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A Tale Of Two Dark Auras

A Tale Of Two Dark Auras

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START Besa comes home feeling bored, gives her Father a long lecture about moving to another place full of activities and excitement. Besa calls Aceland the worst of cities and only meant for zombies and cockroaches. Dr Doe (Besa's Father) doesn't give it a thought because he moved from Toffvile 20years old after establishing crest High school with two of his friends (Dr Adams and Fred Ted) everything went well until he found out Adams his bosom trusted friend stole the secret diamond worth billions of dollars which was shaped in form of a crest and hidden inside the statue that signifys the school logo where no one would ever suspect such a gem can be kept in plain sight. Dr Doe's favourite motto was "Plain sight!! No one knows!....Dad!? can you hear me Besa interrupted her dad's thoughts. Dr Doe shivered and cringed at the memory of betrayal, love and fate he turned to the only human worth loving...Yes! Bun am here with you he replied! Will we move somewhere fun Dad? This place makes me bored I feel like am in blaaaaah land..Dr Doe let's out a loud round of laughter..Blah land you say!? Fortune City and Aceland as a whole is fun, calm and beautiful to say the least why should we moved all of a sudden? Besa pushes back the nude scheme stool behind her and sits on it smirks sips a glass of Empires juice... They're a one million reasons to leave Aceland your research work and effort are not recognized here we need a place where the are lots of facilities and rocks for you to take off your project like Toffvile I researched and saw great views trust me Dad you will loveeee this one...Dr Doe sighs Toffvile he whispered...maybe you can't bury the past afterall. Delevopment Besa moves to Toffvile with her Dad and falls in love with the place the whole environment feels amazing to her and she wants to know more about Toffvile especially the crest symbol that is stationed at a high school miles away from her window. Besa's Father doesn't feel ok coming back to Toffvile it reminds him of Eva Marshall Besa's mother who wanted more than friendship and even gave him a daughter but he was too young at 22 to think about love. Besa reminds him of all the fun and young dreams in his head. His urging need to explore everyday....Time passes Besa gets admitted into Crest High school (The Phoenix) and tries to adjust to the environment but Tracy and Susie make life difficult for her they bully her on sereval occasions and try to make her feel less human. Flora and Gia step in to help her sometimes but they know their boundaries in order to avoid being the new prey. Lead Williams Besa's tutor feels edgy and uncomfortable whenever Besa's around he completely ignores her Everytime she's around not only does this make Besa cry but she ran to the school statue at night looked at the crest and made a wish on it. Climax Eva Marshall senses her daughter in danger being an hybrid she went into hiding for 20years after she was tricked by Adams into sleeping with him to get Dr Doe's love. Eva felt stupid and miserable with herself for all those years and never for once showed up to crest High because the pain the agony the fear of losing the very thing you loved makes her stale Everytime she remembers. Eva sights Besa sleeping close to the crest with the crystal in her hand she looks at her seed and decides to use her as a ploy to get back Doe. Transferring Antagon her alter ego hurt personality to Besa she marks Besa and Besa becomes a girl who two dark auras Antagon gave her spilt personalities that where triggered by words, laughs and mocks the minute anyone pisses Besa into a thousand pieces she can turn their world when she looks into your eyes you'll be begging for mercy. The only person Antagon could never overcome was Lead and slowly Besa finds solace seeing lead at a distance. Dr Doe tries to make sense of everything but his research consumes him he is married to the rocks and not anyone. Conclusion Besa demands answers what happened at the crest that night, why is she now the center of Lead's attraction and why is she so angry yet so powerful. Besa's mum tries to manipulate her senses with lies and lies. Besa seeks to find the solution by going back to the beginning. On April 23rd at midnight she goes back to the crest with her crystal. Adam who is now a vampire comes, Dr Doe, Eva Marshall, lead Williams met. The Battle for the crest and Besa's soul is drawn and true intentions win....or so they think?

Chapter 1

The Big move

Pulling the sheets back I sighed "Another boring day in Aceland" that I have to go to school!! Arrrrrrrgh I hit my hand on my bed immediately my alarm clock understood the assignment and screamed once more and this time very loud it drove me crazy! "I'll throw you in the thrash"...I muttered.

Dad comes in "Hey bun" rise and shine it's Tuesday you know you have 3weeks to your exams and you have that history assignment to submit to Mrs parker and I've got to get to the D.R soon....I looked straight into his eyes making the face I Know may work atimes...Dad can I not go today I will call in very ill please Dad I said.

"Besa!!  he screamed I jerked cause that was not the deal for the day "Get up and get ready am dropping you in school even if I will have to do it with you wearing your nightgown...Yes Dr Doe I replied.

