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Princess Charlotte

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Sannie
  • Chapters: 48
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 389
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


Princess Charlotte escapes the palace from an arranged marriage by her step mother the queen. Alone in the cold forest, she is rescued by Lord Arthur who is escaping heartbreak from his fiancee. The two get married. Everything takes an abrupt turn when Arthur is crowned king. Charlotte has to put up with his ex, the queen who is still crazily in love with him. Not able to put up with the hurtful experience, Charlotte escapes and returns to her kingdom, a new person who'll change the fate of everyone.

Chapter 1

" My princess, please don't do this, it's dangerous, we can think of something else," Decy begged." There is nothing more I can do but this Decy, I can't take things lying down. If I'll have to meet the bear, so be it, but right now, I've got to do this, don't try to stop me anymore. Please take care of yourself," Princess Charlotte said before she glanced out of the window.The once bright night filled with stars suddenly turned dark, heavy clouds hanging dangerously on the sky. Lightning struck as Charlotte climbed up the window and held the cloth her maid had helped her tie all the way down. The white piece of cloth had loosely touched the ground from the second floor.Decy held her heart, frightened for the Princess. Once a delicate princess had to escape like a thief. She shook her head in pain, but maybe it was for the best.Charlotte gave her one last glance before she slowly descended the rope. Decy glanced around, praying that the guards wouldn't spot the Princess. It would only result into her death, but she would gladly die for her princess.Decy had wanted to accompany her, but the princess, as always, mindful of others didn't want her to experience the uncertainty that awaited her.Safely on the ground, Charlotte darted her eyes across the huge compound. There weren't any guards on sight, probably taking shelter from the rains that had started to fall. She ran fast across the soft green grass before stopping besides the flowers bed, ducking to the ground so that no one could spot her. She moved along the flower bed till she was a safe distance into the tall trees.Charlotte quickened her pace, alternating it with running, till she had safely made her way through an escape route she had used as a little girl while escaping her bully sisters .Safe from the walls of the palace, princess Charlotte ran through the muddy path, the rain was unrelenting, hitting her hard as she went, but she couldn't stop having finally freed herself from the jaws of suffering. Whatever life awaited her out there, would be better than getting married to a man older than her father, the King.Charlotte could still hear her father's loving voice, he had advised her never to bow her head down to anyone. She is a princess, guided by her own principles. Her father had always been proud of her decisions, and always advised her to follow her heart, and right now she had heeded to his advice.Charlotte just hoped that her father will miraculously pull it through and get healed from his chronic illness. She had hoped, that one day she'd return home, proud of the decision she made on this fateful day.Charlotte had ran for close to ten miles away from the kingdom villages. She was getting exhausted, but she didn't want to stop, hoping to get as far away as possible from her home. Three hours later, her legs felt sore all over and refused to move and she slumbered to the ground. Unable to stand , Charlotte had dragged herself till she had reached a tree on which she leaned. The rains had stopped, but the freezing cold began to attack her, she began to shiver uncontrollably. She covered herself in a little blanket she had carried in her small bag, but it was all drenched in water. But since it could protect her from the strong wind, she tightly covered her body, hoping to finally get the warmth she craved for.Exhausted, Charlotte began closing her eyes, however hard she fought to stay awake in the dangerous and deserted forest, she had no control of her body. Her fear had slowly died down as she resigned to her fate, embracing the world of total darkness. Whatever the night presented to her, she would gladly accept as the payment for the choice she made.It was in the same moment that Lord Arthur's carriage was moving fast through the forested area. It had been three weeks of an endless journey, moving around in circles.It was almost a month ago that he had watched his elder brother become crowned as king. The two had been rivals for the throne, it hadn't been clear who would be the king, especially since Zander was older than Arthur with only one month. Born of different mothers, the king had often favoured Arthur due to the love he had on her mother the queen. But when it came to the choosing of an heir, his brother had become better than him, getting hold of the seat he had prepared for all his life.Arthur hadn't shed a tear at the king's burial, having been betrayed by him in a manner he had never imagined, his father had always promised to give him the throne, that he should work on getting stronger to beat his brother. Arthur had given his all and rose in the