Super Harem In The Parallel Dimension

Super Harem In The Parallel Dimension

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kris Tylers
  • Chapters: 18
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Xander Imagines Life to be great when he gets a job interview that he thinks will change his life forever. Xander gets into an accident then out of pity, an unknown deity sends him to a parallel dimension. Read how Xander conquers beauties from the different worlds and finally makes life enjoyable for himself and his women. Xander always felt that his destiny was to get rich and that was when Life was going to be great, But after being Reincarnated, He is going to realize that being rich is not the only answer to everything. There is more to life than having everything you want.

Another Chance!

"Hey, Josh. I got an Interview today." A blonde haired young man named Xander said.

"Oh, I bet its that Company that you told us about last month, you know before her death." Josh, a black haired young man of the same age as Xander said.

"Yeah. Anyway, I got to go meet my Girlfriend now. She is supposed to prep me up before the interview. See you later." Xander said and left the restaurant.

Xander walked and talked to himself.

"Finally, the day i get my degree and apply for Sander Watt Center's position as the manager and then i will gradually get promoted until i reach the top. Not only is that good, but the salary that their paying is 50 thousand dollars PER month. This is like a blessing." Xander said.

Xander glanced at the traffic lights and saw they were blinking red. He quickly crossed the street.

"Thank goodness and i was beginning to have second thoughts about the job. Anyway, I will be fucking rich." Xander said. He successfully crossed the street and was right at the University gate.

"Strange. She said she was going to meet me here. I'll just call her." Xander said and put his hands into his pockets. His Phone wasn't there.

"I think i left it at the restaurant." Xander said and face-palmed himself " I am such a dork sometimes."

Xander dashed back to the restaurant and made it there just in time because Josh was getting up from his table.

"Xan, You left your phone here and by the time i wanted to get up and follow you, You were nowhere near here." Josh said and handed Xander back his phone.

"That is the power of Love. It gives a person enhanced speed." Xander replied and took the phone. He dialed his Girlfriend's number.

"Where are you?" Xander asked.

"At the other gate, dummy!" His girlfriend shouted over the phone.


"Hey, Dude! Let's have a race. Your Bugatti vs my Ferrari. First to reach the gas station wins." A guy driving a Ferrari said.

"You are on!" The other guy replied.

The cars sped towards the gas station but the road they were taking was the same that Xander was passing to get to the university, They were outlaws and two of the most wanted criminals in the country so they didn't obey traffic rules even if the lights were red.

"Alright. I'll be there right now." Xander said. At that moment, The two supercars ran him down and the speed they used to hit him was intense. Xander died on the spot.

Xander opened his eyes and he was floating in  purple voidless space.

"I had so many plans for my life and now it was all taken from me by some reckless drivers. IT'S NOT FAIR!" Xander shouted.

Suddenly, Everything felt cold and hot at the same time.

"You were the Light of the world, Your childhood was miserable and when it finally felt like everything was going well, You died. You have been given another chance, do not waste it." A voice said.

Xander felt like his body was being pulled apart. He closed his eyes.

Suddenly, He heard a voice. It seemed Familiar.

Xander opened his eyes. He was at his desk in High school in Ms Rosa's math class.

"Is this real?" Xander asked himself. He turned right. He saw that he was sitting next to Riana, One of his Childhood friends.

"Xander, do you want to say something to the class?" Ms Rosa asked.


"Its better if i behave like this is normal, Some people might think i am weird." Xander muttered.

"No, Ms Rosa. Nothing is wrong. I just thought about a mathematical equation." Xander said.

"Can you solve the mathematical equation on the board?" Ms Rosa asked.

Since Xander was in high school, He felt as if Ms Rosa hated him. It was moments like this that triggered it, In a class of 22 people in it, She'll call Xander.

The equation was a complex series of mathematical problems, even Word problems were included. If i write down the mathematical equation here, You wouldn't believe that an equation like that even existed.

Xander had trouble with this in his past life but now he went to the board, took a marker from the teacher's jar and started solving.

After a few minutes of solving, Xander arrived at his answer.

"Ms Rosa, The answer is 1." Xander said.

"How did you know that? I haven't taught that yet." She said.

" SIGH... I studied ahead." Xander said and returned to his seat.

The school bell rang and school was over, Xander hung his bag over his shoulders.

"Hey, Riana. Should we go home together?" Xander asked.

"Umm.... Yes." Riana replied. They left the school complex.

New Powers!

Since I didn't get any replies. I had to rack my brain for the powers Xander could have. I finally thought of them.

Xander and Riana were walking on the path to Riana's house.

"Xander, You didn't have to come all the way to my house. I'm sure that your mum must be worried about you." Riana said as they stopped in front of her house.

Xander remembered what his mom did when he was at school.

"Don't worry much. Mom went out, I mean she's doing her job at the restaurant." Xander said.

"Ok. See you tomorrow." Riana said. She was heading inside the house.

"Hey Riana, Could I walk you to school tommorow?" Xander asked.

"Why... would you want to.... do that?" She stammered. Her face was red.

"If you're saying No, I'll just..." Xander was interrupted by Riana.

"Of course, you can. See you Tommorow!" Riana said and ran inside.


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