• Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Downie
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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A 26 years old single mother, Mikasa Daniels works as the new personal assistant to the new CEO of the company, and their first meeting didn't go well. Chris falls in love with her daughter and is intrigued to Know more about her, and in that process, they both fell in love despite the hardships and challenges. Their love becomes more threatening when their past exes resurfaced. And the questioning paternity of Mika's daughter, Everything turned upside down when their exes drove a wedge between the two and the rejection from Chris's father, would they survive the challenges? Especially Mika who's had bad experiences with love, would she be able to love again?

Chapter 1-"Oh no, not again"

Chapter One

The alarm rang vigorously causing Mika to fall off her bed yawning aloud.

"Oh no, not again" she rubbed her eyes till they shone red. A small tiny figure jumped on her.

"Mummy it's 6 am, I'll be late for school" at the mention of school she sprang up on her feet was also the first day of work for her.

" Oh my goodness, Aria we're going to be late" she hastily wore her floppy footwear and grabbed her tiny hands as she rushed Aria to the bathroom.

" Good morning mummy" she smiled showing the dimples on both sides of her cheeks. " Morning my love was your night?" She replied as she gave her her toothpaste to brush her teeth so she could brush hers as well.

Mikasa Daniels was a young and attractive 24-year-old beautiful lady, her brown hair and body were the exact reason men liked her, people often wonder where the father of her child, Ariana is.

Ariana was Mika's bundle of joy. She was everything she ever wanted after the father of her child had abandoned them. Mika took it upon herself to raise her to be a better person. Aria, who was just five years old had grown up without a father figure in her life often ask Mika about her father but her mom couldn't give her a straight answer.

The bus horn was heard as she grabbed her, wiping her mouth she rushed to the bus. The driver smiled

" Good morning Ma'am" she looked exhausted this early morning.

" Morning Sir Peter we're late" he nodded" no problem" she turned to Aria.

" Give mama a kiss, have a nice day at school, ok?" she adjusted her uniform.

" Yes Mama, bye mama love you" she entered the bus and waved at her mother till she wasn't in sight. Mika rushed back in it was 6:50 already, and her eyes went to the dining to see Ariana's lunch bag.

" Oh my freaking goodness, Aria." She called out in frustration. She immediately took her bath and dressed in a white Flora top which had a knot with her black skirt and long 6-inch heels, she packed her hair up in a high bun and did light makeup.

Grabbing Ariana's lunch bag she closed the door after locking it, she entered her old sliver colored Camry car, started the ignition, and drove to Ariana's school which was just 20mins drives away from her working place.

She sneakingly called out to her teacher to hand over her lunch bag cause if Aria should see her right now drama would kick off. The teacher smiled and collected the lunch bag after which apologise for inconveniencing her. She immediately hopped into her car driving back to her office she passed by 20 mins ago, and she hadn't driven up to 2 mins when her engine suddenly turned off.

" Oh no no no no, this is not happening right now" she stepped out as she sees her bonnet emitting smoke. " Fuck!" She hits the car. As she opened up the bonnet mumbling words of annoyance, a black SUV stopped, the window rolled down, and she looked at the fellow in the car, talking about handsome. He was very handsome well built and stunning, Mika ignored him as she dialed her mechanics' number, she just got this car fixed on Saturday, and it was spoilt by Monday.

" Miss, your car is overheating and doesn't look like it would cool off anytime soon, I can drop you off at work if you won't mind" he offered his help but Mika stood still staring at him in a not-too-good manner.

"Am a good guy" he smiled trying to guess what was going through her mind. If it were another girl she would have hopped immediately and it's funny she doesn't even know who he was.

" Thank you, but I like where I am just fine" she rolled her eyes tapping her legs, trying to reach out to the mechanic but he wasn't picking up, frustration was clearly showing on her face he couldn't help laughing.

" Nothing's funny here, by the way, my, office is down the road." She pointed and she grabbed her bag and locked her car, she entered his car and realized how cold it was, the AC was turned on, the driver sensing they were ready to move turned on the ignition and began to drive.

" My name is Chris Roberts, and I owe...." She cut him short thereby interrupting him.

" Please, I don't care who you are or what you are, ok? You demanded that I let you drive me to work isn't that enough?" She was getting irritated so he kept his cool and smiled.

He was acting strange and Mika could not just wait to get off this car, she decided she'll drop close to her office, this was a stranger and it was safer if he doesn't know where she works. There was a restaurant 5 mins drive from her working place, she offered to drop by when she reached. He smiled at her

" Are you sure you work here?" He glanced at her ID hanging on her neck without her noticing, she was too quick to get down.

" Yes I do, are you to tell me where I work and where I do not work? Good day," She slammed the door and walked inside the restaurant angrily, to make him believe she worked there. She waited till he had driven off, she stopped a taxi and hopped in, she was 5mins late already thanks to Aria leaving her lunch bag behind.

ABC &' D' Digitals was one of the top sought after in the whole of Ontario, the owner and founder of the company Mr. Abel Roberts and his wife Beatrice Roberts built the company together and that made him use the initial of their name A.B.C & ' D' Digitals. Rumors have it that the C belonged to their son, the apparent heir and the soon-to-be CEO of the company, although no one had seen him before some important shareholders described him as the photocopy of his father both in stature, charisma, and character. He was humble and kind just like his parents and today was the day he was to assume the sea of the CEO as his father Mr. Abel was stepping down to enjoy the remaining days as he aged with his beautiful wife.

The office was uptight as everyone tried to impress the new boss when he arrive. The ladies had dressed exceptionally beautifully to tame the new CEO whom they heard was still a bachelor, the men shook their heads seeing the efforts they were putting in to impress him. It was at this time he drove in and got out of the car, he walked into the reception to see his father and mother with the shareholders and board members together with all the staff of the company waiting for him. His father opened his arms as Chris walked into it hugging his father and mother.

". Welcome home, son" he proud shook him. Chris was their only child and even though he was the only son, his parents had noticed how lonely he was and had to adopt his baby sister Doria who was currently in the US pursuing her doctorate. The two had been so close that not even a needle could separate them. Chris the 28 young bachelors shook other important people as they walked into the board room to discuss important matters.

Chapter 2- "Is she your daughter? "

Chapter Two

It was at this juncture that Mika walked into her new office, she was the new CEO's secretary and had come late on her first day.

She had been given a tour around the whole building on Friday which was why she was So conversant with the place. Terry walked up to her" late on your first day huh? He took his seat.

" You don't want to know the drama that happened today" she sighed, Terry had given us a tour and we were strangling close, he was gay a really funny one.

" Gist me, girl." He Crossed his legs girlishly.

" That would be later, how about the new CEO? Did he notice I wasn't here yet?" She was concerned

" I don't think so, he was busy greeting everyone but we'll be called in soon for an introduction, he's gorgeous and cute.

"Then date him" she gave a mockery laugh.

" He's too handsome to be gay, don't get my hopes high."


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