Wildest Dream

Wildest Dream

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Donna claire
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 4+
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  • 5.0
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To forget the pain she is feeling when she caught her boyfriend cheating with her half-sister, Lumiere went to the club to get drunk and find herself. There, she met Rage Forger, a snobbish but handsome man. At first she thought she wouldn't get his attention however when she drunk danced on the dance floor, suddenly someone hugged her back she immediately felt his warm body and fragrant smell. It's their first time meeting however they ended up in a one night stand. She lost her virginity to a stranger who she thought she would never see again but that's where she made a mistake the next day it's her first day working in her new job, as the secretary to the CEO. What she didn't know is that the big boss turned out to be the man on whom she had one night stand with! How can she be with her Boss, do her work professionally if everytime she sees him, she remembers what happened to them that night? Taht steamy night they had shared with. She remembered how hot and hard her boss's fit body was, the abs and the... she swallowed one after the other especially when her gaze landed on her boss's lower body. She didn't see it that night because the light were off but she felt it!

Chapter 1

"Hooo!" I shouted along with the loud music playing in the club where I am right now. I am on the dance floor with people I didn’t know, that doesn't matter anyway, since I am here to have fun and forget about my problems. To keep up with how they dance I also jump while raising my two hands and as I see the disco lights change from one colour to another it feels like I am in heaven. This is freedom!

Why the hell did I skip parties during my teenage years? If only I knew that it was this much fun here, I should have come with Stormi during the times when she invited me to go to a party. Now I regret missing those days!

Once again, the music changed but it was still a party song so we replaced our jump steps with other dance moves. It was still fun how I wish this night would never end!

Some people left the dance floor may be to take a break, go back and hang out with their other friends on their reserve table, some did come back to dance again and newcomers to the dance floor to dance and I still stayed there feeling so happy and danced as if I never got tired until your party music was replaced by sweet dance. What the hell?!

I danced with a few guys earlier and I looked around to find at least one of them.

When I looked around, I saw that the girls had their partners who were also dancing on the dance floor. Hope everyone has a boyfriend. Looks like everyone got a partner so I decided to go back to the bar counter to continue drinking and will just go back if another party music will play.

However, I didn't notice that I was stepping back a lot, that my back bumped into something hard, I was not expecting it so I lost my balance, however, an arm around my waist was immediately encircled so I used that chance to lean my back against his hard chest.

He used that chance to put his chin on my shoulder, which caused me to smell his men's perfume. His perfume smells so good, I love it! I closed my eyes and let him control my body while dancing.

"You smell so damn good." His voice sounded husky as he whispered those words to me and then I felt a slightly sloping caress that was a bit moist from my left cheek down to my neck, I moved my neck on the other side to let him have more access to my neck.

I'm sure it wasn't just his lips that he used on my neck, it was with his tongue. That's sexy. Never did Zach do that to me, so that's my first.

"Hmm." I am speechless and the only thing I can do as of the moment is moan to let him know that I like what he is doing. He didn't seem satisfied though as I felt his hand that used to hug my waist move slowly, entering inside my crop top. His hands feel warm and that made me even hotter because of what he was doing.

My mouth fell open as I leaned all my weight on his chest as I slowly felt his hand go up to my left breast, since I am not wearing any bra, he immediately found his target. Using his two fingers, he trapped the nipple in the middle. That tickles and makes me feel something weird and hot at the same thing as I think of wanting more touch from him.

Using one of his fingers he played with the tip of my nipples. I moaned one after another and lost my care, if anyone saw what we are now doing here on the dancer. Anyway, its not only us who is making out here in the dance floor, I saw a few earlier almost having sex here.

What he was doing to me made me want, made me dizzy at the same time and made all the things and people around me blur, until he changed our position, now I am facing him.

However, no matter how hard I try to look at his face in my vision all I can see is a blurred face of a man. Is that even possible? Anyway, who cares what he looks like? I love what he did to me, he made me feel new emotions that I didn't know I am capable of feeling.

