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The billionaire's contracted marriage

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Aisling Parker would do anything to save her dying father and Zechariah Payne would do anything to protect his title as a the CEO of Payne Corp. Aisling Parker, only child of Liam Parker, works as a baker. She barely makes ends meet as the breadwinner of the family but on a cold winter afternoon a complete stranger offers her an opportunity to change her life. Zechariah Payne, current CEO of Payne Corp. Got his position threatened by his father for the sixth time this year. He has been pressured by his father and the board of directors to find a wife or his position would be handed over to his brother. He hires a matchmaker to find him a wife and she turned out to be Aisling. What happens when two world collide? Will there be an explosion or will it birth a beginning of a new world?

Chapter 1

Aisling received a call few hours ago and was told the most horrible news ever. "Hello" "Hi, is this miss Parker?" The feminine voice asked over the phone. "Yes, how can I help you?" "We are calling from Grace hospital, your father was brought in by his coworker. He fainted at work, we'll need you to come down to the hospital". "What? That's impossible, I'll be there in a few minutes" she said while hanging up the phone. She hurriedly locked up her shop and flagged down a cab. She prayed so hard for her father, she couldn't afford to lose him. He was all she had. After what seemed like hours, but was only ten minutes. She arrived at the hospital. She ran to the front desk breathing heavily. "I'm looking for my dad, he was brought in a few hours ago" she said to the attendant"Okay, hold on. What is his name?" "Liam Parker" she replied hurriedly"Okay he is in ward c31, just follow the lines on the wall." She ran through the hospital hall not caring that so many eyes where on her till she finally reached his ward. Tears filled her eyes as she saw her dad on the bed. He looked so helpless and fragile. Was he always this old? He was asleep so she decided not to wake him. She sat down beside him and prayed. She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't notice the doctor come in. "I suppose your miss Parker?" The doctor asked. That woke her from her thoughts. "Yes, I'm his daughter". "Well then, follow me to my office. We need to talk". He said while he exited the room. That statement made her so scared, what could possibly be wrong with him? "Please have a sit" the doctor said when they got into his office"I'm sorry to be the bearer of such horrible news but your dad has leukemia" he continuedShe felt the whole world stop, she couldn't hear anything else he was saying. Her dad had leukemia? How ? When? This is horrible. She could never in a million years afford the treatments. She couldn't lose her only family like this. "Miss Parker, miss Parker " the doctor tried to gain her attention. "Is there a treatment for it?""Yes but it's very expensive" he replied"And how much is going to cost?" "$300k and we have to be fast about it because if he doesn't undergo surgery now, it'll be dangerous. He has two months till it becomes too late"She felt her heart skip a beat. 300k? Where is she supposed to get that amount from? Even is she worked seven jobs she wouldn't be able to gather enough money to pay it before the deadline. Two months? She couldn't even borrow money. They had bad credit. "This is horrible" she said to herself as she left the hospital. After leaving the doctors office, she decided to see her dad. He was awake and they conversed for a while but she had to leave. She walked home instead of taking a cab. "Every penny counts, we need to save dad" she told her self as she walked home. "This is unfair, you can't do this to me". Zechariah yelled "Don't raise your voice at me son, have some respect". His father said calmly."You can't take this company from me, I built it from a multi- million dollars company into the billion dollar company it is today, this is unfair" he challenged"No one is taking anything away from you, we just want a little accountability". "Accountability? What rubbish are you talking about? Are you saying I'm not responsible enough to lead this company? That's absurd". He was enraged now "Don't misquote me, you're the perfect fit for this job..""Then why do you want to take it away from me and give it to Zeke? When I'm obviously a better choice" he cut in"The board of directors wants this and I also want it, marriage will calm your wild parties and womanizing. Get married or Zeke will be the new CEO. End of discussion, I'm not talking about this anymore ". His added firmly. "This is madness". Zechariah stormed out of the house. How could they do this to him? He built that company with his blood and sweat. He made so many sacrifices to bring Payne Corp to where it is. Now they want to take it away from him and give it to his unqualified brother just because he's refuses to get married? Impossible. He wouldn't allow them . He dialed his secretary's number"Hello sir" "I need you to help me do something""Do you need your secretary or your private investigator?" It was there little joke, Claire had been with him for 7 years, she was his most trusted worker. Even though she was older than him, she still respected him. But he wasn't in the mood for a joke."Find me a wife" he said, waving off her joke."A wife??... I don't understand " "I said find me a wife, it's very urgent "."Oh, I'm sure you have thousand of women lining up to be your bride. I would have married you but I'm 5 years older and you're not my type" she joked"Claire, they'll take the company. I need to get married. Make it a contract whatever . Most people do that these days right?" "Oh, you're serious? I'll try my best then" "It has to be some one they'll like, something different". "I'm not promising anything " He was ready to do anything to protect his title, even if means marrying a stranger. Two days after her father got hospitalized, she was at work, baking a red velvet cake for a customer when her boss and also her best friend, Sarah walked in. "Okay, I have a bad credit too. Turns out my mom has been taking loans and not paying back" Sarah said as she sat on a chair."Sarah... I told you not to stress your self going to the bank. It's no use" "How are we going to get 300k in two months?" Sarah was worried, none of them wanted