Dad left the room without a word closing the door he sighed and left for his study. Settling in he pushed a book down and in a bit to catch he stumbled and fell flat on his butt...ouch! he said that too much for a grown man of 45 Rearranging the books he saw a picture of Dr Adams and Fred Ted a notch filled his heart looking at the people he loved 20years ago who caused him so much hurt and pain makes him defensive with Besa every time.

From jellies to bows to candies to knee high boots all he felt for this little girl was nothing but love and laughter. The slightest thought of Besa hurting sends him into his past all he wanted was just to be friends with Eva Marshall nothing more but she came too close just close enough to make him get her to have a mini me.

"Hmmmm.. Dr Doe said I was young and inexperienced what could I do than throw thousands of sperm everywhere and it produced the craziest homosapien( Besa Doe).." Oh Eva"... he growled thanks for making me a happy miserable man who loves rocks and Besa.

On a second thought Dr Doe fell back into his chair and poundered 'Did I ever love Eva? Dr Doe grew up in the Johnson's household where books is the only love language maybe with crystals covered in crest!

Dr Doe...he chuckled to himself.... Achieving a PH.d in his 40's  was no small feat. Only a few privileged people of the population could achieve or make sense of it. During his thesis most people threw in the towel but Doe said "I have come this far so I will at least get this right and be the man I have to be this one time...."full of loneliness and despair Dr Doe understands how empty it is not to have anyone or anything that cherishes you as age increases..'Hmmm' Dr Doe dropped the well printed picture in his hands that dust was eating away and left for his kitchen to make some toast.


Mornings are always the peak of dread for me every day in Aceland. I did my usual morning routine and hair ritual too tired to lay my bed I left it unmade and I put on my Jordans while also trying to close the door to my room. I love multitasking, it takes me nowhere...'Breathe Besa breathe...'i said to my inner stubborn me trying to be my own crazy guru can sometimes be daunting, annoying to say the least! I dropped my bag and Jordans on the floor, locked the door did the right thing next. ready'..Dad says. Grabbing the burnt sorry looking thing from his hand and I prepared eggs,new toasts and we ate it with wafers and syrup. 'Hurry up' Dad beckons 'we are going to be late' I quickly ate my breakfast like I was on a wild goose chase and we got into the car.

Dad dropped me off with a kiss..."Bye bun' he teased...'stop calling me bun am 19'...I said ..'No baby you will be 19 in 3weeks during your break..Dr Doe said....' whatever' I said leaving the car and heading towards the hallway. Mrs Parker's class will be in 10mins and am yet to assemble my assignment in the right order....'phewwww' I lean on my locker in desperation and anxiety. Ronwood high school in Aceland had a bad effect on my nerves and everything about distaste the place.

Heya...!! Someone called from behind. I turned and look at Candice who has been my friend and gossip partner in Ronwood she's definitely the life of the party and makes the little sickness I have about Aceland go away in some seconds. 'Hey Candice...! How are you doing...I said closing my locker and we head for Mrs Parker's class at room 39.

Mrs Parker has a sweet and stern demeanor sometimes I wonder why a lady in her mid 30's I guess could be so sweet,cold at the same time. She's got a good sense of style but she wears too much scarf that the class guys call her "Scarf lady"... 'I guess it's her signature look....' Candice responded as if she knew my thoughts...'You really think so..I jumped in..'maybe Aceland has no clothing store..' Candice and I bursted into a snotty round of laughter and Mrs Parker slams the table we sit up eyeballing each other from the side.

'Good morning class...I hope your all done with your assignments especially you Candice and Besa...Mrs Parker said looking in our direction. 'Maam...Troy called... 'Yes Troy..Mrs Parker answered ... 'Call them candle lady and butter' Troy mused... A pack of guys laugh Candice and I keep a stern look.

Troy has been trying so hard pretty hard to get Candice attention and she has not been giving even the yellow light. Troy teases Candice from a place of pain since he's a cool guy, the ladies flock over him but Candice has her choice and it definitely doesn't start with a T.

Quiet..! Class.....Mrs Parker said..'Today we will be looking at American history'...Her class lasted for 1hr and we had 2 other classes before lunch time. I strolled with Candice to the cafeteria settled in for a cool meal when I felt a hand over my shoulder. I turned and there goes Troy the 2nd Ryan Gusta.

Ryan...!! shoving his hand away from me in a spilt second 'what do you want'!...I asked... 'i need a sit and 3kids from you'..Ryan responded with apt seriousness. I laughed...'You have gone crazy now huh'...Mr Ryan leave me alone I want to munch in peace'...Ryan can never disturb a lady once he's too cool headed for that so tries the second time. 'Can I sit'!? Ryan asked...'Hell nahhh!!! You can't you just can't leave me alone Ryan....I hissed. Ryan turned and made his way to meet the boys feeling defeated!!

