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When Billionaires In Love

When Billionaires In Love

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The room crackled with tension, like an impending storm. Samantha confronted Maxrill, trembling as she asked about Nathan's allegations. Maxrill couldn't meet her gaze, his guilt tightening his throat. He never imagined his best friend, Nathan, would expose his hurtful intentions. In a barely audible voice, Maxrill admitted, "Yes, Samantha. I... I planned to leave you after our wedding, thinking you only cared about my wealth. Honestly, I doubted your motives from the start." Samantha's face contorted in pain, a tear tracing her cheek. She couldn't fathom that the man she thought was her protector had intended to harm her. "Everything's changed, Samantha. I truly love you now. I'll do whatever it takes to protect you. You saw the change in me, right? You must feel it deep in your heart, my genuine love for you." Samantha's sorrowful expression morphed into rage; her eyes narrowed. With a swift slap, the room resounded with the impact, and Maxrill staggered back, his cheek throbbing in agony. In a furious, low tone, she declared, "You don't get to choose when you love me, Maxrill. You had the chance to be honest, but you chose deceit. I believed I'd found true love, but all I found was a liar." ... Set in a society where arranged marriages dictate destinies, Maxrill and Samantha's story unfolds. Their conflicting and tumultuous emotions lead to unexpected changes as they navigate their rocky union. Samantha's patience becomes their guiding light, and Maxrill's once-icy heart begins to thaw. Despite their initial discord and misunderstandings, their journey weaves an extraordinary love story. Join them in this thrilling adventure where love emerges as an unexpected hero, triumphing over even the deepest scars.


Under the soft glow of the chandeliers, the mansion stood still, a bastion of opulence and deception. As Samantha confronted Maxrill about the lies that had plagued their marriage from the very beginning, the tension in the room was visible. They stood facing one another in their luxurious living room, surrounded by shards of a porcelain vase Samantha had destroyed in a fit of rage. Samantha's gaze was a combination of betrayal and wounded innocence.

"I no longer know what to believe... I don't know if you even loved me, Maxrill. I put my complete faith in you, but what have you done?! You f*cking threw it away!" Samantha cried out in tears.

Outside, a gentle, mournful rhythm of rain began to fall, as if even the heavens themselves were weeping for the turmoil within the mansion's walls.

"Samantha, please," Maxrill begged with a desperate look on his face. Permit me to explain...

Samantha finally spoke, and her voice shook as she asked Maxwell, "Is it true? Is it true what Nathan said about us... about you?"

Maxwell was unable to meet her gaze. He felt a lump in his throat from the guilt that was tearing at him. He had never expected his best friend Nathan to reveal his treacherous scheme.

"God damn it! Just f***ing answer it!" Samantha yelled out of frustration.

"Yes, Samantha," he admitted with a barely audible voice. "I... I was planning on breaking your heart after the wedding. I honestly believed you wanted to take me for my money. I—I never thought your heart and intentions were pure. I'm so sorry, I didn't trust your intentions from the start."

A single tear trickled down Samantha's cheek as her face contorted in agony. She could not believe the man she believed to be her protector had plotted her destruction. "And what about now?" Samantha's voice trembled emotionally. "Do you still intend to abandon me, Maxrill?"

Maxrill hesitated, his heart torn between the truth and the web of lies he had spun. "No, Samantha. Everything has changed. I truly love you. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. You've witnessed the change in me, haven't you? You must sense my sincere love for you deep in your heart."

As her eyes narrowed, her expression changed from one of pain to one of rage. With a swift, unexpected motion, she smacked Maxrill across the face, the sound reverberating throughout the room. He stumbled backwards, his cheek burning with pain from the impact. "You don't get to decide when you love me, Maxrill. You had the opportunity to tell me the truth, but you chose to deceive me instead. I thought I'd found true love, but all I discovered was a liar," she hissed angrily.

He reached out to beg forgiveness from her, but she retreated, her eyes cold and distant. "I'm not sure I could ever trust you again... You broke my heart before I could completely give it to you."

Maxrill stood there watching Samantha walk away, broken not only by her slap but also by the realization that he had destroyed the love he had grown to cherish. It was a meeting he would never forget, a stark reminder of the consequences of his deception. While the rain fell outside, a different kind of storm raged inside the mansion, threatening to tear their world apart. The truth had been revealed, but it was unclear whether love could weather the storm it had created.



My name is Samantha Schiavone, and at 23 years old, I had completed high school and two years of college. I had been attending a university in Mumbai not out of my own choice, but rather to avoid hindering my parents. However, the knowledge I'd gained wasn't what I had hoped for. My dream had been to become a doctor, to help people, but my parents had deemed me an ill omen and insisted I become a maid.

They had pulled me out of school during my sophomore year, after I had arrived home late for two consecutive nights due to a project. No matter how I tried to explain, they subjected me to beatings and accusations of wrongdoing. Since that day, I had relinquished my aspiration to be a doctor, along with any other dreams I might have harbored.

Perhaps you're wondering why my parents treated me so cruelly. The truth is, I had no answer. Their mistreatment knew no bounds, and they criticized every mistake I made. My younger brother, on the other


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