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Lyra Brown one day became Lyra Aurelia Da Vamp after being crushed by a bus or truck because of her carelessness. She didn't even know how she died. She woke up in another world as a vampire princess. Many trials are waiting for her to be upgraded from a half-blooded vampire princess to the greatest vampire queen. Can she overcome all the trials and reach her goal? She is the princess of Darkenia, the kingdom of vampires, while he is the grand-duke of Angelica, the kingdom of angels. While pretending to be lovers, she became the one who fell into the abyss of love. How about the other one? Who was the one to fall first in the game of playing lovebirds? After falling in love with an angel, would history repeat itself again? While there have been past feuds between the vampire race and the angel race, what would be the ending for the two lovebirds? Or can lovers solve every misunderstanding and unite all races to fight the devil's king? Sneak-Peak: Lyra: My angel, my life, my entire world—you’re the one that I want, the one that I need. Let me be with you always, my love, my everything. You are only mine while you are alive, and you would be only mine when you were dead. Do you still want to be with me, my dearest? Leo: Even if you didn’t say it, we both can be only ours. There would be no one; even death can separate us. I am always yours, and you are always mine, my lovely Lyra.

Chapter 1: New world, New me

Hello, guys, I am Lyra Brown. I was a normal high school student, but one day something happened that changed my life completely. I am going to tell my story about my past and present here, and maybe you all can guess my future too.

"What the fish?!" I exclaimed when I opened my eyes into a dark place, but I could see everything very clearly. I can see a bat sign in front of me, but I am in a closed space. I tried to touch the bat sign, and the closed space changed. The upper part opened. I tried to stand up but struggled and somehow sat down wherever I was.

I can see I am in a round, elegant room decorated with red and black. It looks somehow ominous, like a big bat sign, the same as before on the ceiling of that round room. The room is almost empty; only one side of the room has a door. I tried to stand up again, and this time I could. Beside the door, there was a table that I hadn't noticed before. On the table, there is something I can see with my night vision, but before that, my mind started to wonder what was happening to me...

'Where am I?' I was sure I was strolling down the street with my earphones on. I really hate too much noise, although I was listening to my favorite song. I know it can also count as noise, but it's better than those noises. But as I was walking, I saw a pretty baby cat and went to just pet it as it was too cute, but who knows? As soon as I touched the cat, I saw a drizzling light. I think I know now that that was a headlight of a bus or truck, as I am not quite sure. I was busy petting the cat. I am sure no one would be as idiotic as me to pet a cat in the middle of the road, but what to do? I like pets too much, but my mom won't allow keeping those angels.

Whatever I think, I am dead, but what are these tiny hands with snow-white transparent skin? umm Let me find a mirror. By the way, the place I woke up was a coffin. Have I said it before? Maybe not, but as I touched the coffin, it opened on its own, and I saw a luxurious room.

"Who the hell would be in the right mind to sleep in a coffin while there is a bed?!" I was just muttering in a low voice.

Well, I was sleeping in that coffin instead of a bed. I began to wonder who I was in this new world and why I was here. Maybe, like other transmigration novels, I am also transmigrated into a new world, as I was a pretty good person in my previous life. It is not like I have any regrets; it is just that everything went too fast and I could not say goodbye to my adoptive mother. Would she cry when she knew I was gone? I hope she is all good and happy. I wish she would get a pretty girl again who would be loyal to her and take good care of her when she was old. It would be much better if she could find a good man who would love her dearly. Then they would have their own biological child.

I wish a lot of things for her, but I won't be able to go back to her anymore as I have a feeling that I belong to this world. I was misplaced from the beginning, and that's why I never felt at home on earth. I didn't have any friends, and as a family, I only had an adoptive mom, so my world revolved around her. She was a good mom. Now I should move on.

I started to explore the room. The room is very big and cozy. There are a lot of antiques here and there. If I could take these antiques off the earth, I would be a billionaire. I can live without doing anything. I can be a perfect salted fish, then. Like in previous lives, I wouldn't have to work multiple part-time jobs. I can do whatever I want with that money. Only eating, sleeping, and roaming the whole world. It would be fun, but now that I am here, I should not daydream anymore; rather, I should find out more about myself and do my part here.

Whatever life gives me, I will take everything and use it in my favor. The room has only a big door but no window. I can see I have long black hair and little hands. I shouldn't be more than 10 years old, as my hands are quite tiny. I have to find a mirror to see how I look.

Oops, when I was searching for a mirror, I saw there was a red liquid in an ancient bottle engraved with a lot of characters that I seem to know, but now I know that I don't know as I don't want to use my brain power as I am too hungry. As soon as I saw the bottle, I thought to open it, and when I opened it, I saw red juice. When I caught the scent of it, my fangs started growing, and I felt an irresistible thirst to drink it, so I started to drink the unknown liquid with great satisfaction.

After drinking the liquid, I felt my body become more powerful, and I can hear and perceive at least a 1-kilometer radius from where I am standing. Wow, the liquid is so cool. By the way, this bottle was on that table near the door. But I can't find any mirrors in the room. So, I pushed open the door, and it opened instantly, and what I saw made me astonished.

Chapter 2: Meeting with My New Family

Lyra's POV,

When I opened the door, I saw two ethereal beings with exactly the same black hair as mine. You can ask how I know when I don't have a mirror. Well, because my hair is quite long, it touched my ankle. It's so shiny and glossy that I want to pet my hair again and again.

So where were we? Oh, I remember two ethereal beings—one man and one woman—who were with red eyes staring at me intently like me. Those eyes are like rubies; I like them.

"Hello, little one," the woman said with a longing tone.

"Hello, Granny!" I replied in a sarcastic tone, although it sounded cuter.

"You are really her daughter; she never disappointed me with wordplay.

You seem to have inherited this quality of hers, but little one, how was your trip to another world?" That pretty granny said it mischievously.

"Well, what are you saying about? Can you please tell me everything elaborately?" I asked cautiously


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