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Unique Love

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A professional lawyer named Zhou Yu finds herself entangled in a tragic tale when her younger sister, Zhou Yue, attempts suicide after an unsuccessful love affair with the company's CEO, Li Qizheng. Enraged by the unjust circumstances, Zhou Yu resolves to have her sister resign from the hopeless environment. She ensures Zhou Yue never steps foot in that company again by personally handling her sister's resignation at the company. In the process, Zhou Yu crosses paths with Li Qizheng. Initially expecting to avoid any dealings with this man from a completely different world, Zhou Yu is surprised when Li Qizheng's company entrusts legal matters to the law firm where she works. As the two spend more time together, their mutual understanding deepens, and the initial mutual rejection surprisingly transforms into love. However, this love story is marred by significant disparities in social status. Li Qizheng is on the verge of an arranged marriage with a socially compatible woman to secure his position in the family business. Tragically, Zhou Yue, unable to witness Li Qizheng's hopeless love, succumbs to despair, taking her own life and blaming Zhou Yu for everything. In the end, Zhou Yu and Li Qizheng are left with no choice but to part ways, carrying the weight of their unfulfilled love, never to meet again.

Chapter 1

In the realm of romance, there exist only two archetypes: the first, akin to love portrayed in television dramas, regardless of its cloying nature, has the power to evoke tears. The second, a personal affair one is currently entangled in, where, even if the partner is but a swine, agony ensues, rendering sleep elusive. Yet, be mindful, the spectacle of one's suffering for love is met with clandestine amusement; you are deemed a fool, a subject of mockery rather than sympathy or blessings. Onlookers merely stand on the sidelines, relishing the spectacle, including the man who does not reciprocate your affection.

Standing by Zhou Yue's sickbed, I disdainfully articulate these sentiments. She, the fool, had chosen Valentine's night to immerse herself in a bathtub strewn with rose petals, slashing her wrists in a suicide attempt. To exacerbate matters, she inundated that man with countless plaintive text messages, seeking to exhibit her beautiful demise, only to receive deafening silence in return. Ultimately, it was I, returning home after overtime, who fished her out of the water and rushed her to the hospital.

Zhou Yue lay motionless with closed eyes.

She had fallen in love with her immediate superior, consumed daily by obsession. Every day, she mumbled to herself while gazing at his photo. Astonishingly, the photo was clipped from the company's internal publication, portraying a blurry-faced man in a suit shaking hands with a frontline worker. I initially thought her infatuation was mere adolescent daydreaming, only to be confronted by this gruesome act.

"Why did you attempt suicide?" I reproachfully inquired.

Zhou Yue kept her eyes tightly shut, huddled under the covers.

"I'm asking you!" I raised my voice by an octave.

Still, she remained silent.

"Forget it," Zhou Tian tugged at my sleeve from the side. I shook off my sleeve and shouted at him, "Both of you siblings are nothing but trouble. Go back to our hometown!"

Zhou Tian wore a distressed expression and said, "Sis, don't ask anymore. Let her rest and calm down. She's definitely feeling terrible inside."

"She's sick! What sympathy is there for unrequited love? If you have the ability, go and win that man over. Hurting yourself serves no purpose."

Suddenly, Zhou Yue sat up from the bed and yelled at me, "Then you have the ability to win back your brother-in-law!"

I was momentarily stunned. Zhou Yue cried plaintively, "I can't help it. He simply doesn't care about me. Nothing I do matters... it's all in vain!"

I stood frozen before the bed of this foolish young girl, momentarily at a loss for words.

Yes, I went through a divorce. My ex-husband fell in love with a female colleague seated across from him. He knelt before me, begging for freedom, and I did not impede him. What is there left to say to a lover who has changed their heart?

Yes, I may be ineffectual, but I shall not inflict harm upon myself to appease others." I turned and departed from the sickroom.

Zhou Tian followed behind as we exited the ward, interceding on her behalf, "Sis, Sis, Xiaoyue is immature; please don't be upset."

I turned to him and remarked, "You need not attend classes today. Keep an eye on her; she's emotionally unstable. Take good care of her. Remember, both of you mustn't let Mother learn of this."

Zhou Tian nodded hurriedly in agreement.

Upon leaving the hospital, a chill wind greeted us, and my phone rang—it was Gao Zhanqi, an old university classmate and now a partner at a law firm. He casually inquired over the phone, "Lawyer Zhou, had a splendid Valentine's Day, I presume? Have you forgotten about the meeting at the office?"

"Yes, had a splendid time. I'm on my way over." I ended the call, closed my eyes to steady my emotions, and hailed a taxi.

Chapter 2

Upon reaching the office, Gao Zhanqi greeted me, saying, "Well, it seems you were quite busy last night. Looks like you didn't even have time to change your clothes."

I shook my head and replied, "Don't joke. I didn't sleep a wink all night."

Gao, with the surname Gao, became even more spirited, "Not a wink all night? Who could it be? Quite vigorous, isn't it? Hahaha!"

I pulled him aside, spoke earnestly, "Lao Gao, I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"When you introduced Xiao Yue to the Zhi Li Company, who was it through?"

"Their HR manager. That woman has been secretly infatuated with me for many years. I gave the order, and it was done immediately. Why? Anyone else looking to get in? Xiao Tian got into graduate school, didn't he?"



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