I voluntarily, encircle both of my hands at the back of his neck, I made an effort on this part since he got a few inches height gap, his a tall man and even though I'm 5'6 cm it is not enough to even reach his lower lip if I want to kiss his lips I need to tip my toe just so my lips could touch his lips!

Can he hear what I say in my mind? I mean, he suddenly bent down so the tip of our pointed nose touched. Now, let's talk about how his breath smells, minty with a little bit of the smell of expensive liquor, that I can't name.

I can feel it! He was about to kiss me so I closed my eyes as I smiled but the smile on my lips was immediately erased when I felt something softer on the surface of my lips.

And since this isn't my first kiss and I already have my own idea of how to kiss, when his lips gradually moved on my lips, I did the same thing. We also stopped swaying our bodies because I tipped my toe to reach him more for more kisses. He's a good kisser, I love the way he kisses me. Now, I feel like I'm addicted to his kiss and I want more!

Until his kiss went down to my neck and showered more kisses there that made my body feel fragile and my legs like jelly. Good thing one of his arms is hugging my waist that helps me to stand up still.

"Lumi! Hey! Are you listening to what I'm saying?!" I blinked twice at the same time Stormi yelled on my side.

"Earth to Lumi!" She added using her loud voice and since she was still not satisfied with what she did, she also waved one of her hands in front of me.

Urgh! Damn! Why do those things keep flashing back in my mind like it just happened yesterday?! This is making me frustrated!

Then I covered my face using my hands. No matter how hard I try to forget that night, it's like there's a memory card stuck in my brain that even if I keep bumping my head or slap my face, the man from that night and what we were doing that night won't really be erased from my mind.

"Stormi, what are you going to say? I'm in a hurry girl!" I told my best friend as we walked together in the hallway of the university where we were studying.

"I don't have that much to see, since this issue keeps going on and on but I want to show you this." She answered me as I tried to walk with her. I'm the one who's in a rush, however, Stormi walks faster as we speak until she starts to get tired so she pulled one of my arms, and then we stopped walking.

"Okay, you're the one who's in a rush but I walk faster than you. That's weird!" She said panting.

"Glad you noticed!" I sarcastically said and when I looked at her, she gave me that death glare looks every time she's annoyed by my sarcasm.

"Besh, I'm in a hurry," I told her again.

"I know and I'm sure you are about to go to his place again, to see him! Be with him!" Stormi burst out in anger but I ignored her. She's always been like that especially when it comes to Kayden. Kayden is my boyfriend by the way.

I sighed and then nodded to what she said. There's no sense in denying it, we've been friends since diaper days! So, she knows everything about me and vice versa!

"How long do you plan to play dumb and martyr for that man?! Lumi he's not worth it!" I was offended by what she said but I understood that she was just worried about me as my best friend and I appreciate it a lot and am very grateful that Stormi is always here for me.

"We just had a misunderstanding and we're a young couple. This commonly happens." I gently explained to my friend at the same time trying to secretly tell myself to stop overthinking things.

"No misunderstanding that ends up kissing another woman in a club!" She answered me using her angry voice. I pulled her to the end of the hallway. Since the volume of her voice could be heard by our other schoolmates who were also here in the hallway, waiting for their next class or maybe resting because their class just finished.

"Lower your voice a little, everyone will surely hear you if you won't!" I whispered to her trying to control my voice and my facial expression, I can sense some of our schoolmates are watching us and trying to hear what Stormi and I are talking about.

"My God! It's no secret that your boyfriend is a cheater, so why would you keep it a secret, in the first place." I roll my eyes with so much annoyance. If only this girl wasn't my best friend I might have slapped her already!

"Stormi just stop it already!" And then I pout. She then glared at me.

"But seriously, I'm really in a hurry. Zach had a hangover and was not feeling well. So, I got to his favourite restaurant to buy him some soup to help him get rid of his hangover." She sighed and then took her phone out of her sling bag; she swiped her phone a few times before she showed me what was on the screen.

