The Wicked Mrs. Gastrell

The Wicked Mrs. Gastrell

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Pecadoria
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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There's only one reason why Karina came back to Cerro Roca—to claim her husband from Elizabeth Asturia who has a long list of sins to her. Karina will do anything, even used her body to get back was once was hers. But unfortunately, Cholo doesn't want to do anything with her anymore. He insulted and pushed her away but she never wavered for she has all the right to claim him as hers with the marriage certificate in her keeping and the wedding band in her finger. She thought she'd succeeding not until she learned that the two are getting married Nonetheless, Karina will deliver her promise.

Chapter 1

The sound of my five-inch Valentino shoes echoed through the empty halls of the topmost floor of the biggest and one of the most renowned ship building companies in the world.

My flowing sheen-length black dress clung to my body like it's my second skin as I sauntered across the long hallway.

I brought the bottle of beer to my mouth and drank from it. I also played with the high end Sony camera in my hand then took out the blade from my Gucci handbag and began violently stabbing every expensive painting hanging on the wall.

"Ops, one million dollars gone." I covered my mouth and acted like I was surprised.

"You're so bad, Karina. So, so bad!"

I laughed like crazy while looking at the tattered paintings.

"Nah, they're just a speck on his bank account. A mote on a giant's eye."

I went to the far end of the hallway where the only door on this floor was situated.

"Cholo Gastrell," I read the gold-plated name outside of the closed door.

I smirked at myself and traced the letters of his name.

"Ahhh!" I loudly moaned. "Oh, man. I could orgasm at this moment just by reading your name."

I turned the knob and pushed the door open. His female secretary immediately stood up from her desk and gave me a formal smile.

"Good afternoon, ma'am. Mr. Gastrell is currently unavailable for any appointment. Please leave your name and number so I could arrange you a schedule."

She looked down at the beer I am holding and discomfort crossed her thick foundation-laden face.

I looked at my precious piece of heaven which has been my savior from all the gunks of life and felt bad because the woman is looking down at it. Well, she must have been underappreciated most of her life because she can't even respect the rights and dignity of my baby.

I sat down in the empty chair in front of her desk with my chest heaving. I carefully sipped from my beer and placed it on top of the piled papers on the table. The plastic folder got wet but I didn't move. I put down my camera and handbag. When there was nothing that could possibly distract me, I removed the sunglasses from my face.

It revealed my black eye contacts, smokey black eyeshadow and overly black eyeliner. The woman's eyes widened in fear and I saw her reaching for the phone on the table.

"If I were you, I wouldn't do that. You wouldn't like it when I'm annoyed..." I searched for her name on her desk. There was none. I'm too tired to ask for her name so I just shrugged it off. "...nameless boring girl."

I pulled out a crumpled paper from the bag and raised my middle finger to her.

Her red face became even redder. I moved my raised finger and beckoned her to come closer.

"Come closer. You have to read it so that the next time I come here, you know what to do. Come on."

"O-okay, ma'am."

She bent down slightly on the table and read the paper. The woman suddenly looked a little bit whiter as she looked back and forth between me and the crumpled paper.

"Oh, I almost forgot. How thoughtless of me. Wait."

I took the ID from the bag and put it next to the paper. The woman's face turned ghost-like when she finally realized it. I happily grabbed the things and put them back in the bag. I can't help but laugh at the sight of the shocked woman.

"So? Where is he? Is he inside?"

I stood up and walked towards another door. But before I could open the door, the nameless woman blocked me.

"Ma'am! Please. Mr. Gastrell is really not around. Please come back on another day. I'm begging you, ma'am please. I could get fired for this."

My head started to instantly heat up. I breathed heavily to keep my composure. When I get angry like this, I can't control what I'm about to do and I can't make a scandal here because I'll be witnessing that later only if this girl stops blocking my way.

"Out of my way," I said in a cold voice. "If you really love your job then you better be out of my way. Patience is not in my mantra so you better be out of my way after three seconds. One, two."

The girl with her head down slowly took steps sideward.

I lift my head in victory.

"Good. I like people like you who know where they stand. Good job."

I opened the door and pushed it open. The cool tones of the vast main office greeted me. I looked around. The person I was looking for was not behind the desk. I closed the door and stepped into the elegant office. My feet sank into the thick carpet on the floor. I quickly scanned the area. There were lounge chairs in front of a large mahogany desk where a laptop was left open. On the floor are shoes, socks, stockings, and a packet of condoms. My face stiffened at the sight and drained the remaining liquid from the bottle.

"Where are you my playmates," I whispered to myself, just very softly so as not to disturb the cats while playing.

I walked over to a large book shelf on the right side of the office to look for any possible noise.

"Yeah...." moaned a voice.

I was stunned for a second. I looked for the source of the voice but the back of the bookshelf was already a wall. I got down on the floor and reached into the book cabinet. I celebrated when I found an opening in the middle of the shelf that wasn't closed very well.

"You're a really one sneaky man, Cholo."

I slowly pulled the small knob and found out that it was a secret door.

And there, in the broad daylight, are the two people basking in the glory of unfaithfulness.

A woman is kneeling on the floor as she gives a blowjob to Cholo who is sitting on the couch with his eyes closed while holding the woman by her hair. The two were in their complete birthday suits.

I rolled my eyes when the girl played with Cholo's balls.

