A Vampire's Quench

A Vampire's Quench

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Reine
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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She is just a typical ordinary girl with dreams. My name is Candy yes that one Candy thats what they all call me. I'll be turning twenty in a few months but that is something am not proud of, of course, am not just a typical girl am more than that. "What am I?" Thats one question am yet to answer. But what I know is that in the next six months before my twentieth birthday I want to experience love. So here is my a hundred-to-do list before I die, Yes you heard it right to die. I am terminally ill so the one thing I would love to do before I die is to fall in love isn't that what love is?

Chapter 1 Candy

My name is Leena James but they all call me Candy James reasons why I don't know yet. I was first diagnosed with an illness when I first turned fifteen. For five years, I've been in and out of hospitals numerous times. In a few months, I'll be officially twenty, yes twenty the age where we all start to bloom, the age where everyone is excited to get to but as for me that is the age where I will officially bid everyone goodbye. By everyone I mean my adoptive parents, my two brothers, and the only friend I have Casey. After I was diagnosed with an illness, I was homeschooled. I am the apple of my family. We aren't rich but am glad we are a harmonious family.

So they said my illness is hereditary after being depressed for months I finally wrote down a hundred to-do list before I die. The first on my list is I want to fall in love or probably even get married to a rich, handsome, and Of course aloof man but that is just my empty wish.

"Candy, it's time for breakfast," Lenny one of the twin brothers knocked rapidly on the door.

"Am coming," Candy yelled back in return. We live in a small old cottage probably more than a hundred years old passed from our grandfathers to our fathers and probably the next would be my two brothers. But it doesn't make it less of a home we all love it like this.

Our neighbors are extremely friendly.

"Come have a sit Candy, I'll take you for a check-up after breakfast," Mr. James my dad says.

"No need, Casey will drive me there,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes am sure just go to work,"

My parents own a small shop famously known for selling one of the best noodles in town. They don't earn much but it's enough for our day-to-day activities. My brothers have part-time jobs helping the family as well am the only exception. Each day I would try to convince them to let me enroll in a school as homeschooling is quite expensive or just take part-time jobs and it would be the same answer over and over.

"How can we let our little Candy work let your brothers do it," Mrs. James replies.

"All you have to do is eat, study, and get better," Mr. James replies.

"Yes sister, leave that for us or else people will say we bully the young miss,"

Just thinking of their answers makes me smile am indeed blessed how great would it be if they weren't just my adoptive parents but still treat me like their own daughter?

"Quick, eat your food you'll be late here this is your favorite look how skinny you are," Mrs. James slightly whines at me.

My lips curl up as I reply excitedly," Mom don't worry about me why don't you eat as well you haven't been eating well recently,"

"Mommy is just a little tired these days,"

"Why don't you rest I'll help dad at the shop,"

"No need it's fine,"

"I'll also call Casey to help me out she has been nagging me out about how bored she is," I try my luck once again.

"Fine just this once," Mrs. James sighs seeing her cute face.

"Yeees, I can finally work," I say to myself. I mentally note down to tick on my list of to-do things in six months.

After breakfast, I walk toward the door in a white dress and a pair of sneakers. My hair and green eyes have always been my pride everyone would stare at my eyes as I walked saying beautiful were an understatement.

"Where are you am already outside," I texted Casey my best friend wait, my one and only friend.

"Am almost there, am stuck in a traffic jam," She instantly replied.

I sigh before replying," Just meet me at the hospital,"

"Are you sure, why don't you just wait for me, am almost there,"

"The hospital is just a fifteen minutes distance don't be so naggy." Despite the hospital being a fifteen minutes distance, no one lets me go to the hospital alone let alone walk.

"Make sure you take a taxi then, or else your brothers will skin me alive," She texted again.

"Fine, I got it," I place my phone inside my mini bag as I walk to the hospital the air in the countryside is so clean and rejuvenating.

After ten minutes, my phone rang.

"Am at the hospital where are you? I'll come to you,"

"Almost there," I replied.

"What do you mean almost there did you walk?" Casey texted back.

"Don't be mad I wanted to walk the air is so clean and fresh." I said not sure if she would buy my story.

"Stop I'm coming to pick you up, you better listen to me now,"


After a few minutes, A blue sports car stopped in front of me. Casey walked toward me from her expression she looked abit upset.

"Enough, don't be mad you will ruin your beautiful face," I pinched her cheeks slightly.

"Hmmph, I'll let it go just this once,"

"I know my Casey is the best,"

"Fine let's go we are already late,"

"How are your studies coming along?" Casey asked. I was a beauty with brains that was something most people around me knew.

"I think am almost done, after completing my project I'll be able to get my undergraduate degree," I reply calmly.

"What, you are going to complete your degree in two years?" Casey said shockingly.

"Mmh," I reply.

"Candy you are so great here I am still in my sophomore year yet you are already a senior quick tell me what's your secret?"

"Studying of course, do you study?" I ask her curiously.

"Fine, we both know I hate studying but good thing my beautiful friend over here is brainy,"

Casey would always let Candy do her homework but it wasn't a problem for her so she would gladly do it for her. Anyway what's so great about it when I will die in a couple of months thinking of that I sigh heavily.

After a few minutes, they had arrived.

"I'll go park the car wait for me here," Casey said.


After saying that, I walk toward the entrance with my mini bag dancing around my slender waist.

Chapter 2 Encounter 1

She stood in a daze staring at two gentlemen dressed in dark suits elegantly walking past me, she couldn't take her eyes off them as she silently uttered under my breath, "That was the man she wanted, his slender face, blue eyes, one word for him Perfection." Candy felt like she had just won a prize. Subconsciously,she ran after the two gentlemen as she reminded myself it was now or never. She quickly stopped in front of them blocking their paths and heavily sighing after the run.

"Miss, please move aside you are on our path don't waste our time," The gentleman next to him spoke but she couldn't be bothered about him she had locked her target.

After seconds of staring at each other which looked like they were in a contest, he spoke again "Miss, miss," As he waved his masculine hands on my face.

Candy instantly slapped his hands away as he blocked my view, "I-I...I-I am my- my," Candy stuttered.

"So y


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