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Young Master's Contract Wife

Young Master's Contract Wife

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Please be wise on choosing reading. There is a lot of 18++ scene and swearing. Beware!! "Anya Smith. As my servant, you must not stand far from me. You should always be close to me because I don't like screaming when I look for you." "I know that I am so hot and attractive, Miss Smith. But you don't have to stare at me like that; watch out for your saliva drooling!" Xavier Robertino Dmitry. *** Anya Smith is sold by her father to a brothel. She is eventually rescued by the Dmitry family's rebellious youngest son, Xavier. To return the favour, Xavier Dmitry asks her to become a contract wife. However, things don't get any easier when Anya falls under the spell of Noah Dmitry, her brother-in-law. This scandal brings Anya into a whirlpool of more serious trouble, as Noah is not the angel she thought he was. When Xavier realises that Anya is in danger, will he be her saviour again? Even after he betrayed her?

Chapter 1

Fired from her job, and evicted from her rented place for not paying for three months. Forcing Anya to return to her father's house.

The father who had never seemed to care or consider her. The father who abandoned her late mother when she was still a baby. But she had no other choice but to go to that place worse than hell, at least for a few days until she got a job again.

After a long journey by train, about six hours long. Now that she had arrived at her father's apartment, she stood in front of the white door. She had been standing there for almost ten minutes, ringing the bell dozens of times, but there was no answer from inside. Anya had almost given up hope and left the place when someone finally opened the door. A woman with blonde and curly hair, wearing only underwear. Yes literally just supermini underwear that was almost tantamount to being naked as it didn't cover her lady parts properly.

Anya was wide-eyed at who was behind the door.

Who is she? Am I in the wrong apartment?

She quickly looked back at the unit number on the door, making sure she hadn't knocked on the wrong apartment.

No, this is indeed my Dad's apartment.

"W-who are you?" she asked.

"Me? Who are you? Who are you looking for?" asked the young woman with blonde hair and surgically enhanced lips who smiled sarcastically at her.

This woman must be my Dad's new bitch.

"Beth, who are you talking to?" asked a voice from inside.

"Dad!" screeched Anya as she pushed her way into the apartment and brushed past the woman.

"Dad?" muttered the woman as she pursed her lips.

"Anya! My daughter!" Robert immediately embraced his daughter, welcoming her with joy. Anya was surprised by her father's strange behaviour. Normally Robert would get angry and tend to show rejection when Anya came to him. However, for some reason, this time seemed different.

"Dad, are you okay?" Anya asked with a frown on her face.

"Beth, meet Anya, she is my daughter," Robert said as he pulled the woman towards him and hugged her tightly. Anya looked the woman wearing only underwear up and down.

"Have you eaten?" asked Robert, Anya was actually hungry, but when she saw her father's new girlfriend, her appetite disappeared immediately.

"Not yet," Anya replied listlessly.

"Rob, your daughter must be exhausted, so it's better to let her rest," Beth whispered in her spoilt voice.

Anya's eyes gazed at the two of them with an uncomfortable look. Robert wrapped his arms around Anya's slender waist. Meanwhile, Beth kissed Robert's muscular and slightly hairy arm.

"Can I stay here for a few days? I, I got fired from my job. But don't worry, I'll be out of here soon, I promise-"

"Of course, sweetheart, you can stay here. This is your home , you can stay here as long as you want. Now you better get some rest, I'll leave some food for you to eat later, okay?" Robert said with a smile. That made Anya suspicious, but the girl didn't want to bother with her drunk father's strange behaviour.

Anya nodded and turned to leave the kitchen, but suddenly Beth called out to her.

"Hmm, Anya!"

Anya turned her head and looked at the woman.

"You should use earphones when you sleep, I... I mean, we don't want to wake you up because of our game. You understand what I mean right? Adult games, your father is very strong and manly. He used to make me scream and moan," Beth chuckled without the slightest embarrassment talking about it with Anya.

Anya nodded slowly again, swearing to herself, "BITCH!"

Beth smiled stiffly and pretentiously, Anya returned Beth's smile in the same way.


Anya thought she had only been asleep for a few hours when she heard a noise coming from outside her room. She slowly opened her eyelids. As she regained consciousness, she was able to listen carefully and surmise what was going on outside her room.

"How many times have I warned you? Not only have you deceived us, but you've also taken advantage of Lord Andres' generosity. But, unfortunately, Mr Andres' son did not inherit his generosity, so we will only give you two choices. Hand over the woman now or we'll cut off your head and bring it to our boss?" snapped a high-pitched voice.

"Robert!" shrieked Beth in a heart-wrenching voice. Understanding the violent commotion, Anya hesitated to step outside. It would be better for her to hide now, before the strangers out there realised that there was one other person in Robert's house.

"Please, give me some time," Robert begged.

"We've already given you too much time. Now drag that woman out!"

"No! Don't bring Beth!"

"Robert help me!" Beth shouted with a trembling voice that portrayed fear.

"Where are you taking her? She's my future wife!" Robert screeched.

"None of your business, there are many things I can use this bitch for. She looks healthy and young, I'm sure I can sell her internal organs on the black market. You don't have to worry, Rob. I'll send the rest of her body to you," said a man with a heavy voice. Hearing the horrific conversation made Anya feel like she was out of breath. She cried and covered her mouth tightly so that the sound of her crying could not be heard outside.

"Rob help me, don't let them take me!" cried Beth.

"Your daughter! You can replace me with your daughter, s-she's in the room, s-she-"

"WHO IS SHE?!" shouted the man who was now pointing a gun at Robert's head.

"Robert's daughter, Anya, yes her name is Anya!" Beth shouted making the debt collectors look at each other.

"She's young, younger than me. She's also still very healthy and yes, she's beautiful, you can sell her. I'm sure people will offer a lot of money for her!"

"Beth stop your nonsense!" shrieked Robert.

"What are you saying, so you prefer that girl to me?" Beth sounded unreceptive.

"Sand, check the room!" ordered a man with a heavy voice.

Anya broke out in a cold sweat and trembled when she heard that. She quickly slipped under the bed. She didn't know where else to hide. The room was very small, there was no closet other than a small nightstand. There was no wardrobe, she had checked the window and it was impossible to jump from there. She was now on the twenty-sixth floor. Jumping was certainly not a wise choice, as it could have made her end up on the autopsy table.

The old door creaked as someone opened it. Anya could only see the man's large black shoes. From his feet and the shoes he wore, Anya could guess that he was a tall man, one that Anya could not fight with her bare hands or even a weapon.


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