"This girl knows what she's doing. Keep it up until I get what I came here for."

I took the camera and turned on the video recorder. I positioned it at an angle where the faces of the two were clearly visible. I smiled.

"Perfect. Now give me some show I won't forget in my entire life because time's ticking for the both of you. I'll give you something to look forward to in the near future."

I knelt on the floor and watched the two.

"Yeah, girl! That's right. Nice. You're doing it right. He likes to be sucked hard as if you're consuming all his liquid. Oh no, he doesn't like to be dominated. See? Told 'ya."

I scraped the rest of the beer from the bottle while taking a video of them while they screwed each other. The woman's mouth is already struggling from taking all of Cholo's manhood.

The man's got a big and long dick even when it's not in its aroused state so it's understandable that she is having a very hard time taking it all in.

When they can't help anymore, Cholo urged the girl to ride him. He kissed the woman first before helping her to position herself on top of him. Seconds later, their loud moans filled my ears.

"Go on. Enjoy every moment you adulterous mongrels. Moan all you want. Scream each other's name for all I care. Speed up the volume. I'll make sure the people who will be privileged enough to witness this will not be disappointed by the show you put up. When I release this in the perfect time, I'll patiently watch how you handle the shame and the insults of the world against the two of you."

They stopped moving and were now just petting so I stopped the recording. I didn't close the opening first. I took my time just staring at them. They look so perfect together that it hurts me to see this scene. The woman mouthed I love you to Cholo and then he kissed her.

"You're not capable of love, Cholo. That's what I thought back then. So why are you changing now? If only you had given me a scrap of that love, I might not be here now. I might have never come back to get you myself. If only you had been considerate enough."

No one's going to be happy while I'm suffering in the dark.

I closed the door, my nerves still shaking. I also put the messed up books back to their original order. I stood up, gathered my things, and walked out of the office.

The secretary was waiting outside the door with a pale face. I smiled at her.

"You're right. Cholo is really not around. My bad for still persisting. I'm sorry for doubting your honesty, nameless girl."

"I-It's okay, ma'am."

She bowed her head and hid her hands behind her back. I put on the shades and ran my hands through my waist-length straight hair.

"What's your name?" I asked her while inspecting myself through a compact mirror.

"Caitlin, ma'am. My name is Caitlin."

I put the mirror in the bag and walked over to the woman.

"Eyes up," I commanded her, who immediately looked up. "Caitlin, I want you to hear me and understand. I'm not here at this moment. You didn't see me. You can't see me. I don't exist. There's no pretty woman who barged her way here in your boss' office. You did not try to stop me and I didn't force my way in. In short, this conversation never happened and I never existed, understand? You didn't know me and you didn't see me, okay? Okay?"

For a moment she didn't know what to answer so I just went ahead of her.

"No one will be fired if you just keep your mouth shut. As simple as that. My business here doesn't concern you so why should you concern yourself? You won't get affiliated if you don't talk."

I seemed to have convinced her because she gave me a weak nod. I smiled.

"It's really good that we are perfectly understanding each other. I better go now. Keep working diligently and honestly. Aja!"

I laughed and waved at the poor employee before walking out the door. I grinned when I saw the destroyed paintings. It is beyond recognizable anymore.

"I wonder if you can still ignore my presence, my beloved Cholo."

I'm whistling while I boarded the elevator. I looked at my hand that still held the empty can. I should have thrown it in a trash can inside his office.

The door opened and a tall man in a suit entered. He smiled at me and I returned the courtesy.

He leaned against the glass wall and stared at me face to face. My lips formed into a line. What I hated most about people is those who boast to others that they are powerful just like this man in front of me who thinks he can have any girl as long as he gives her a sticky look.

He took out something from his pocket. It was a calling card. He stepped forward and put it on the space of the strap of my bag.

I got it and scoffed. Kent Selis. VP for Operations. I smiled sarcastically.

"Can I have your name?" he arrogantly said and held out his hand.

I stared at his handsome face. He looks and sounds intelligent but why can't he sense that his demeanor is irritating?

I reached for his outstretched hand and reciprocated the malicious twinkle in his eyes with a sarcastic smile.

"I'm Karina Gastrell but I prefer to be called Mrs. Gastrell. Next time you try to hit on someone, make sure she's not married or committed. You may never know if she is kind enough to let this thing pass or a reincarnation of evil who is very loved by her husband. And before I forget, here, throw these away for me."

I took his hand and put his card and the can I was holding earlier.

"They are both garbage anyway. Nice to meet you, Kent."

I emphasized the last word I said. The elevator door opened and I got out. I left the shocked man still standing while holding the trash I gave him.

Chapter 2


When I saw Cholo for the first time, I knew we were not for each other. His family's wealth is very well known in our town.

His father is a rich American businessman who led the shipbuilding industry in the country while his mother is the daughter of a well-known mall owner in the city.

Compared to the influence and wealth they hold, I'm just like mud sticking to the side of their shoes.

My father was a humble farmer who had a stroke and completely lost the will to live. I have caught him trying to take his life several times so I had to convince my brother to stop his part-time job at the cafeteria so he could watch over our father.

I didn't get a chance to see my mother who, according to my father's stories, hurriedly walked away after putting me in my father's arms.

It is said that an agent has offered her an opportunity to become an entertainer in Japan, so she abandoned me even though I was only six months o


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