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The Reckless Heirs

The Reckless Heirs

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Nathan Bieber is despised by Marilyn's family because he's from a poor background and doesn't confirm to their will. But that doesn't stop him from loving his wife who has changed from being miss-goody-two-shoes to some bad ass woman. Marilyn's family sees them as being reckless and not fit to take over their family business and therefore sends more obstacles their way to tear their marriage apart and hinder their hardwork from bearing fruit. This story would be taking us on a rollercoaster of laughter, tears and goosebumps as we go through the life of the reckless heirs and the challenges faced and conquered.

Unpleasant Surprise

"Let's take it slow, my parents are around."

Nathan ignored the soft plea of his lovely wife as he licked her earlobes, tracing wet kisses down to her neck where he found her soft spot.

It was still dawn. And the sonorous voice of the early birds could be heard as they sang beautifully. The slight opening of the curtain showed that the sun wasn't yet up and the clouds were still dull.

Marilyn sighed as her body responded to his kisses and touch. She wished he would stop but he didn't seem to have that in his plan and she didn't want to miss his sensual touch that was making her breatheless and in dire need of him.

Her parents had come visiting yesterday noon and slept over as well. She was really disturbed and knew how melo-dramatic her parents could be which was why she denied Nathan her body last night.

Nathan trailed his hand to the heap of her breasts before giving it a slight squeeze as he gently pulled her silk nightie off her shoulder. And warmed her shivering body with his hot kisses that made her eyes roll back in pleasure.

"Yeah, babe. K-Kiss me there."

Marilyn curled her toes as waves of pleasure hit her just when Nathan inserted two of his fingers inside her core and thrusted gently, in a rhythmic motion.

She tried so hard not to scream even though she was reaching her climax. And as Nathan added a finger, the door of their room was flung open and they both paused to know who it was.

Marilyn gasped as she beheld her parents standing in the front of her room door. And from embarrassment, anger slowly sipped into her veins and she drew a blanket over her body as she sat up in bed.

"What is this meaning of this mother? Why are you both here?" She snapped at her mother who was glaring so hard at Nathan who looked unfazed.

Her father shook his head and walked away and she couldn't help but roll her eyes so hard.

"We were ringing your phone but you didn't answer. So we came to inform you that we'd be leaving right away." The small, brunette woman in a yellow chiffon top and black plaid skirt retorted.

Marilyn scoffed. "And you couldn't drop a note before leaving? This is so disrespectful. To barge into I and my husband's room as you wish."

"You mustn't blame us. We heard some weird sounds and you weren't picking your call. As responsible parents we had to know if our child is okay! But you mistake our goodness for-"

"There was nothing strange about whatever noise you heard. I was having intimate moments with Nathan." She deadpanned, making her mother's face instantly grow pale.

"You may leave now." She continued. "But I won't forgive you, if this happens again."

Glaring once more at Nathan who was being seen as the one who spoilt their beloved little daughter, Marilyn's mother barged out of the room with gritted teeth, slamming the door behind her.

Nathan let out a frustrated sigh as he ran his hand over his hair before glancing briefly at Marilyn who looked everywhere but at his face.

His lingered on her and a small smile crept up his face as his used his hand to hold her face and have it fixed on him. She tried looking away but he cupped it this time around and leaned in for a kiss, she quickly responded to.

"I'm sorry about that, Nath." She said inbetween this kiss.

She was always apologizing to him because of the sort of parents she had. They despised and had no regards for him because he was from a poor family and didn't conform to all their wants.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, love. I'm married to you, not them." He stated, not pausing the kiss.

Marilyn smiled and thought to herself, that she was falling in love with him again.


During breakfast, Nathan and Marilyn talked a lot about how they'll spend their day as they ate their toast bread, scrambled eggs and hot tea. Just the way they liked it.

"Tomorrow will be my day off. So, I'll try to conclude everything today. And take you out tomorrow." Nathan said, taking a sip from his teacup.

Marilyn was excited. For months, Nathan hasn't gotten a day off work because her father was hell bent on wearing him out with so much workload. "That's so nice, Nath. I just hope he doesn't change his mind cause Mr Graham can be very petty, at times."

