stomach. - She said.

That's what he did, next to her, for a few hours.

Anyway, eventually, he would give in, then, after a few more screams in Chinese after the insults had stopped, he started to beg.

- Now, I want to make you bleed, no matter what you say now. – That time, when he was pierced everywhere, from the chest to the back.

So, after the man begged him to stop, Veronika said. – Now, I don't want to know, I want to send a message. – She said, taking the needle out of her pocket, starting to sew her mouth, when Tsuki left, she didn't want to see the rest of the torture, going up the stairs, towards her room for a plan of a French bitch.

The next day, he put on Veronika's Gogo Boys cologne, tight pants instead of a uniform, a long black cape, revealing clothes, to


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