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The Tripper's Love

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Shen, the most famous stripper in Star Night Bar and a woman who wanted to provide for her family with a large sum of money. To be able to do this, she sold herself to someone incapable of loving. Diego Mariano is a terrible man. An arrogant CEO promised her mother that he would marry someone as soon as possible. What would happen if their different world collided? Will Janella achieve her dream that someone would accept what and who she is? And would Diego realize that no matter what Janella did to her life, he loved her and would protect her at all cost? Or would the two of them find out that they are not meant to be?

Chapter 1

“Ms. Pim, are you looking for me? ” I asked her when I entered the dressing room. She smiled at me like she had something on her plate that I needed to do.

“Perfect, you’re here, Janella. My favorite stripper.” She smiled widely, and she pulled me near her. I was even more surprised because if she needed something from me, I knew she had this attitude, and I knew she had a lot to ask me to do.

“What is it, Ms. Pim? ” I asked.

“Do you know our loyal customer, Andrei…” How could I forget him if he’s the reason why I was called the most incredible stripper in this club. He’s also my friend, after all.

"What's wrong with him?" I will ask.

“He has a friend…” Ms. Pim touched my two hands gently. "And he asked us a favor to," she added.

Why didn't Andrei just come to me so he could tell me? "He said if I can tell you this favor because he knows if he says it to you directly, you will not allow it…." My forehead furrowed even more. Was that request too heavy for me to consent to?

"What is it?" I asked again, why does it take so long.

“His friend will offer a million to get you, I mean. His friend didn’t know who you are, but Andrei said he was looking for his friend to marry— ”

“Wait, Ms. Pim. ” I stopped here. "You mean I'm the one you want to marry that man?" I asked, and she nodded slowly and smiled. I immediately shook my head twice. I don't even know who that guy.

“I can't, and then why is it that? Getting married is a big thing, you don't just buy it at any mall. I'll talk to Andrei. ” I was about to walk away when she held my hand.

“You need this, Janella. I know your situation if I can just give it to someone else if you don't accept it. But this is your friend’s favor. And besides, I know it will help you, especially in your family’s situation. Trust me, and you need this. ”

I couldn’t talk; I looked at her silently, not knowing what to say. "How much?" I couldn’t help but ask.

“Three million, Janella. Three million.” Even more, I didn’t know what to say at the amount I heard. “His friend will pay you three million if you marry him. Jan, you need this. Take this one. ”

“How about this, Ms. Pin? How about my job? ” I asked. I still think about my job even though that amount helps me get out of my career, but this job and the people I am with are my family.

Ms. held. Pim both my cheeks. “I know you put up with this kind of work, Janella. This is the sign that you should leave this place. I don't want to let you go, but I also don't want to hold you here. This is not the right place for you; this is not the right life for each one of you girls, ” she said at length. I hugged her tightly because she’s not like other tight managers at the club; she’s our mother.

"What should I do?" I asked.

“Tomorrow evening, his friend will come here to watch. Give your best shot, okay? ” she said. I nodded and heaved a sigh.

All right, I will accept this. Marry someone for the money, and after that, this will be finished. I know a man only needs a marriage role, whoever he is. Rich people like him are not fond of serious weddings. Who's a fool to give three million to a woman just to marry her, right?

Then after we talked to Ms. Pim, I quickly went home. When I arrived, it was quiet and dark. They are asleep. My family didn’t know my job. All they knew was that I was a cashier in a shop. They won't know because I leave the clothes I wear at the club, and every time I leave and go home, I wear presentable clothes. I don’t want them to know because I don’t want to add to our suffering.

I slowly walked towards my room when I entered the house. I saw my two siblings sleeping peacefully in the living room, and I also went to Mama and Papa's room to take a peek. They did the same. Sleep peacefully too.

"I love you so much; you'll be fine soon, I promise…." I mumbled to myself.

When I returned to my room, I thought of what Ms. Pim said. I grabbed my phone and was about to call my friend, Andrei, but he seemed to be ahead of me, so I answered immediately.