millitary rank, becoming the most powerful general, but in the end, he wasn't his choice.Zander ascended the throne and had openly openly disregarded Arthur, even though only a month had separated their birth. King Zander had eventually hit the final nail to bury him in his coffin. Declaring Arthur's engagement to his long term girlfriend broken and that he would have her as his queen.Lord Arthur had watched in pain as his betrothed walked down the aisle, beautifully adorned to meet someone else but not him. He had dreamt to finally see her walk the aisle, exchange vows, but never had he thought that his only brother could do something like that to him, that he would be sitting in the crowd, watching as they celebrated their day.Lord Arthur had the slightest hope, that Princess Bethany would refuse to be joined to King Zander, fighting for the love they shared, that this was but a forced wedding. But to his dismay, a wide smile had plastered all over her face, definitely the happiest bride that had ever lived, as they exchanged vows.The two had kissed right infront of him, Zander giving him a smirk. He had taken everything from him, and there would be no way to turn his fate. The woman he once loved was safely in the arms of another man as Zander carried her bridal style as they left the cathedral.As the bridal party disappeared in a distance, Lord Arthur got into his carriage. All the hopes he had shattered. He had no where else to go to, but he had to get away from the kingdom, else he gets tempted to spill his brother's blood.And here he was, on a carriage, heading wherever it would lead him. As the carriage moved through the muddy path, Arthur glanced out through the small window, inhaling the fresh cold air coming in.The air felt sweet, clearing his drunken state. His gaze landing on something by the road and he immediately called his men to stop the carriage.Slowly he made unsteady steps towards whatever it was that rested against the tree. Seeing it unmoving, slowly, he lifted what seemed like a blanket and was immediately shocked, seeing a body clumped up into a ball.Lord Arthur stared down at the pale young girl shivering helplessly against the cold. His heart had become cold, but the evident beauty before him had immediately captured his cold heart, erasing any traces of alcohol from his system.The men from the carriage joined him to have a look at what was keeping him for too long, only for them to meet him, carrying what seemed like a lifeless body in bridal style. One of them rushed forward and opened the carriage . Arthur had delicately placed her inside before following after her. Lord Arthur quickly took off her clothes that were wet with water before covering her in his warm woollen trench coat. He then held her tightly against his chest till he felt her body get warm.The carriage moved faster, splashing water as they went. They had travelled several miles away from Emerald empire, and were now at the no man's land at the border between the three great empires.Lord Arthur's men had led the carriage into one of the cottages deep inside the forested area, into the places that no one had dared to explore.Lord Arthur had created his special hideout here, and no one had dared claim it since it was part of the territory that no one laid claim over, and especially since it was rumoured that dangerous wolves had lived there. Lord Arthur had created a special get away, two small cottages, one for his men and one for himself. Today he got a special guest, who was still sleeping on his lap even as he moved her around and took her to the hut.His men had prepared a warm nice bed where he laid her. Sitting beside her on the bed, Arthur had several questions going through his mind, why would such a young beautiful girl be out in the cold all alone at night.He could already guess that she was from Emerald empire, the only place that could have beauties as her. Arthur had been so lost in admiring her beauty that he subconsciously ran his fingers through her dark long hair which had been well taken care of. She was just too beautiful and breathtaking that he couldn't take his eyes away from her.Alex had lit a fire and the room was filled with warmth. Exhausted from the journey, Arthur had spread a mat on the ground besides the bed and laid down. Before long, he had joined the beauty on a peaceful sleep.

Chapter 2

Charlotte woke up suddenly from her sleep, pressed hard. She needed to pee. Thinking that she was still in her room, she got up from the bed and didn't bother open her eyes. She was still too sleepy and exhausted to cut short her sleep.Her leg touched the ground but immediately screamed at the burning sensation down her feet. She stumbled and was falling fast to the ground, with her legs unable to support her body.Her cry had startled Arthur who had just began to sleep. He woke up suddenly only for something to fall hard on his face . The most beautiful angel had fallen right into his chest.Charlotte stopped screaming the moment her body came into contact with the man beneath her.Her eyes stared straight into a deep set of hazel eyes , that she felt herself getting lost in them. Thinking that she might be dreaming, and that a knight in shining armour had suddenly come to rescue her from that old man who had assaulted her dreams, she wasn't goi


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