Vengeance Meets Love

Vengeance Meets Love

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Obiechina Rossi Onyeka
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Amidst the grandeur of the corporate world, Lies a tale of vengeance and love unfurled. Rebecca, a fierce woman on a mission, To avenge her father's loss, and cause a collision. Nathan, the CEO who caused her pain, Falls for her, despite his amnesiac brain. A love that blooms from a tragedy of fate, A love that makes Rebecca's heart palpitate. But her thirst for vengeance clouds her mind, A love so pure, so hard to find. Her brother and friend, her support system, But will they be enough, to thwart her schism? The journey, a tumultuous ride, A test of heart and soul, on either side. To forgive or to destroy, the ultimate decision, A battle of love, hatred, and ambition. As she delves deeper, into the heart of the matter, The truth is revealed, a plot that makes her shatter. To expose or to protect, what shall she do? A culmination that leaves her, in a mind-numbing hue.

Chapter 1: Pilot

With my head filled with contempt and hatred, I stepped into the towering skyscraper. With my heels clicking against the polished marble floors, I could hear it sounding so loud. I tried my best to reduce the sound, but it seemed that the more I tried, the worse it became. I looked to my left and then to my right to see if anyone thought I was odd, but all I could see were smiling faces that looked like they were relishing my beauty and elegance. Yeah, it had to be my elegance. I was wearing the white and black skirt that Sara and I picked last weekend; it was indeed a piece of elegance.

The cool air from the deep air conditioner enveloped me, filling my lungs with a sense of determination. I knew that I must be confident about this; I must get this job; failure is not an option. This was supposed to be the threshold at which I gain what I want, and indeed, it was the beginning of my journey, the first step towards my ultimate goal.

As I approached the front desk, the receptionist's smile faltered as I requested to meet with Nathan. She was so sarcastic—or should I even say she was cynical—that I could see the scepticism in her eyes, the assumption that I was just another young, ambitious woman seeking a shortcut to success.

"Oh, how I wish she could read my thoughts; if only she knew that I wish to disembowel her boss." so I thought to myself, seeing how she looked and addressed me.

She truly never knew that I was different. I had a plan. One which was definitely not good; I was not here to work, I was here to ruin the company as her boss did to my dad's.

The receptionist made me wait in the lobby: "He will be out soon; he will see you; he said he would rather meet with you here." So she said to me still in that annoying manner, and in that cursed smile of hers, I could see through her fake smile what she thought of me, but that was her business, not mine.

So, as I waited in the lobby, I observed this bustling atmosphere around me. I was not the only one who was tense; it seemed like everyone was. The executives darted back and forth, and it was almost as if they were all waiting for a death sentence. Their faces are etched with worry and stress.

"Hmm. This was indeed a company in crisis, a company that had lost its way. I see that I don't really have to do much." So I thought when I noticed the countenance of the staff.

Yeah, for real, I would love to help destroy this. I would gladly be the catalyst for the destruction of this hellhole called a company.

Finally, the devil arrived. Nathan emerged from the elevators. He was a proud man; he walked like some kind of Alpha, and his commanding presence filled the room. He was not the smiling type, and when I saw him, I almost lost my confidence. It became conspicuous to me that it would be hard for me to break into such a rigid, tough-looking man. 

Seeing him, I stood tall, my expression calm and collected, masking the fire that burned within me. I had to be confident, or at least I had to appear to be confident. I can't afford to miss this opportunity; it is definitely the threshold at which I can get my vengeance.

"Ms Johnson, what can I do for you?" He said this to me with my file in his hand and his eyes darting directly to mine. Nathan's voice was smooth, and his eyes were piercing. He was the embodiment of power and the symbol of everything that I despised. He almost tempered my confidence with those sharp, searching eyes of his. My eyes flickered, and I fought tooth and nail to keep them from falling off. I kept the contact despite the strong urge to bow like the leaner creature.

Before I came here, I had already made up my mind; I was determined. I would play his game, and I would win. Whatever game he brings, I will definitely play, and I will win him in his very own game.

"I have a proposal for you, Mr Nathan," I spoke with confidence, my words were carefully chosen. "I believe that I can be a valuable asset to this company. "I have the skills, the knowledge, and the drive to make a difference," I said with confidence, still maintaining contact with him.

Nathan's countenance shifted, his eyebrows arching in curiosity. He was definitely a thief, so I thought at this moment. 

"Go on."  He said to me that he looked very interested in whatever it was that I had to say.

"I want to work for you, Mr Nathan. I want to be your right-hand woman. Or I could say, "Your right-hand man," just as our society will like to put it. "And in exchange, I expect your full support in my endeavours," I said to him.

Nathan studied me for a moment—it was quite a while—his eyes roaming over my features. He looked at me from head to toe; he channelled his eyes to my lips, then to my boobs and my curves; he was very detailed with his viewing. I held my breath, waiting for his response. I was scared he would reject my offer, but I prayed in my heart and had faith that he would have to accept it. Well, it was not like I left him with any options; I used a tip I got from the famous book written by Robert Greene, "48 Laws of Power." In the book, there was a section that said that if you want something from a person, you should not plead for their mercy, but rather make them see that it is to their greatest benefit to fulfil your desire. That was the strategy I applied.

Finally, the son of a bitch nodded. 

"Very well then, Ms Johnson. Welcome aboard."  So he said, and he sounded almost like he had forgotten my name. Well, I won't be surprised; he was a dummy, an entitled bastard, so I thought about him.

You see, with that response from him, my plan had begun. The first step towards my vengeance, towards my redemption

Chapter 2: The Game Play

Title: The Power Play

That very Monday morning, I woke up very early; it was a big day for me. I knew that I had to make an impression, and I couldn't afford to be known as the lady who started work on her first day late. That would be a bad impression. So, I rushed into the shower and washed up right, and then I went into my wardrobe and handpicked the best clothes and shoes that I had. After dressing, I stood before the mirror and bled out a satisfying smile. I knew that I was good to go.

"Dad, the journey had just begun," I said as I took to my heels, walking like an assassin on a mission.

I entered the corporate jungle, and I noticed that it was a world unlike any I had ever known. The office was sleek and modern, with gleaming glass walls and polished floors. Everywhere was like a mirror; I could see myself through the far corners of the hall, the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling. This was indeed a place of power, and every person inside w


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