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Another world

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Chloe is an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life. She is about to graduate from school and make some changes in her life. That's exactly what she thinks. But sometimes there are completely unexpected changes in life. Chloe's fate is not at all ordinary; what awaits her will turn her life upside down. After all, just yesterday she didn’t care about anything, but tomorrow she will learn about the existence of mystical creatures and reveal the secret connected with who she really is. Chloe will find both many enemies and love for which she will have to fight.

Chapter 1

I woke up to the unpleasant sound of my alarm clock. It sounded like a hammer on the head.

I would like it to be less disgusting, but I definitely won’t wake up from the calm and pleasant sounds of the alarm clock.

And today is also Monday, which means I need to get ready for school. I guess school is my main priority right now.

I've been doing a biology project all weekend and I just have to turn it in today and get an excellent grade for it in any event.

So I quickly got up and ran to shower and then get dressed. I never paid much attention to clothes, but I also looked good.

I chose comfort and confidence over uncomfortable heels. So I opted for casual jeans and a sweatshirt and went to the kitchen.

While I was going down the steps I could already hear my parents laughing.

It's so nice to hear their laughter and see them so happy. My family is what gives me strength.

"Darling, you're early today!" Mom exclaimed when she saw me.

"Today is an important day! I have to turn in my biology project!" I answered.

“You always try hard and you will get your reward for it,” dad continued the conversation.

My parents were always very supportive of me, which is probably why I never gave up when I had to do something difficult.

My mother worked as a teacher at the same school where I studied.

So we went to school together in her car as soon as we finished breakfast.

It was quite convenient. Besides, it was nice to know that my mother is nearby, but sometimes this could be a problem.

Because some classmates thought that my academic performance was only because my mom asked other teachers about it.

This was probably why I tried so hard as well.

When we arrived to school, I immediately ran to my locker, where I usually met with my friends.

I was early, so I decided to prepare for the first lesson.

I opened the locker and was looking for a textbook, when someone from behind covered my eyes with their hands.

"Lily?" I asked if it was my best friend laughing. But there was no answer. I got curious.

"Greg?" I called the name of my second friend...

“No, it’s me!” I heard the answer in a rough and even a little irritable voice.

"Oh, is that you Nick?" I was surprised.

After all, I never expected to see my boyfriend so early.

I wanted to hug him, as we usually did when we met, but he turned around and left, leaving me bewildered.

Lily and Greg immediately came up to me from nowhere.

“What was that, Chloe?” Greg began instead of even saying hi.

"Oh, hi guys, everything's okay, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Don't be a fool! You're not yourself!" Lily said with a frown. I would like to know what happened as well, why Nick just left...

But in order not to escalate the situation, I just smiled and dragged my friends to the class.

The first lesson was History and I couldn't help but think about what happened to Nick.

I thought about why he had just left and what I did wrong.

My mind wandered; throughout the lesson I could not concentrate on what the teacher was saying.

And the teacher told the material in a rather boring way.

But the next lesson was Biology and I had to concentrate on passing the project perfectly, otherwise there was no point in all that effort.

I decided to forget about the situation for a while and switched to classes.

Graduation is coming up and I have to work hard to get good grades and get into the college I wanted, not the one I had to go to.

After History, my friends and I went out for a break. It was warm spring day. I was glad to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

"Chloe, are you and Nick okay?" Lily couldn't calm down.

"Yes, why?" I asked.

“I’m worried about you, he’s behaving strangely. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but next to him you’re smiling less and less! Remember your previous relationship. There was pain in it, you were unhappy. I just want happiness for you.”

Greg, standing nearby, sighed in agreement with her words.

Lily is a very good friend, she is always there, supports and protects. But sometimes she is overprotected.

"Lily, it's okay, never mind, Nick is not like my previous boyfriends, he won't hurt me, trust me!" I said.

"I'd like to believe it." answered Lily with sadness.

“Then why are you so thoughtful? You spent the entire History lesson looking out the window, that’s not like you,” Greg asked.

“How can I not be thoughtful? I’m worried about the Biology project that is about to be handed in!” I lied.

Although it's not a complete lie, I didn't want to admit that Nick upset me and upset with it my friends.

“It’s time,” Lily said.. And we went to Biology.

Despite the morning worries, I managed to pass the project without much difficulty. Nobody noticed that anything was wrong.

The rest of the classes went smoothly, but I was looking forward to the end so that I could meet Nick after classes and talk.

We've been together this entire school year, quite a long time, in my opinion. He sometimes behaved hot-tempered and strange, but I felt his care for me, I knew that he loved me.

Nick and I met outside the school after classes. He looked distant.

I waited all day to find out what was wrong. That’s why I couldn’t wait a second longer now.

I spoke first and asked him what happened.

"You're always messing with your friends, Chloe. And Greg? Why are you even friends with guys? I'm your boyfriend and you can't have male friends!" he shouted.

Chapter 2

From the moment he started talking, I didn’t immediately understand what exactly he was telling me, because I only heard his scream.

I also didn’t understand what I did to deserve such an attitude towards myself.

I cannot tolerate this kind of attitude towards myself, especially when I have not done anything wrong.

I took a deep breath so as not to shout back.

"Why are you yelling at me? Greg and I have been friends since childhood! Are you jealous? Why are you only telling me this now?" I asked trying to control myself.

"Don't act like an angel, Chloe," Nick said and his words surprised me even more. There were hints of mockery in his voice.

“But you cannot suspect me of infidelity, I love you!” I answered even though I was very offended.

Surprisingly, Nick calmed down very quickly and sighed. He came up to me and pulled me close to him.

“Okay, let's not talk about it anymore,” he said and got ready to leave.

I was uncomfortable


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