"Go easy on Ryan".... Candice smiles making her burger into one hard pressed ball placing it in the right position to chew. 'You go easy on Troy..I replied. 'Dont even mention that dumbies name' Candice storms at me....'Ok fine...! Candice changes the topic because she hates to be at loggerheads with her friend.

'Are you still thinking about leaving Aceland and relocating to Toffvile?... Candice asks me to clear the air. I play the fiddle....'Yes I am Cand! It's boring over here and life moves at a slow pace but you see Toffvile it's like every girl's dream a place where everyone should be.....I answered her with glee. 'So here's no stopping you from leaving huh'.. Candice said as we make our way from the Cafeteria to our final class for the day.....'Yes there's no stopping me except my Dad won't buy the idea'....

Dr Doe pulled his chair in an upward motion trying to readjust his view of the rock in front of him. All analysis and experiments are just Ok the rock temperature seems right but as he was about to put the rock back in place he finds a piece of object looking shiny. "This looks familiar"....he said. 'where have I seen this.... Picking his magnifying lens to look closer he sees the object as sliver shaped. Dr Doe panicks because he knows what this could mean...the sliver shape based looks like a piece of the rock that can only be found at Toffvile where him, Fred and Adams built the Crest to signify the symbol of the famous school also hiding the crystal that was worth a lot of money.

The deal was to house the crystal in the crest and later cut it into pieces for the board of Directors to use it as an asset to solve their personal financial issues but Adam betrayed them wanting the whole crystals for himself. Unknown to them he cut it into a 7 pieces making a pendant for each one. When confronted by Fred for his dubious acts he used the power in the crest to hypnotize him and under the influence Fred made a new document removing Dr Doe's name from the deed of partnership handling the sole proprietorship of the school to Adam.

Adam betrayed Dr Doe because Doe trusted him too soon and told him about the power of the crystal in the crest that it was given to him by a hybrid who saved his life many years ago. The hybrid gave him the crystal in the crest as a gift and the secret to harness the powers in the crest to one's own benefit. Doe decided to share the gift with his friends generating income from it, using the money to build a school, employ the best tutor's and teach student standard curriculum.

Doe was so excited to share the secrets of the crystal with Adam. At first, Adam loved the idea and established and equipped the school. But Adam was always jealous of Doe wanted everything Doe had especially Eva Marshall who loved Doe so much even when Doe saw her as friend.

Adam succeeded in driving Doe out of Toffvile stealing the crystal but before Doe left he went to the crest opening the top and placed the remaining crystals inside it sealing it in plain sight he managed to recover some of Adam's dangerous powers sealing it too to avoid less damage. Eva Marshall is now pregnant for him he asks her to keep the baby.

Doe leaves for Aceland to live a quiet life there. Eva Marshall drops Besa in a basket near his door with a message she leaves and never comes back no one hears from her. Doe stares at the sliver shape object found at the base of the rock in front of him. He calls his assistant Trisha to come in ...Dr Doe you sent for me!? ...Trisha comes in standing at the door. 'Yes certainly where did this sample come from?.... Trisha said 'It came from Toffvile our analysis team found it at the base of the famous Crest High statue it was scattered all around in bits.

'Scattered in bits....Dr Doe screamed!!!! That's insane. Trisha showed Dr Doe a picture of the scattered pieces of the same kind of rocks in his hands on her Tablet. 'Sir, the say it's a kind of ehmmm... reaction coming from the statue few weeks ago we examined the statue it looks normal and Ok but it looks like some kind of superhuman force hit it.

'Superhuman force' huh.....Trisha? Dr Doe called! 'Yes Dr!..... Trisha answered looking stressed from answering calls all day from her demanding Dr's...'Pack your bags we are moving to Toffvile Metropolis'!!

Chapter 2

Blood smears on a thick pale skin looking slender and curvy glass pieces fall scattered in all the right places close by Eva sits with nothing on besides her lays a man who name she can't remember...ahhhhhh she exhales "Every damn time Eva every damn time" mystery man kisses her neck wraps his hands around her waist kisses her more passionately makes his way down to her navel strokes softly Eva responds by giving him a soft touch and becomes sucked into the mood....."Doe..Doe...kiss me more"....Eva beckons.

"Who the hell is Doe!? I'm Damian Lillard and am telling you again for the millionth time what can he do that I can't!!! He roars makes a funny look at Eva..."I'm sorry Eva says raising the duvet to cover her body "I thought you...I was... I'm...sorry" being short of words Eva apologized and hope the conversation would be over and he would continue their business.

Daiman smiled mischievously I know the s


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