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He was too busy to fall in love, now, he is begging to be loved. The young Chief Executive Officer of a leading oil firm and a Penultimate Student was ready to love. He became open and responsive to friendship. In the past, Jeff, a young CEO, disregarded the lustful ogle of some female admirers because he gave himself a mandate. He loved his adoptive grandfather, Mr. Jeffery Morris, who became asexual after he lost his girlfriend over three decades ago and wished to see him love again. Jeff had actualized his wish by fishing out his lover, Madam Sica Ray, a Lady Boss who he believed was killed by his father in a corporate feud between the two parents. Before now, the Chairman who had no successor adopted Jeff's family as his successor, to the surprise of the antagonist. Later, Jeff's mother, Dora, was kidnapped and thrown out of the helicopter. His father, Ken was devastated, but the Chairman took it upon himself to rescue her through her coordinate, and he succeeded, but she had lost her memory as a result of the accident. Subsequently, Mr. Jeffrey Morris and Sica Ray got married. Then, Jeff was faced with the problem of falling, even though he wished to. He later overcame his fears and got married. Jewel, his only sister, graduated from her school and became a successful broadcaster who could broadcast in English and French Languages. Later, she got married and discovered that the super-rich man's son whom she rejected was the man she actually loved.

Chapter 1 A New Vigor


At the Morris Ancestral Manor.

The thought of resuming school after a long holiday exhilarated Jeff and Leon. Jeff was more gladdened because he is out of his aromantic life and had opened his mind to love. His grandfather, Mr. Jeffery Morris, the mysterious boss of the Cherry Fields Oil and Gas Group, who had been his reason for avoiding intimacy with the opposite sex, was euphoric too. As usual, he walked to the verandah to watch them leave for school. That morning, Jeff drove from the car park to the verandah to pick Leon, who was standing beside Mr. Morris. Then, he asked a question which they expect every morning.

“Did you do the routine check on the car, Jeff?”

‘I am no more a baby, dad. I know what to do before driving out.’

He mumbled under his breath before he responded.

“Yes, grandpa.”

“That is good. Be careful.”

“We will.”

Leon, who had gotten into the passenger’s seat, and Jeff, replied simultaneously. Then, he drove behind his security Hilux Van which was in front of him while his Chief Aid, Mr. Kelvin Levi, drove behind him. Meanwhile, the fulfilled and delighted Mr. Morris watched them drive out of the gate before he walked back to his suite to join his wife, who was not an early riser.

As he drove along the busy road of Toronto, ON, Canada, to his school, the Eagles City University, the thought of falling in love excited him as he smiled within himself.

‘Who would she be? From Africa, Canada, Europe, Asia? What would she look like?’

He thought to himself. At the age of twenty-one, he had no girlfriend nor had he made any love advances to any girl because of the mandate that he gave to himself. Now, he was aware that he had no excuse to give to his family for not being in love. In his euphoria, he could not remember the delay that the rush hour traffic posed to his trip as they drove along. Little did he know that the tragedy that awaited him that day may have an effect on his pleasure of falling in love and would lead him to the love of his love?

At the Eagles City University

“Wow! This is remarkable.”

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Clement Thompson, exclaimed when the Registrar gave him the report of the newly admitted students into the school that year. The removal of the former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Philip Miller, who had a repulsive record and the presence of the Cherry Fields Oil and Gas Group in the school had given the school a boost.

“You are right, Prof. The symposium by the Cherry Fields gave the university a boost.”

The Vice Chancellor smirked in satisfaction and pointed out.

“That is correct, so far, we are the only University with a private jet in Ontario and a world-class thirty-story building as a student dormitory.”

“Yes, Prof. And that explained why we had more students in the Aviation Department this Academic Session.”

“It is all right. We will talk more on this. You can leave.”

“It is okay. Have a lovely day, Prof.”

Meanwhile, the Freshman Year Students, who were going through the Orientation Processes, were excited to be admitted into the prestigious university. They were joyously taking selfies indiscriminately, even at the restricted areas, without caution. Now, the security had to put up their guards when some students from the Aviation Department attempted to overstep their bounds.

“Hello, Security, take us to the Private Jet hanger, we wish to take selfies.”

They demanded from the introvert Chief of the Securities. Then, he glared at them and instructed.

“Go through your admission letters and read through the School Codes of Conducts once again.”

Now, the Freshman Year students argued, which warrant that he would say more than he deemed necessary.

“We have done that, and we are aware of the content, but it is just a photograph. I don’t think it has anything to do with our admission letters.”

“Or the School Code of Conducts.”

Another Freshman Year Student blurted. Meanwhile, the Chief of the Security, Mr. Vincent Morgan, a forty years introvert who hardly talk to even himself, felt he had said enough to the five students. So, he expected that they should be on their ways, but they were bent on making him say much. For that reason, he gave his staff a signal. He stood from his seat at once and faced the students.

“You can leave. The Private Jet Stand is one of the restricted areas, and it is written boldly on your Admission Letters.”

To his astonishment, the Freshman Year students insisted and Mr. Morgan took a decisive decision at once. Then, he ordered.

“Lock them up.”

At that instance, the security guard locked the door of the waiting room while the Chief of the Security left for the Vice Chancellor’s Office. On arrival, he parked his car at the vestibule of the Administrative Block and got off in a rush. The Registrar, who had just stepped out of the VC’s office, met him at the corridor and inquired.

“Mr. Morgan, what brings you here?”

“Some Freshman Year Students.”

He responded sharply as he walked on. Then, the Registrar, who was intrigued by Mr. Morgan’s short response, accompanied him back to the VC’s office. When he walked in, the Vice Chancellor was able to read his countenance and when he discovered that he was distraught, he offered him a seat.

“Take your seat, please, Mr. Morgan.”

The Registrar took his seat too and listened to Mr. Morgan’s complaint. Then, the Vice Chancellor spoke.

“I think it's too early to tolerate such unruly behavior.”

The Registrar concurred.

“I agree with you, Prof. We have many applicants on our waiting lists, sending the students back to their parents for proper home training will not be a herculean task for us.”

“I also agree with you, Registrar. Besides, they are still at the orientation stage. They have not been fully admitted.”

Chapter 2 A New Vigor 1

“You are right, Prof.”

Now, the Vice Chancellor faced the Chief of the Security, who had been listening quietly and instructed.

“Send them on their way. You don’t need any ceremony for that. They can come and give us their details for a refund of their fees.”

“It is all right, Prof.”

Mr. Morgan acknowledged and left at once. He walked back to the vestibule and drove off with a sense of accomplishment.

“These students don’t know that we also have children like them at home.”

He mumbled to himself. When he got to his office, he discovered that the students were throwing tantrums and threatening to report the school to the authority for molestation of the girls and unlawful detention. The bewildered Chief of the Security who was already seeing them as former students ordered.

“Take them to the Vice Chancellor’s Office for their details.”

Now, the provoked students, who believed that it was their threats that brought about what they thoug


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