"It wouldn't make sense if he brings up personal stuffs during business." Nathan shrugged, taking the last sip from teacup before standing up and adjusting his grey suit.

Marilyn quickly dropped the toast bread she was holding and chewed quickly the one in her mouth as she rushed over to where Nathan stood.

She flashed him a small genuine smile before proceeding to adjust his tie and straighten the sides of his suit as well.

"Thanks babe," Nathan placed a chaste kiss on her forehead.

Marilyn's hands were still on his suit as she looked up at him and asked, "What do you want for dinner today?"

"You know my favourite."

"Spicy spaghetti with Chicken tortilla pinwheels?" She creased her brows. "You ate that last night already."

"I meant You, babe." Nathan shrugged before sending her a flirty wink. "You're my favorite food in the world."

Marilyn hit his shoulder as she let out a loud chuckle. "You're not serious, Nath. And that reminds me. I'll be visiting your parents today. Since I couldn't make it with you to the last Thanksgiving, I want to come over and spend time with them."

Nathan was really concerned. He knew his wife was really trying to be the best wife and daughter-in-law ever and it broke him to see her making extra efforts to fit into that picture. When it was already meant for her.

"Maybe we should go together this weekend." He suggested.

"No. No, I've got this." She smiled with confidence as she proceeded to tip on her toes, claiming his lips without a warning. And before he could respond, she broke the kiss.

"Fuck, Marilyn." Nathan breathed out as his eyes lingered on hers before sweeping through her body as though he was just seeing her for the first time today.

She was dressed in one of his shirts and crocs with her brown hair packed in a messy bun. Smiling slyly at him, she took a step backward and wished him goodbye.

When he left, Marilyn called one of the maids to clear the table as she sauntered towards her room.

Taking her phone from one of the side tables, she plopped down on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. She was going to call Courtney- her best friend to know if she wasn't busy so as to follow her to her in-laws place.

Truth be told, she was indeed scared of going there alone. Mr and Mrs Bieber were nice people and the kind of in-laws one would want to ask of. But for some months, their attitude towards her had slowly changed. And she felt it.

They no longer laughed sincerely with her. Neither would her mother-in-law drag her to the kitchen where they'll gossip all day about their husbands. No more long teasings, being free around her nor those hearty talks.

Rather, forced smiles and gloom filled the air. Which stung her heart because she somehow knew the reason. Though she denied it couldn't be the case.

After talking to Courtney who agreed to be ready by twelve noon so they'd first shop gifts before branching at the Biebers place; Marilyn tossed her phone on the bed and stood up. She had to quickly sort through their clothes and bring out the ones due for washing so as to give the maids incharge of the laundry before leaving.

As she went through Nathan's wardrobe, she sighted a pink pantie which she knew didn't belong to her. Her brows narrowed as she picked it up with her index finger, briefly scrutinizing it with her eyes which widened once they saw some stains of dried cum in the mid section.

Marilyn gulped down her saliva which formed a lump at the back of her throat as her stomach twisted into an ugly nut.

What the hell was this doing here? And what could Nathan have to do with it?

Marilyn wanted to grab her phone and give Nathan a call but felt it would be too dramatic of her. So she sucked in her breathe and closed the wardrobe wordlessly, still trying to comprehend what she had just seen.

Nathan couldn't be cheating on her. Could he?!


The sleek red car halted in front of a small cottage and Marilyn came down from the back seat with her best friend who was adjusting her snazzy sunglasses.

"They live in such a small house, Marilyn." Courtney whispered.

"Not too small for three beautiful souls. And please, don't talk too much when we get in. They enjoy preserving the sanctity of silence."

Courtney narrowed her eyes before retorting. "I didn't get you there. But let's get in, already."

The two ladies walked further till they were right in front of the small white door that still looked clean, regardless of how long it had been there.

Marilyn rang the door bell and within few seconds a red haired girl came opening the door for them and throwing her innocent self on her sister-in-law.

Well, that was the only person from her husband's family whose attitude hasn't changed towards her. And Marilyn knew that was so because she was


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