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Anthologies of Love and Passion

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A collection of tales from the world of Lovecraft County, is the city of mob and pleasure, in which is the mecca of crime and mobsters, for many years, there were countless mobster wars and conspiracies, murders, between the fact that the countless mafia clans, vampires, werewolves, gods, men and monsters, were engaged in fights over territory. When the whole city where everyone was involved in conspiracy and manipulation schemes through the authorities who were being bought and manipulated. present, of love, hate and envy, mystery, beyond space travel, increasingly involved in darkness, between tales of pleasure, pain, love and terror, romances through the world of life and death, between businessmen, werewolves, vampires, gods and aliens. Tales of love and legends, bringing men, women and hidden beings from the multiverse to the current world, in the midst of walks towards the abyss of pleasures and tales of lives of random pleasures, in which mafiosi, gods, criminals, are involved. the murderers, the businessmen, there are so many that everything revolves around envy, love and death, when each of the ancient enemies involved, conquerors, pleasures and love, in which each of them, the crimes of men and gods Involved with the world of researchers and pleasures their relationships, between villains, gods and lords of pleasures, those who seek a moment of pleasure.

Chapter 1

Among the slaves of love.

City of Hustur .

State of Lovecraft County.

Richard MacCall and Selene McCall, married for 45 years, lived in an upscale neighborhood, toward a mansion next to a series of condominiums.

Richard was brown haired, red eyed, a dominant man who looked to be in his early forties.

Selene was a vampire with golden hair, full breasts, thick thighs and red eyes with vertical pupils, her body defined, her shapely legs, her round breasts, her thin waist, she was voluptuous, who lived in long dresses and a life being manipulated by her controlling husband.

Both Richard McCall are entrepreneurs, they have been in the fashion and clothing business for over 40 years, they were introducing themselves by entering into a partnership with Amaterasu Delphos a man of mixed Japanese with Greek with eyes as blue as ice, hair as white as snow, sculptural body , they were partners in the venture business.

Both were vampires who had lived for more than a hundred years on Earth, beautiful with appearances of more than 45 years, of middle age, in which they were always with their beautiful and muscular bodies, their defined aspects, but they lived as allies, who were looking for a new line of business.

They had been invited by a mutual friend, Amasteus, who was there in the middle of the ballroom, when he introduced them to each of those handsome men.

There in the middle of the ballroom was Hassan Khalid, an Arab with flaming red hair and a body so red and muscular with green eyes, beside him another man, Samir Jamal himself.

Having Samir Jamal who was as handsome as the other man with hair as black as night, he had a body carved in stone, he was a partner as well as a landlord, builder and entrepreneur in transport and export.

All three men had been famous, as far as their reputation was as equal as Amaterasu's, both three men who caught fire from sculptural cups, their faces beautiful and sensual, they were men carved from marble, muscular bodies, perfect gods on earth, as much as they were men, beautiful viriles and conquerors.

However, as much as Hassan himself was a werewolf and Samir a vampire, when his allies were recently introduced, in which they were an entrepreneur and entrepreneur in the field of construction, as well as concrete and products derived from technology.

For some time they knew Amaterasu, in the noble part of the city of Sendar , in which they knew everyone, they were well regarded, but above all, everyone in the city, including the women knew more Richard than 40 years old, he was active , he always had a talent for appearing, very determined and direct

While they were at those parties, making it very clear how they wanted the man to do it.

None of the men slowed down and put as much effort into flirting with Selene as much as Amaterasu, the beautiful white-haired man and the golden-haired woman.

- Hello, miss, I hope we can be partners. - They said.

- Oh, handsome man, what would it be like to be in your bed. – Hassan said, right after they saw Selene and when they saw Amaterasu.

- We want you to be able to be at several points, controlling the transport and supervising the load. - Amaterasu said. – From Wednesday to Sunday. - He said. – From 3 to 7 pm. - Amaterasu said.

- I don't see any problems with that. - The man said.

One thing was that they realized and tried to keep it a secret, Richard had an obsession with maintaining obsessive control, he saw her as a manipulable and influential object and used for his interest.

So, they would always have to be his way, whenever he arrived in a place, as was the case here, where he always wanted to be right.

In the end, he felt devalued, seeing that he only had control with his wife, Selene, who when they went to talk about business, he would not have control of the operation, he would stay with the company, so, who just needed him to do the things negotiations, as they planned, was Selene.

Which left him with a lot of free time, even though he wanted to be the center of attention and everything, unlike him, being that he was very loud, he started going to a men's club where they served drinks, which were on the way to school. company, since the other entrepreneurs frequented the same club, which was full and had numerous regulars every day.

At that time, when Selene was his opposite, he was dynamic, with a strong personality, mature, but no one liked him, she was friendly, hospitable, kind and always at the company for any inconvenience, which left the man more free time for going to a club, while his wife dedicated her days to and from the company, from work to home.

That didn't go unnoticed by those three men, who started sending shades her way.

- Is the husband home again, Selene? - Amaterasu said.

- He was elsewhere taking care of transport. - He said.

She was shy, discreet, polite, basically, she went home and work, she was beautiful, a perfect model.

That's what attracted the other men to her, while her husband enjoyed himself in the club drinking, waiting for his wife to be docile and controlled at home, she chatted and drank in the company.

It all started one day at his company when leaving a meeting.

They were walking down the halls, even if her husband could cheat on her without her knowing, until that point she was faithful.

- You know, honey, he doesn't know what he's missing by not having you by his side. – Hassan said to accompany her to a coffee in the middle of meeting them in the company cafeteria.

- We've been married so long, I couldn't tell you how lonely this is. - She said.

- How was it in the beginning? - She questioned her.

- There was love, but now, only we live together. - She said.

Her social life was only when it included her work, which was from 8 am to 9 pm, where she lived every day with every employee, businessmen and company executives, where she lived every day with Hassan , Samir, Amaterasu who always found her between their offices and their meetings, among them company lawyers, among advisors.

After 4 decades of marriage, they had separate bedrooms, but they were no longer close, that initial passion and excitement, it was a marriage of convenience.

As he had a lot of free time, he spent more time having fun at the club using the investment money, he had a lot of fun, so he spent the day looking for drinking and having fun.

About that. Selene let Richard rule, he escaped the worries, went to the social club, for drinks to find people to talk to.

He devoted his free time to him insisting that Selene be left alone.

At that time, the controlling man put a limit on her, everything so he could go out and do what he saw fit.

Everyone knew that he wanted her under his control, everything she did would have to have his approval, after all, he was a melancholy and explosive husband at home, but outside, he had a group of friends.

Since he drew everyone's attention, when he went out, his strong personality attracted everyone's attention...

Chapter 2

One day he caught the attention of an older woman, who was a fatal woman, her name was Doris, she was another vampire in the club, with whom they started talking.

She approached him one night and said.

- When you stop pretending you didn't see me and invite me to drink with you? - She questioned him.

- How about now, I want you with me, babe. - He said.

The woman flashed a white-toothed smile, with full red lips, a black corset, and fishnet stockings.

Doris had long silky white hair, she was a vampire older than him, and she was fatal, but sensual, he was everything that Diana was not, he did not accept being ordered around, so, flirting with the man day after, day, he even liked it, that tension.

They spent their afternoons and evenings together, the man left the woman either at home or when he left and she came home from work, but he never went out with her.

Without thinking twice about Diane, he was attracted to Doris, an extrovert,


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