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My ghost girlfriend

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: winson
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 170
  • ⭐ 7.5
  • 💬 1


In a hospital, a series of mysterious deaths unfolded, starting with a man's failed surgery and subsequent disappearance of his body. Soon after, the young wife of the vice president inexplicably fell to her death from the building, followed by the demise of an elderly man in charge of the morgue. A haunting atmosphere enveloped the hospital, leading people to question if there was a hidden conspiracy. The story progressed to the cemetery outside the hospital where, at night, intermittent cries were heard, and witnesses claimed to have seen a footless woman in a white gown. As these events spread, the hospital rapidly emptied of people. The government decided to convert the hospital into a public graveyard. A talented student from the School of Architecture arrived and, inadvertently, witnessed a disheveled woman in a white gown with a face smeared in blood in the desolate corridors, sparking further mysteries.

Chapter One: Faking Death in the Morgue

"We can compete, right?" one of them sneered. "You're dealing with dead bodies at such a young age, soaking in bad luck every day. I haven't even found a partner yet!"

"Bad luck?" Old Liang chuckled. "Young man, don't speak nonsense. Show respect for the deceased, or you might encounter a ghost on your nightly walks!"

"Haha, I'm not afraid! I'm an atheist!"

"Hmph!" Old Liang grunted, ignoring the other person. He grabbed a notebook from the duty room's table, picked up a pen, and asked, "How did they die?"

"Surgery failure!"

"Surgery failure?" Old Liang's body inexplicably trembled. "This doesn't happen often?" It was part astonishment, part questioning.

"Yeah? It's rare," another person spoke up for the first time. "And this time, the surgeon was Vice Dean Liang!"

"Really?" Old Liang was shocked again. It turned out the surgeon was his own nephew! He walked up to the body, opened the white cloth covering it, hung a tag on the foot, and, under the faint room light, saw the smooth skin of the feet, unmistakably young. Taking the deceased's file from the other person, it was as expected: only twenty-six years old!

"What a pity!" Old Liang sighed deeply.

"What's wrong, Old Liang? You weren't like this before?" The other person was puzzled. After finishing the exchange with Old Liang, he smirked and, somewhat bewildered, glanced at the furrowed brow of Old Liang before leaving.

To be honest, Old Liang himself didn't know what was going on lately. It seemed like he was constantly burdened, a feeling he couldn't control. Strictly speaking, Old Chen was a staunch atheist, but that was also related to his experiences.

There was a period in history known as the "Tragic Era," and Old Liang was a "tragic figure" shaped by that time. His ancestors were renowned landlords, but that title, envied in the old society, was the root cause of his tragedy. He led a solitary life due to it. During the hard times, he followed the elders and lived in the vast plains of northeastern China, which forged his stubborn and unyielding personality. He claimed to have chased "will-o'-the-wisps" at midnight and pursued wild people in the forest late at night. Later, as he grew older, he owed it to his nephew, who was the hospital's dean back in his hometown, for securing him a job here in the morgue, dealing with the deceased.

He often preached, "There are no ghosts in this world; it's all people scaring each other!"

After placing the body, Old Chen suddenly felt a strong urge to look at it. He used to avoid this, but this time was different. For some reason, he felt an inexplicable desire these past few days.

Old Liang went to the body, gently lifted the cloth covering the face, revealing a young face, pale due to the loss of life but still handsome and delicate. At that moment, a pang of pain coursed through Old Liang's heart, clearly for this young life. Moreover, the surgeon was his nephew. The nephew, a highly talented medical graduate, was promoted to vice dean due to his outstanding work a few years after graduation. The nephew had always been his pride, and Old Liang was confident in his nephew's medical skills. How could the surgery fail this time? Sighing once more, the morgue's eerie and desolate atmosphere was further tinged with sorrow.

Unconsciously, his hand touched the deceased's face, suddenly retracting as if pricked by a needle. He clearly felt a slight warmth! Yes, the person had just passed away! Old Liang understood.

Old Liang covered the body again and started walking back to his rest area. He suddenly noticed that his feet weren't quite cooperating, and eventually, he struggled to return, staggering along.

He slept in his clothes, having consumed half a bottle of white wine before, which left him feeling dazed now. Since coming here, alcohol had become a constant companion for him. He had a liking for it when he was young, but back then, his drinking frequency was much lower. One reason was his financial constraints at the time, and the other was the need to make a living, where drinking could interfere.

Now, Old Liang attributed his constant company with alcohol to two reasons: first, the morgue was air-conditioned year-round, and alcohol could dispel the cold; second, a little alcohol could boost his courage. Despite always boasting as an "unafraid of ghosts" atheist, he still felt a bit uncertain around these corpses, especially now, in his old age, with declining sleep quality and frequent insomnia. A bit of alcohol easily numbed his unease.

However, today, Old Liang had been restless. Although he had drunk half a bottle of wine and felt a little sleepy, he had been in a half-awake, half-asleep state due to the alcohol's effects, lingering until late at night. Gradually, he felt a wave of drowsiness, but suddenly, his body's hair stood on end, and his mind cleared: he distinctly heard intermittent breathing!

Initially, he didn't believe his ears, thinking it was his own voice. But after becoming clear-headed, he firmly believed: it was the sound of someone breathing! It came from the second person in the morgue, or maybe... a ghost!

With a shudder, he sat up, drenched in cold sweat, wide-eyed and terrified, staring through the rest area's window at the morgue's several bodies. Finally, his gaze fell on the newly arrived body. The sight nearly made his soul leave his body: the white cloth

covered the entire body, and in the middle of the body, at the heart's position, the white cloth rose and fell rhythmically, indicating the heartbeat. In front of that, there was intermittent breathing!

"Faking death!" A terrifying thought flashed through Old Liang's mind. But at that moment, he clearly saw the white cloth slowly being lifted!

"Ah!" Old Liang let out a wretched scream and lost consciousness.

Chapter Two: The Vanishing Corpse

It was early morning!

Among the group gathered outside the morgue's door, an elderly couple, leaning on each other, especially stood out, seemingly the focus of attention. Both wore expressions of shock and confusion, exuding an inconsolable sense of heartbreak.

"Uncle Two..." Old Liang woke up in a daze, greeted by the sight of his nephew's familiar face, drenched in sweat and wide-eyed in terror.

Old Liang hazily surveyed his surroundings, realizing he lay on the ground. He struggled to recall his memories but found nothing except a faint ache in his temples.

"Uncle Two, what's happening?" Dean Liang urgently inquired. "What happened? Where's the body?" Old Liang saw the urgent and flustered look on his nephew's face, knowing something serious had occurred, but feeling utterly clueless, he could only shake his head numbly.

Dean Liang grew more anxious. "Uncl


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