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Anthologies Tales Desires Adventures Multiverse Lovecraft

Anthologies Tales Desires Adventures Multiverse Lovecraft

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The life stories are gathered together, an anthology of stories between people who are part of the Lovecraft County universe. between the business of witches' lives, witches and married life focuses on the wedding of a family witch, the dark world, between her growing relationship with a businessman who has come to take care of the family's business, the world of the dead the forests of spirits, lords and guardians, between the former judge of the dead, whose life is traversed without major reflections, and interrupted by the prospect of a terminal illness, between the Kreutzer sonata, based on a story, exposed in rich detail and long descriptions, between affairs and business, when the crimes of love are involved in adultery, among some protagonists, in Lovecraft's universe in which each one is a protagonist, a noble and military, among men and women of the high society of magic and the successful lord also in the sentimental life, abandons everything until he becomes agent of chaos

Chapter 1


One of the realms of Faeria literally had fairies guarding the wish boxes of the worlds.

Some satyrs are travelers at the behest of fairies, who are looking for someone to mislead the world.

Some boxes literally pressed towards the name of a building and a street, it could explode, or who knows send an entire continent to the fucking house, but they themselves did not want to have fun alone with their little boxes of secrets and mysteries.

Being that in short, it could bring the greatest sweets and pleasures to whoever has it, just don't press the wrong button, they were thirty centimetres boxes with tiny buttons that a Chinese food stick being the only ones to press, just with the little finger of a baby.

A mage was doing business with the fairies, most dealers among the auctions, the scouts, and recruiters, where Um-Mu's mages chose a representative between the worlds so they could shrink the varied wish boxes they could find. its owner. – After a while, the boxes took back when they trained people to live in Faeria worlds.

It happened that those boxes were the magic being that they were forbidden, when the fairies made them, they knew that the children who would be taken by ambition, would be the ones to use the boxes.

The age limit was 14 to 19 years old.

A few weeks earlier.

The first 18-year-old girl was Sakura Daidouji she was a girl who lived on the other side of town, she was the first to pick up a box.

He was at university; I mean until he stopped to take care of his younger brothers for his mother to work.

A Japanese woman who had dyed turquoise-blue hair, she took care of her three younger siblings, the 5-year-old twins, and the youngest 2-year-old.

Her mother wanted to work, before being convinced by her father to have more children, she was a lawyer, she was at the end of the second time, when she tried to go to college to be forced to stop.

It happened that his father, after more than 20 years of marriage, abandoned his mother and fled to another state with the lover who was her own younger sister, leaving them to take care of their younger brothers alone.

The children got into trouble at the nursery, one of them had a fever, while she had to take the three of them to the paediatrician.

Then, to complicate everything, she had to drop out of college to take care of her younger brothers, she was in her second year of medicine, all because her mother had no support, her younger sister was the same age as her.

Since in the case of his mother, who was 33, both saw that he had an affair for more than seven years, because they stayed on vacation with her mother working, so, he lied to their mother, fleeing to another state, without least leave a pension.

The girl with children crying after leaving the paediatrician.

Dead Man 's ladder to cut the paths, even though it was also the only ways due to his tight budget to have exercise.

She had seen him sitting watching the children and reading a book when he approached her, even though he was sitting on that park bench at the end of the stairs.

- Hey dear. – A man wearing a kimono sitting at the bottom of the stairs called her.

- Yes, sit here to rest. - He said.

- Thanks. - She said.

The girl had gotten thin, lost a few pounds due to her work caring for her younger siblings, her mother wouldn't arrive until dusk, even so, she was a little plump.

As for your mother, she spent her whole life taking care of the house to please her husband, who saw that nothing worked, but due to betrayal and the fact that she was abandoned, she had to go back to work, she was a waitress, the firm of law firm did not accept college records.

All this because she had to drop out of medical school to take care of the children, being a housewife, it took its toll, when she got pregnant at her husband's insistence, he just accepted her to go back to work, when the boy was 2 years old, in the same period he cheats on her, running away from home with his wife's sister.

She finished college, but was doing an internship, when she works part-time elsewhere, waitressing and even intern at a firm that charged her time.

For Sakura, her mother didn't think of her, just as support, she was forced to raise children she didn't even want.

At that time, when she was in the middle of the park taking her younger brother home, because her mother worked two jobs.

- Your brothers must not understand why their mother works all the time, nor why they don't see their parents, a discount for the little ones. - He said, giving a lollipop from the pocket of a box to each of them.

- I don't accept sweets... - She said.

- My name is Yusuke Yoshihiro. - He said.

- What is you? – He questioned her.

- Sakura Daidouji. - She said.

- What about the little ones? – He questioned her.

- Hiro, Shojin and Nihon. - She said.

- So, we are no longer strangers. – He said, handing the lollipops to the three children who were crying, they stopped crying instantly.

- Sweet... - She said.

Even if they were mischievous and couldn't even sit still.

So, she was now enraged at the unfairness of that situation.

- I know it's hard, dear Sakura, your mother practically lived because of satisfying your father, giving him everything he wanted, giving in to him, right? – Yusuke said.

- Wouldn't you like to have some time for yourself, eat some sweets, or even have gifts for yourself? - She questioned her.

- I would also like to leave everyone, go away, live my life. - She said.

- I thought of all that. - She said.

- Even run away, drop everything, send your brothers to be taken care of by your father, right? – He questioned her.

- Sometimes you think about being alone, eating some sweets, buying yourself some products, blowing things up. - He said.

- I think about doing stupid things every day. - She said.

- I didn't want to stay here, taking care of children, I was doing well in college. - She said.

- Come to think of it, you have a wonderful way to help your mother, you need to be rewarded. - He said.

Then he drew from his bag at his side a golden box, placing it on his lap.

- Sometimes you need to vent, if you want to destroy, as long as no one knows, you can. - He said.

Chapter 2

- Some people have a goal, some need to get their true nature out, some people have weapons for peace others have weapons for war.

- I have what you need, not having to give up happiness completely, but you can give up some products, but not anger, resentment, just don't show it to anyone. - He said.

- Even if this is one of them, which is inside that box of buttons, and it releases true happiness. – When Yusuke Yoshihiro.

It was a small, one-foot gold box.

- Since these little buds, not much bigger than beans, and extremely sweet... you'll just eat them, you won't need any more.

- It will only be yours, nobody else's - He said. – Whenever you will want them in all your meals, but you won't want to repeat anything, just, I ask that you do what other people can't, you will not be rewarded, but you will win great gifts. - He said.

- So, you put a pen, or you put a toothpick or a small stick, towards the lever, which is


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