And just like what Taylor Swift said in one of her song lyrics after seeing the pictures on Stormi's phone, all I can say is 'that made me what to die'.

I feel hollow as I stand here at the end of the hallway, as the pictures I saw keep flashing back in my mind. I am speechless at the same time, not shocked and used to it.

The pictures that Stormi showed me were a slide show. There are almost ten pictures that I saw in the slide show.

"If you still don't believe this I got another proof, a video." I am no longer in the mood to continue this conversation with Stormi but I don't want to be rude. I appreciate all the things she does for me and even though it hurts big time, most of the time I feel numb. I still thank Stormi for not tolerating Kayden or the way I react to all of Kayden's bullshit!

I avoided Stormi's gaze and bowed down and made myself focus, staring at my shoes like something is interesting about them! I immediately felt tired even though I did almost nothing all morning except listen to the lesson of our professors.

"Do you still love him after all of this cheating? Oh, I'm sure you noticed it as well, he almost ate the face of the woman he kissed last night! That asshole! He had three more women for this week. Are you still going to go blind about this?!" She sounds angry and I understand why. We're not just best friends but more like sisters.

I did not answer what she said first so she continued talking.

"If after what I showed you based on your reason it seems like you still would like to go and see him and take care of him." She said using her tired voice.

"If you will continue with your plan, I just want you to know I am also skipping the next class." I raised my head and looked at her confused. Since she's not the type of student who skips class because she's lazy or has no friends to be with her in the next class.

"I'm going to go to some shop and ask someone to make a plague for you! I will ask them to print on that plague 'martyr of the year' award and I'll give it to you today and no matter where you are I'm going to go there and see you! " She sarcastically said to me.

“Seriously Stormi?!”

“Try me!” Then she smirked. I shake my head one after another because of her crazy idea.

As I walk my way out of the school premises, I can't help but think about Kayden. I already lost count of how many times he has done this. Every time we fight, or got a misunderstanding he goes to the club and makes out with any woman he met there because I can't give in to him. We've been dating for almost six years but until now I still can't give up my virginity for him.

I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t understand me and wait for me once I'm ready. Is his libido more important than what I feel?

There is something I can't explain that makes me not want to do it with him. Every time he tries to do it, a big part of my mind yells inside my head saying that is not the right thing to do. I am not ready for that and that is very wrong.

I am waiting for the right time and the right time for me is when we are married. That is what I always say to him whenever he questions me but in the back of my mind that is not the real reason.

I'm now in the third year of the course I'm taking in education and there's only one year left and I am about to graduate and once I'm done with school, we can get married. That's what I always say to myself but, I can't picture me marrying him after all this cheating he had done to me but I can't break up with him. I am not allowed to do that. That's forbidden.

From the pocket of my uniform, I felt my phone vibrating and when I checked it I saw Kayden's name. That made me remember that I should rush and get him some food to eat and go to his place. However, after seeing those pictures on Stormi's phone I changed my mind. I am not in the mood to see him, to take care of him. Stormi is right about him. He is not worth it!

Chapter 2

I don't want to go home because for sure our helpers will be surprised if they see this. My eyes are puffy and my make-up is scattered. And for sure, they will inform Dad about this as soon as possible. Maybe this will be another way for Dad to know what's going on with Kayden and me.

"Uhmm Sir can you take me to..." And then I said the location where I would like him to take me. The driver nodded and waited for the green light to change into red. It was almost a twenty minutes drive before we arrived at the Memorial park.

"Just keep the change, Sir. Thank you." I told the driver and then I thanked him. And it looks like it's my lucky day! Insert sarcasm! When I checked my bag, I couldn't find any tissue! So, I had no other option but to wipe my face with the sleeves of my jacket, who cares anyway.

"Good evening Ma'am!" The guard greeted me warmly. I cleared my throat before I smiled and then greeted him back.


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