A Witch's Despair: The Demon Mate

A Witch's Despair: The Demon Mate

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Ruth Aji 💦
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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A Witch's Despair: The demon's mate She's not meant to be the Queen She took her sister's Fate She got herself entangled in a crazy dilemma She's a witch... Not a good one but a bad one She's Ruthless She's Cunning She's Sacred Who's the She???? ...... She's Nadia... Nadia is the junior sister of Fleur the destined queen of àr taigh, the lands of the witches and wizards. Nadia hates fleur because Fleur had everything she wanted, the love and attention from her parents, the most loved person in school, and the most painful one was that the person she(Nadia) loves also likes Fleur, something Nadia can't accept. Feeling so bad that she cannot have one thing Fleur has, she grew jealous and her hate for Fleur began to grow, she despises Fleur to the extent that she had wanted to kill her. All Cy wanted was revenge, how do you feel when someone just killed the only mate you are destined to have? it's painful right, well yes, it is indeed painful and that is what happened to Cy, Nadia killed his mate, even though his mate was wrong or right she was still his mate and now she had been killed by a witch. How? How could a demon be killed by a witch, there is no way could happen but yet it did happen. "I am going to make sure she suffers dearly for what she did, she brought this upon herself so she should be ready for the consequences" no one wanted to be a demon scapegoat, but she is. "she is going to suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually and if I don't do it I swear to Vodyanoi the gods of the water demon that I would kill myself " he swore that same night. Find out what happens when Nadia enters a forbidden portal meant for her sister and how everything changed for her and also what Cy would do when he finds out that Nadia is his mate. How could that happen? wasn't he leaned to have one mate?

Chapter 1: A Life For A Life

Chapter One

Nadia follows Fleur quietly late at night in the forest, she has been secretly trailing her for her own ends. Fleur turned around to see whether anyone was following her, and when she was certain they weren't, she cast a spell to open a gateway.

She had no idea that Nadia was prepared to attack.

"Fleur! " Nadia called as she pulled out a knife towards Fleur ready to kill without any signs of remorse. She was already scared, partly because her life was in danger, but the main reason was because she does not know what would happen to Nadia when she enters the portal. She knew that she was destined to die in the hands of Nadia, but that was supposed to be six days after her coronation.

`What went wrong?` she thought.

"Escaba '' Fleur whispered and the knife Nadia held flew away, she needed to concentrate on the portal, since the portal could only be opened once. She had spent all in her trying to learn this spell and she was not ready to lose this chance, this was one of the tasks given to her by Isidiorus.

Nadia knew Fleur was going to do something like that and yet she never felt this furious in her entire life, so angry that she started throwing death spells at her, surprised by how her sister could learn those death spells quickly, Fleur lost all concentration on the portal just to face Nadia. She cast a spell to throw Nadia away but the unexpected happened, Nadia tried to doge the spell that was thrown at her, in that process she lost her balance and entered the portal. The portal closed right away.

"Nooooooo!" Fleur screamed as she fell on the ground. "Nadia, Nadia, please come out now" She called for her sister, but no response. She felt something bad must have happened to her, Nadia had entered a portal she did not know about, feeling devastated, not ready to give up, she tried to open the portal, but could not. She tried again and again, but she could not open it, she staggered back as she reminisced.

She did everything she could to be the greatest sister she could be to Nadia and try to change Nadia's perception of her, but Nadia wouldn't budge. Nadia continued to despise her. She attempted the magic once again, but she was unable to complete it because of her extreme exhaustion.


Nadia felt her head throbbing as she opened her eyes, 'this was not her room' she thought as her eyes scanned the room she was in. The room was painted in white shining very bright, the light shone in her half-opened eyes, that was when it occurred to her that she entered the portal Fleur opened.

"Ha! It is a miracle to know that you are awake. "She heard an angelic voice which soothed her ears, she tried to sit upright but she couldn't, she was still weak.

"Take it, easy young girl, you are still weak, " the pleasing voice said, Nadia looked at the person talking, she was a very beautiful woman wearing a white attire, she looks angelic just like her voice and also holy or we could say sacred, the woman in front of her looked quite familiar, the angelic-looking woman helped her to sit upright.

Nadia who could not keep her curiosity said,

"You look familiar "

"Yes I am, sweetheart, I am Meathrica the second queen of witches" Nadia's eyes widened as the woman was introduced. It makes sense that the woman seemed familiar because the school, library, and museum all had copies of her painting.

This woman was one of the greatest queens in history, she was one of the queens who fought the demons and rescued her people from eternal slavery, she was a queen indeed, she was soft when she needed to be and brave when she needed to be, too bad she died early, she died centuries ago.

Wait, am I dead? Nadia questioned herself, feeling angry that she could not succeed in doing anything she planned to do.

The woman smiled and answered "No you are not, you just escaped from one considering the fact you entered the portal for queens, you are one lucky girl, glad you did not enter the lion's den, "She said and paused.

"You read minds," she asked

"Yes I do, one of the powers I got from being a queen"Meathrica explained and Nadia pursed her lips.

Portal for a queen?

Why did Fleur open this portal?

"Lion's den?"She asked

"Yes, well that's what I would say, actually people who are not destined to be queens actually end up in the demon's lair when they enter this portal. I just don't know why you are exceptional, all the queens are still thinking about your case. "Meathrica explained

"All the queens you mean Aradia, Lilith, Oriania, and the other queen witches," Nadia enquired.

"Yes all of them "Meathrica answered with a chuckle, she was wondering how a girl who wants to kill her sister was behaving like a child right now.

"Alright Nadia I need to send you back to where you came from, but first you need to meet someone, " As Meathrica helped Nadia stand, she remarked as they stroll around the magnificent castle- which was unlike anything she had ever seen in her life- so beautiful, she stopped in her tracks when she saw a man with a silver hair smiling slyly at her (Nadia).

" Meathrica, could you please tell me who he is?" Nadia asked with curiosity written all over her face, Meathrica saw the person Nadia was talking about and her face turned pale immediately with shock written all over her . She guided Nadia as if her life depended on it.

"Oh, No I need to send you back right now!"Meathrica sputtered, making the confused Nadia more confused, and then Nadia blacked out.

_____ _____

"Did you think you could save her from my clutches, Queen?" The silver-haired guy said to Meathrica while looking at the unconscious Nadia in a mirror.

"What do you mean? "Meathrica asked

"A life for a life, "He said and vanished.

Chapter 2: Summon the wise

Nastatia was worried sick about her two daughters, none of them came home last night and it was eating her up, different thoughts running through her mind but her heart was feeling that the worst had happened.

`Has Nadia been successful in killing Fleur, was that why she ran away?' she thought out loud

'No that can't be possible' she said almost immediately, removing the evil thought from her mind, seeing her husband rushing in she asked.

"Any news from them" 

He looked at her face and sighed in dejection, seeing this reaction she asked again.

"Did you find them" hoping to get good news from him even though his expression is saying otherwise.

"No I could not find them" he replied with a tired voice, of course, he was tired because he had gone out to search for them alone, he was going to involve the people right after he was sure they were missing, he was scared also, why? because of the proph


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