"Thank goodness, you answered it…." I heard noises near him. "Pim called, and she told me that you agreed, right? God! Thank you, you saved my friend's *ss, Janella! Thank you, oh, wait for a second…." I was about to speak, but it looked like someone else was with him.

"You already found my wife?" I heard the question on the other line.

"Yes, bro, she's beautiful and s*xy. Trust me, and you'll get married soon…." I heard Andrei answer.

I wanted to tweak him because he never told me about it.

"Hey, Jan. Still there?" he asked.

"You stupid jerk," I whispered. "Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Hey, tiger. Chill, okay? I was about to, but I was scared that you might hit me again, so Ms. Pim told me. But you agreed, my friend will see you tomorrow. You're fine! Bye, I love you! "

I was about to shout at him when I realized that I was here at home and he was dropping the call. You stupid Andrei!

The next night, I came into the club again and saw Andrei with someone, but I couldn't see the faces of the men because there were two of them with him. I didn’t approach him; instead, I went straight backstage. And I'll start in a little while.


I slowly climbed the stage with every movement of my body, eyes attracting men salivating at me on stage. I have no other thoughts but my family and get big money for them.

I am forcing myself to move the body and pick up the money thrown by the spectators at me. What can I expect? Respect from them? I can only see the eyes of those who want to touch me, and I will never feel that I am respected. Shouting from the men, I was the only one dancing and taking off my clothes that only covered my femininity. This is me; I wonder how my world will change if I find someone who could accept me for who I am.

But that is vague. Who will accept someone like me who can defile himself to live? As I continued to dance, I stopped to see a man seriously looking at the stage. I know he’s looking at me because I’m the only one dancing here. I remembered what our manager said the last night of my shift. An important guest is coming. It's not my job to move anyone because all I have to do is dance and let men spit on my body that they can never touch, but because of what my Manager said, I'm not sure if I can stop that. I need a considerable sum of money. My family needs me.

I turned to the entrance of the stage and saw Ms. Pim. She motioned for me to come down, and she pouted at the man I was also looking at earlier. So, I was right, and he’s the guy Ms. Pim is talking to. I swallowed twice and nodded to Ms. Pim.

I slowly dance down the stage, I let a few men shout, but my eyes are only focused on someone sitting alone. When I got in front of him, I caressed the man's shoulder and back, and he didn't even look at me for a moment. I came even closer to him, and I pushed him slightly. I sat on top of him, and there he looked at me, which made me even more nervous. This is not my first time dancing in front of anyone, but this one is different; I can’t figure out what it is.

"What are you doing?" even his voice made me shiver.

“Dancing in front of you, Sir….” I pulled myself even closer to him; he just looked at my face and not at my body approaching him. Hard to get.

"Get off…" I didn't do what he said, and I danced even more in front of it. I want to find my friend Andrei everywhere, but I can't see him.

"Come on, don't you like me?" I asked. Ms. Pim told me that I shouldn’t introduce myself first to him.

"I said, get off…." I was surprised when he pushed me slightly to get away in front of him, and he stood up. He walked away from me!

"D*mn, he left me? It's embarrassing…" I whispered to myself while looking at the man walking to get out.

Chapter 2

"What was just happened?" Ms.Pim stood beside me, I turned to her, and my only answer was a shrug. I knew that man, suddenly left.

"Where's Andrei?" I asked her. She turned to our left, and there I saw the man at fault, smiling while signing peace.

"I will skin you alive," I mumbled to myself. I approached him, and Ms. Pim followed me, when I got in front of Andrei, I immediately kicked him in the back, and he immediately walked away from me.

"Hey, what did I do?" as he says that, I can see in his face that he is hurt by what I did. He deserved it.

"What was that? He left, Andrei. ”

“Okay, relax. I will talk to him, and maybe he was just shocked by what you did. He’s not used to it. ” I frowned at what he said. When I looked at the man a while ago, it was evident that it had taken a lot of girls beside him in bed


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