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Unveiling The Billionaire's Secret

Unveiling The Billionaire's Secret

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Sonia was a writer, whose writing career has been stagnant ever since she moved to New York from Los Angeles after her six-month marriage crashed and was rubbed by her so-called husband. She decided to move to New York, to start all over again. But things didn't go as she planned.  With all hope being lost, her editor gave her an assignment, an assignment that can help Sonia come to her feet again, which involved Daniel Craig, a 27 years old business tycoon, and one of the most eligible bachelor's secrets, the secret everyone is eager to hear and gossip about. The goal is to uncover the truth about his background and ruin his reputation in the process. At first, Sonia rejected the offer, but after considering it as the price she has to pay to be successful again, she agreed to the job. During her research, she was able to get Daniel's favorite vacation island and decided to go there to connect with him but it was love at first sight for Daniel. During Sonia's finding, she finds out that his smart, charming, considerate, and always gives back to society without revealing his identity. Daniel, he's nothing Sonia expected. The more time Sonia spends with him, the more Sonia's feeling grows until she realizes she's unable to complete her assignment. How will Daniel react when he gets to know the reason why Sonia comes into his life? Will Sonia fight for their love or give up to start a new life again? What will happen when Daniel tries to forgive Sonia but all her family and friends are against it?  Will love win?

Chapter 1: The Assignment

Sitting in the office was Sonia Williams, staring at the laptop with a blank document in front of her. She had been struggling to find success as a writer since moving to New York.Sonia was a bestselling writer back in Los Angeles and was known for sharing her thoughts about relationships and writing romance stories but things changed when she met Michael Greg.Sonia loved Michael with all her heart and she thought she had seen her missing half, but everything changed after they got married.Michael stole everything that Sonia had worked for all her life, including her laptop and flash drive, which contained all her stories, completed ones and ongoing.Sonia's life became shattered and she could not get a job or had nowhere to start, she fought writer's block for months until she moved to New York after her cousin had recommended her to a popular editor, but things didn't go as she had planned, she struggled to find success in New York.Sonia sat on her desk thinking of how her life changed from being a renowned writer to a nameless one, just then she had a knock on her office door and she ushered the voice in." Hello Sonia, how are you doing?" Mrs. Robinson, Sonia's editor greeted, her as she sat on the vacant seat across from Sonia with a smile on her face." Am good Mrs. Robinson," Sonia said, looking at the woman who had a smile on her face and she wondered what she might be up to because she always ranted about Sonia not making sales."Sonia, I have a job for you," her editor said, making eye contact with her. "It's a big one, and it could really help your career. Are you interested?""What's the assignment?" she asked reluctantly, moving her eyes away from Mrs. Robinson." I want you to write about Daniel Craig." Mrs. Robinson said firmly." Daniel Craig?" Sonia said with wide eyes."Yes, Daniel Craig, I want you to uncover the secrets of the young billionaire," Mrs. Robinson stated.Daniel Craig was a young billionaire in New York, Daniel was into real estate. He's one of the most eligible bachelors in the city, and everyone is eager to know more about him because people believed his life was too perfect to be true."Can you do it?" Mrs. Robinson asked, with a furrowed brow.Sonia leaned backward, looking at the ceiling of her office. She didn't like the idea of digging up secrets and ruining people's reputations, but at the same time, she was desperate for a chance to succeed." Are you interested?" Mrs. Robinson asked with tight lips and she fixed her eyes on Sonia." Hmmm, can you give me time to think about it?" Sonia suggested with narrow eyes." Am sorry Sonia, you know I am not the only editor working in this company, the director decides to tell me first and she is waiting for a quick reply, she's ready to give the job to Ella Bryan," Mrs. Robinson explained and she wished for Sonia to accept the job because this might be the only chance for the two of them.Sonia thought for a moment. She didn't want to hurt anyone, but she also knew that this could be the opportunity she needed to get her career back on track."I will do it," she said, making a decision because she knew how desperate Ella was and she could do anything for success."Great," her editor replied. "I will send you all the details. Get to work, Sonia. This could be your big break." Mrs. Robinson said, she stood up and she walked toward Sonia, giving her a hug and Sonia returned them." How about the expenses that will incur during the work, who will take care of them?" Sonia said as the two moved away from each other." The company is ready to pay for all expenses, and this job comes with a lot of bonus," Mrs. Robinson said with a smile." Hmm, that's good then," Sonia said calmly." Alright Sonia, let me inform the director before he calls Ella," Mrs. Robinson said and she walked out of the office with a smile.Sonia sat down and stared at the blank page in front of her. She didn't feel good about the assignment, but she was determined to make it work. She was going to uncover the secrets of Daniel Craig and use them to help her career. To know where to start her assignment, Sonia began her investigation into Daniel Craig.She started by typing his name on google search and she was surprised by the thousands of results displayed on her laptop screen.She started reading about his background and his business ventures but to her surprise, Daniel never had any scandal, not with business partners nor with women.Sonia continued with her research, she found out Daniel had a favorite place that he visited every year for vacation and she decided to use that to her advantage.She checked her email to confirm if her editor had sent the necessary details to her.Sonia clicked on the new email from her editor, downloaded the attached file, and opened the folder. She scrolled through the document and noticed her editor already notified her about Daniel's favorite place and she read more about it.Sonia typed the location on Google search to know more about the location, seeing the pictures, Sonia did not mind visiting the place, it was an island surrounded by water.She checked the pictures and she could not help but wow.She checked for available hotels and she quickly made a booking online for a week's vacation with a feeling of accomplishment on her face." Hmmm, I hope I will not regret taking this assignment," Sonia said to herself as she stood up from her seat and left her office for the day.

Chapter 2: The Encounter

Sonia walked to the company car pack, she entered her blue Hyundai Accent car, and drove to her apartment.After thirty minutes of driving, Sonia arrived at her apartment, she stopped the car and walked out, looking left and right, hoping not to see her landlord.Sonia's rent was due yesterday and she knew she was supposed to have renewed the rent but the company did not pay her because of her recent job failure.The company had put a lot of money into it and it did not go as they planned, people never showed interest in the stories after they had printed over a thousand copies and they hardly sold fifty copies.Sonia walked toward her door, on getting there, she saw the note placed in front of her telling her to pay as soon as possible.She removed the note and walked in rolling her eyes with a long sigh." I need to email my editor, if they can pay me as soon as possible then I can pay the house rent," Sonia thought to herself.She glanced through the tiny apartment, the r


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