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You Are My Heart's Desire

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Isabella was proposed to by her best friend Alex Waltz but she rejected him, as she had always loved him as a friend. But after he made a deal with her, she agreed, as she had her own reasons to tag along with his plan. But soon Adam who is a billionaire, Alex’s business partner walks into their life and she realizes that she was getting more and more attracted towards him. Adam on the other hand thinks that she is a gold digger and got engaged to Alex only for his money. But he couldn’t resist her charm and got attracted to her. And he becomes obsessed with her. And in between their love triangle Alex’s ex-girlfriend, Gracie returns back and claims that she is Adam’s girlfriend. Isabella falls in love with Adam but all of a sudden her past comes back knocking at her door. She gets abducted and taken back to the place where she never wanted to return. When Adam realizes that Isabella was missing he turns the world upside down just to find her. What will happen when he come to know about her past? Will he be able to bring her back?

Chapter 1

The European-styled room was decorated very beautifully and the woman lying on the bed was sleeping peacefully.

Suddenly the phone lying on the bed started vibrating and the sleeping beauty raised her hand to get it without opening her eyes, wondering who was calling her in the middle of the night.

But she was too lazy to open her eyes and accidentally rejected the call. But as she was still sleepy she did not notice it and continued sleeping.

After a few seconds, the phone started vibrating again.

"Aughhhhh..............who is calling me at this time? The woman grumbled and picked up the phone but before she could speak someone spoke excitedly from the other end. She opened her eyes and looked at the time and the caller's name.

"Bella are you there?" The voice spoke again.

"Alex Waltz, are you out of your mind? You better have a good reason for calling me this late or I will punch you really bad when I meet you. "Isabella said a little helplessly.

"Isabella Jones, let's get engaged. "Alex said from the other end.

Isabella who was still half asleep got up abruptly and switched on her bedside lamp.

"You want us to get engaged?" Isabella said with alarm in her voice and quickly gulped down the water from the bottle kept on the bedside table by her. "Alex, are you drunk?"

"What! No!" He exclaimed softly. "I just thought for a while and missed you when you are not around so I decided that it would be better if we get married. As we are both growing old and we are not dating anyone at present and I am the most eligible bachelor in town. So you don't have any reason to turn me down."

Isabella rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief then said. "Yeah, yeah, how can I resist your charm? Now Alex if you are done talking go to sleep and let me sleep. I have to take my aunt to the hospital tomorrow, that is too early in the morning."

"Bella I am not joking," Alex said desperately. "I really mean it and I want you to come back as soon as possible or I will drive there to fetch you."

Isabella's head was spinning as she heard his voice, since when did Alex become so bossy, she thought.

"Alright as soon I am done with the formalities here, I will come back. so don't bother coming here, Alex." She said it very sweetly as she did not know what had gone wrong with him and she did not want to take any risk.

"You better don't break your promise or I will definitely come to fetch you." He warned.

"I dare not. Good night Alex." She said and ended the call.

She stared at her phone for a long time and wondered if was she dreaming.


It was quite late when Isabella woke up the next day and everything was in chaos. She rushed to the hospital with her aunt and it took them almost an hour for the reports to come.

After consulting with the doctor they both returned to their aunt's place. He had informed them that the reports were normal but she needs s to follow her diet and check her pressure regularly.

"What's wrong aunt why are you smiling away?" Isabella asked her aunt when she saw that she was busy staring at her with an amused look.

"Bella, I am just happy to see you so strong and upright after what happened to you in Canada, You have become more confident and are becoming more and more beautiful just like your mother. "

Isabella blushed when her aunt praised her but when she thought about her mom, there was sadness in her eyes. Which did not escape her aunt's eye?

"It's alright Bella, I think she is happy there and will be happier if you get married and have lots of grandchildren."

"Aunt Val!" She exclaimed softly.

"Bella I was just kidding. When are you planning to get married you are twenty-four already and I am getting older day by day. What will I tell your mother when I finally join her up there, that I couldn't even find you a decent guy?" Aunt Val said with some grievance.

Now Bella was alert she knew when the topic was headed and said. "By the way Aunt Val, I forgot to tell you that I will be returning to Santa Monica tomorrow, as Alex had called me late at night, telling me to come back. There is some emergency in the company." She lied to her.

"Oh, that poor fellow must be useless when you are not around; he is so dependent on you. You might as well get married to him." Aunt Val said it bluntly.

Isabella rolled her eyes and then she remembered her conversation with Alex and wondered, were these two people scheming against her?

"Really Aunt Val.....even you? She said with dissatisfaction in her voice.

"What did he propose you," Aunt Val asked curiously looking greatly amused.

"No............." She blurted out in panic.

"But you should think about it Bella, Alex is a very nice boy and both of you are single with a very similar past, so I don't you will have problems adjusting. And both of you know each other in and out. I think he is perfect for you." Aunt Val tried to reason with her.

Isabella felt helpless; she always treated Alex more like an elder and had no other feelings for him whatsoever. So she decided to change the topic.

"Alright, I will think about it now let's have lunch, I am really hungry. Then I will take you to the market. I want to buy some flowers for my garden." She said and ran towards the kitchen.

Aunt Bella shook her head helplessly and thought, my dear child when will you finally let go of your past and move on in your life? I hope you find the man of your dreams soon and be happy with him always. I just hope they never find you again and take you back to that horrible place.

Your mother and you suffered a lot and I had no clue or I would have rushed back and brought you back with me and she would be still alive but thankfully you escaped and now living your life the way you wanted. Although the scar won't fade away that easily, you have to move on.

She got up from the couch and followed Isabella to the kitchen. Where the housekeeper had laid the food on the table.

"Ann." Aunt Val called the housekeeper, who was busy arranging the. "Go to the cellar and get the oldest red wine. I feel like we should enjoy the day as Bella will be returning back tomorrow and I don't know when she will be back."

Ann raised her eyebrows and looked at Isabella but Aunt Val said sternly. "Don't look at her, I am fine and a glass of wine can do no harm. Now run along."

Isabella nodded her head in confirmation at Ann and Ann smiled and went to get the wine.

The duo of three had their lunch with perfect harmony and after lunch, they went to the farmers market to get the things Isabella wanted.

Chapter 2

“Oh lord…………………no, no, this can’t be happening to me. After all the devoted care I have given you, the least you could have done was to choose a place closer to the city to run over! “Isabella screamed at her car. The offending tyres produced a hissing sound and then settled down a fraction further on the road. Isabella was laughing helplessly and her wide brown eyes brought the colors back to her cheeks.

“Okay alright, I suppose I will have to forgive you as you have always been faithful to me.” She grinned more broadly as she thought about what the people would think if they saw her having a conversation with her car. She laughed aloud and patted her steering wheel.

Feeling a little cheerful as it was warm and sunny, she pulled forward the driver’s seat and leaned into the back to find her emergency tools, which were under the front seat. She had been forced to stop to close for comfort on the last bend, especially considering the road which was really narrow and the f


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