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The Substitute Bride: Married to a Domineering Billionaire

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Mature Contents Ahead. Please this book is highly rated 18+ "You'll pay for this Amelia, mark my words, you get married to me through deception, you'll suffer the consequences. And now, you'll face your first punishment, you want to be my wife huh, you'll face what happens to them on their wedding night." He chuckled, but it was one filled with bitterness. "You're not that beautiful. But that doesn't mean I won't have your body." Amelia Harper, a young lady with virtue, finds herself in a family and vicinity where she isn't acceptable. Her family borrowed money from Dylan Blackwood the billionaire and couldn't pay their debt. Dylan Blackwood decided to take the Harper's most beautiful daughter as a wife in place of the debt but she fled leaving her elder sister, the not so pretty one, Amelia Harper to suffer the consequences.



Review after half of the novel

It's great story, lots of factors very interesting very expensive for each chapter though that is the main thing that i do not like the book , i hope that it will be cheaper in the near future so people can read and read more and thank you the author for your effort in writing this the story. Hope to see more books in the future about this intereesting topic . So we can read more like this story soon

February 10, 2024

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