to lose Aisling's father. He was like a father to Sarah too. "Honestly I have no idea, it is so sad" she cleaned her tears away and continued putting the icing on the cake. Coincidentally, Claire was having coffee in the shop so she overheard their conversation. "This is a good opportunity, she's different and she needs money urgently. Zechariah also needs a wife, this is perfect". She thought as the walked to her car. "What about strip dancing? I could do that". Aisling said to Sarah after she had given the cake to the delivery man. "What! Why would you even think of something like that? Dad would kill himself If he finds out" Sarah replied"I don't have any other choice, Sarah. My dad is dying. I can't lose him. You know this". "I know but you shouldn't sell yourself like that" Sarah argued"I know but I'm not.... " " Enough of this , we'll find a way out of this together. One that doesn't involve strip dancing. " Sarah cuts in. She continued the rest of her shift in a sour mood. She couldn't help but think about her father, life is really unfair. It has always been she and her parents but after she lost her mom in an accident, life was tougher. She had to give up university to work and take care of her family because her father wasn't making enough at his work. The sound of the alarm brought her back to reality, it was finally 4pm . Her shift for the day was over and she could visit her father in the hospital. She clocked out and walked to the hospital.She was greeted by the doctor in charge of her father's case when she got to the hospital and by greeted, it means he reminded her about her father's deadline. "He's a strong man, you know. Fighting against it for so long" he said"I didn't know he was sick since, he showed no symptoms" she replied worried. "Yes, yes. I guess his body couldn't fight it any longer. That's why we need to operate on him." He explained"I understand that, doctor"."Well, I'm glad you do. I'll leave you to spend time with him" he said as he left the room. She looked at her dad and let down the tears she was holding. He had been keeping the pain to himself for a long time. It made her feel horrible. He had always been her superhero, right from her childhood till this moment. Even when he's lying down on the bed, fighting for his life. He is still her superhero. "I'll save you dad, I promise . I'll so whatever it takes. Hang in there for me please ". She said to him, even though he couldn't hear her. She googled price of a kidney and got the perfect ideas when she saw the price. That's what she is going to do. Sell her kidney and save her dad. The next day at work, she told her Sarah about her plan. "You want to what?" Sarah yelled drawing the attention on some customers "Keep your voice down, we have customers" she replied in a low tone"Are you out of your mind? Look at me, say ahhhhh, how many fingers are this?" Sarah questioned"Sarah stop it, you know I'll do anything to save my dad. Besides I'm not selling both of them, just one. I know so many people that survives with one kidney " she countered. "Well I won't let you do it, there has to be another way". Sarah pleaded. "What other way Sarah? Do you have a better idea? Please tell me if you do". She yelled, unable to understand why Sarah would try to stop her. At that moment, Claire Who had been listening in on their conversation again, stood up and walked to the counter. "Um hi " she tried to get their attention"Sorry if we disturbed you. We sincerely apologize". Aisling quickly apologized."Actually that is not why I'm here" "I don't understand" Sarah answered"You said you needed money right? A better way to save your dad" she said pointing to Aisling"Sorry for listening in , I know that's quite rude of me. Anyway, my name is Claire xi. I'm here with a better opportunity that doesn't involve strip dancing and selling your kidney " she continued"And what may that be?" Aisling asked"My boss needs a wife " "What? I don't understand how that will help us" Claire replied"It's actually a contract wedding, it's quite urgent" Claire explained"A contract marriage but that.... " Aisling said"A good idea " Sarah cuts in. " I have a copy of the contract here with me , If you want to go through it" she said while bringing out the envelopeShe handed the envelope and a business card to them. "Please call if your interested, we can make some changes to the contract if you like, but I think. This is a very good opportunity. I'll leave you to think about it". She said while she walked out of the shop. Sarah hastily opened the envelope and read the conditions on the contract. "This is actually very good, it's what we have been looking for" she said excitedly"It is an answer to our prayers" she also added"I don't know, I'm not sure about it. A contract marriage? That's dangerous" Aisling was skeptical about the whole thing"Dangerous? Look here" she said while pointing to a line in the contract. "Five million". Aisling gasped"That's impossible, that could solve all of our life problems" she added"I know right, I would have jumped at the contract but you know I'm engaged to Sean" Sarah said"I really don't know, can I think about it?" Aisling still had her doubts"Of course you should. I wouldn't want you to do anything hastily. Think about it well". Sarah told her. At that moment the alarm went off. It was time to visit her dad so she ran to the hospital. She was so eager to see him again.

Chapter 2

Aisling couldn't sleep that night, she couldn't help stop thinking about what happened today. A total stranger offering her a life changing contract. Five million for a contact marriage? Who would throw away such amount of money? Who was the man involved and why couldn't he marry someone he knows? Did he choose her on purpose? So many questions were going through her mind. She decided to read through the contract again. There were just three rules*No physical contact unless need arises*No one else should know about the contract *No form of unfaithfulness is allowedThe rules were reasonable, the contract was perfect. Her only problem wa,as with the price. Why would someone pay five million dollars to marry a stranger? For a year? There had to something else, something bad. No one in his right senses would pay a huge amount of money for a contract marriage. It just didn't make sense. So she decided to Google the company. On the contract she saw


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